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How to buy a GoDaddy Domain

A Step-By-Step Guide to Assist You in Buying Your GoDaddy Domain.
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So today I just want to quickly show you how to buy a domain using GoDaddy. So, I’m on GoDaddy’s website, you just go onto and then it will redirect you to here. And then you will see where it’s written, “Find your perfect domain.” So I’m just going to buy a domain for a friend. Just click there and search if the domain is available. There we go. The domain is available. So, I’m just going to come here where it says, “Add to cart.” I’m going to click on cart and then I’m going to go to continue to cart. It’s still loading. And then we’re going to scroll down and click on continue to cut. Remember, I’m already signed in as a GoDaddy customer. So for you to buy any product with GoDaddy, you need to… Oh, okay it didn’t sign me in, let me just quickly put my password, if can I remember it.
Okay. So all my billing information is already added, as you can see over here. So if you’re new with GoDaddy, it will ask you to put in your billing information. So, it’s suggesting that I must buy a professional email package so I am going to… I wonder if I should buy that now or I should do a separate video for that. Let me rather remove this, I’ll do a separate video for that. So this other domain that I have added, which I don’t want to buy at the moment, so I’m just going to remove that. As you can see, it’s giving me a free website builder trial. Then we go down just to confirm if my spelling is correct. Okay, and then I’m going to complete purchase. It’s still processing. Cool. There we go. I’ve bought the domain and then all the information has been sent to my email address. As you can see here, you can view the receipt. There we go.
All righty. I’ll catch you guys next time. Remember, if there’s anything you need, just go onto and click on the help section and you will get help. All righty. See you next time. Bye.