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How to Buy A Domain Name from Namecheap (in 2021)

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to buy a domain name from Namecheap in 2021. I will show you exactly the benefit of owning a domain name, and what type of domain name you should get, as well as some tips on choosing the right domain name so that your branding is easy to be remembered by your audience.

Here is the link to Namecheap (Affiliate link)

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hello guys in this video i will show you how to buy a domain name from name chip so this is gonna be a step-by-step tutorial on how to buy a domain name from namecheap have you ever wondered that you can build an online presence like for but this time with your own brand your own name having a website is really awesome there are billions of people online all around the world they can access your website and in this
video i will show you exactly how you can have your own domain name around 10 per year and then we can build this website together and make a full-time career out of it first thing first you gotta go to right here and then you can register your new domain name on namecheap i’m doing this video in 2021 so this is gonna be a how to buy a domain name from namecheap in 2021 i will put in my own name it’s very important that there’s a
little tips on choosing a domain name you should choose a domain name that is short easy to remember preferably your own name as a brand okay i put in my own name as a brand and you will see how i will grow this domain name and then attract visitors just build my overall brand and make a full-time living online so i’m gonna just click on search i’ve been doing this for over six years guys to earn money online you can follow my journey and watch
my other video on this channel on how to make money online this is very simple as you can see we already have available uh very useful tips is that it’s better to get a dot-com domain name than like dot or net it’s just that people are used to dot-com like a lot of people are so it’s a good idea that you use dot com if you want to use domain name dot like for example in your country in russia are you if your main
target audience is in russia then it’s okay that you use dot ru but if your target audience is like global then you should do dot com you can see it is 8.88 per year which is very cheap you know to have your own brand to like billions of people out on the internet it’s amazing to think of it and it’s very simple just add to cart right here guys by the way i own this domain in the past i forgot to renew it and it’s expired now i’m buying it again
now that is ssl this other thing you don’t need it be careful with free trial they may charge you after the trial ends the whole thing as well you don’t need it for now you can use a like better hosting you know there are so many better hosting that you can search from now i’m just gonna click on checkout right here i don’t want any other things extra i just want this domain name you will see right away there is this icon fee this is like
mandatory so you need to pay for it so the total is 9.06 dollar still very cheap the who is card you also need it make sure it is edible and auto renew because it’s free forever right the premium dns you donate it for now because now for premium dns you don’t really need it you can read what’s the benefits but you know i don’t use it okay it’s fast enough you don’t need premium dns and then just confirm order you can use promo code if you have
one now i will have a link to you you know just to support this channel if you can use my link to register your own domain name you can use the link down in the description box below and now i will thank you i might earn a small commission from that link quick disclaimer now we already in the name sheet right here uh the next step is that we can take another look at what we have we have domain registration we have the free who is guard
which is awesome and there is this payment details that you gotta fill in okay now i’m gonna blur a lot of this because it’s a payment detail i cannot show you my payment detail and my credit card info now i gotta change this okay all right i’ve done my payment method i’m gonna click on continue right here so once you’re done with your payment details you can just click on pay now right here now name chip compared to other domain provider to me
namecheap is like the best one it’s the cheapest one that i can find now we can find either provider like goldaddy you can compare you know pick and choose which one is cheaper to me namecheap is like the cheapest one that i found and compared to other i like namecheap more because it’s easier and the user interface is actually nicer okay it’s not confusing it’s simple that’s why i like namecheap now i’m gonna blur my customer info
right here and the payment details as you can see i already purchased it thank you for your purchase my order number and i just owned it guys and there is a receipt right here that i can download that can click on download receipt i can open it up as you can see this is the receipt from namecheap okay we already own our own domain name which is my own name at now i will turn this domain name into my own personal brand i’m gonna
mention a lot of it on my youtube video so that i can put my other social media links and if i’m trying to recommend some product or services to my viewers i can just ask my viewers just hey go to you can add my social media link all are in there we’re gonna do a lot of fun stuff with our domain name so make sure to like and subscribe guys turn on the notification bell so that you won’t miss out my other tutorial teaching you how to use
this specific domain name and turn it into a full-time income online anyway guys that’s it for this video make sure to like it comment down below what domain name that you want to get on name chip also again remember that my tips is that your domain name should be short and easy to remember for your visitors and just for your overall brand if you see on this brand this all are very short so you’re gonna have
your short domain name easy to remember make sure it is you know the longest should be three words okay you don’t want more than three words it’s just gonna confuse your visitors and people might forget your brand just like that if it’s too long anyway guys that’s it for this video that’s how you can buy a domain name from namecheap if you have any question you can reach out to me right here before i have this domain name all my social media i
put in this link link research editor you can add me as a friend on facebook instagram and if you want to learn how to turn your website into a full-time income online make sure to check out this link this training personally helped me for over five years on how to make money online yeah guys that’s it for this video and i will see you on the next one