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How to buy a hosting from Namecheap 2021 | best cheap web hosting | best wordpress web hosting

How to buy a hosting from Namecheap 2021 | best cheap web hosting | best wordpress web hosting
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hello welcome in this video we’ll discuss about how to buy a hosting for mg come back after our intro okay firstly drive and then type namecheap go website and i found where is hosting plan yeah you can share the menu by posting share hosting many kinds of questions done here but assistant vpn hosting etc etc if your ordinary public has been by that shareholding you can see here three different plan stellar
professional and business and you will see here on the specification here shortly we have seen if you use us server it’s free and if you use the uk server it must be pay one dollar additional per month i don’t know what is the server maybe something then you can see the payment system of the server for the first thing and we must see monthly this is monthly bill yeah this plan is at 20 degree and i will get free domain field domain has some
categories that means dot os dot etc dot etc type is and you can launch 3d website in your hosting and you get 20 gb ssd and in this popular stellar plus something but price 2.6 and pizza plan unlimited band pdf set builder domain name and seconds of what presents even portion of interest here’s our top uh subtracting the specification because it is very essential for a website never set data button 20 gb 50 unlimited bandwidth unlimited
bandwidth is a very essential website three unlimited unlimited domain emulated ftp 50 unlimited animated the image listing you can see if you’re this please buy that email list my list my list you can see it’s perfect 10 and others unlimited if you think okay okay mysql 50 that’s unlimited esp server server server research everything to visa by skip python psp everything you can understand okay okay okay okay so when you buy a plan
you will must be see the specification what is in or what is name here name chip is the base web server system seller i have if you want to buy a domain name i have already created video domain name you can see in my channel okay you can see here everything in this package but only a terms if you use uk server you need pay one dollar additional per month and us dollars regular price usa us server regular price is covering regular price but a uk
server for the ups rubber only okay first we see the specification of the system now i have sealed this plan for five first level shared hosting proceed i have a stiller okay it is standard i want to buy this now you can see here the option by new connection two options new domain name of existence new domain name if you want to buy domain or if you want existing already have a domain for this i have already domain from here i want to add that
domain or if you want a third party domain it can hear names you will select here so i have buy the domain from here so i connect this and then connect to the hosting what do you what hosting what domain name you want to connect this hosting you just click and connect to the hosting okay and you can see this let’s add to cart then you just confirm your order if you have any promo code you can apply here and is if you want to buy any additional
that’s ssf vpn etc you can add here or if you have to add information you can add here just type report and apply and then come from other if when you boost your control order the payment shall be confirmed okay and you’ve got a bill you can download from here now if you want to buy this type of domain not hosting i i put the link of this video description link you can buy from here or another link if you want to buy from us you can connect from
communication from with us here you see this just download the bill receipt it’s okay done my hosting first is done and this step i will see you next video how to connect dns how to connect website builder how to active thank you thank you for watching this video you can buy from the description link in the description box if you like this video like us share us and subscribe us thank you for watching this video