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How to Build a WordPress Website Using Hostinger | Best Cheap Hosting Solution (2021-22)

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Watch this video to learn exactly how to build a WordPress website from scratch using Hostinger.

It’s an incredible hosting provider that is one of the most affordable ones on the market when it comes to web hosting.


✔ Is the cheapest web hosting solution currently available
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So if you want to quickly and easily build a website, watch behind my shoulder as I show you everything step-by-step.

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hey guys yvonne here and in this video i want to show you how to create a wordpress website using hostinger which is an amazing hosting provider now this video was sponsored by hostinger and i’m going to show you exactly step by step how to create a wordpress website from start to finish as you watch behind my shoulder now i did go through several articles and i found that hostinger was usually one of the top options so it is definitely one of
the best options when it comes to hosting now my favorite thing about it is is i know that a lot of you are new at affiliate marketing you’re just starting out and as it so happens hostinger is one of the most affordable if not the most affordable hosting plan provider out there so if you look at the specific price points hostinger can only cost you 1.39 a month for hosting which is much cheaper when compared to all these other options now there
are many other benefits with hostinger which i will get into as we go through this video but for most of you who are just starting out if you want the minimum amount of investment hostingers gonna be the way to go all right so we’re gonna get started here in a moment before we do don’t forget to hit like and subscribe hit the notification bell icon so you get notified when i release more videos just like this showing you how to make money online
all right that said let’s get straight into it so the first thing you guys are going to want to do is head over to hostinger and this will give you a special coupon code a special discount it is my affiliate link and you’re just gonna get an extra extra discount in addition to what they already have here okay so once you head over there go dot hostinger you’re gonna scroll down and we’re gonna look at the plans here
now i do suggest starting with at least the premium shared hosting plan and the reason for that is really when we’re just starting out you generally only do need one website so it’s not that we need 100 websites is the reason for why i’m selecting this plan but they do offer you a free ssl they give you a free domain which is in fact if you buy com domain it will cost you at least 10 dollars per year and they give you google ads credit so paying
an extra 60 cents a month is totally worth all these extra features that you’re gonna get here now i tried using hostinger myself and the process is very very smooth when it comes to wordpress it is very quick very easy to set up the website uptime is very fast they have amazing support so what you’re going to do is go ahead and select this plan premium shared hosting you can choose for how many months in advance do you want to commit i would
probably go with the 12 month plan because you’re only going to be paying 24 guys for the entire year so it’s really cheap you could go with the month to month option where you pay 10 bucks but as you can see here if you pay for the entire year you’re only paying basically twice the amount for this one month right so you can select what you want totally up to you you know this four-year option is also actually really cheap it’s about the same as
the two-year one so they give you a special discount here and you do get a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose by trying it out uh but i’m probably gonna go with this 12 month option right here next thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go ahead and either create an account or you can log in via google via facebook or via whatever that is right there but i’m just gonna go in and skip that for now and next you would select your
payment method and you would pay so as you can see here you are given a huge 80 black friday discount so definitely a great opportunity to take advantage here now what you can also do is if you click right over here if you type in all caps ebon mana and you press the little plus sign you will get an additional discount so the discount will be a higher dollar amount obviously the more you pay so if you sign up for the 24 month plan or the 48 month
plan for example uh this this coupon discount will give you a greater dollar discount so definitely something to take advantage of guys and so what you guys are gonna do is simply enter your credit card details here you’re gonna log in if you haven’t already and i’m gonna see you inside the hostinger interface all right so here we are inside the hostinger dashboard i will close out of these two um websites right over there and so you might see
something that looks like this it might look a little bit different either way what we have to do here is set up our premium shared hosting all right so you want to look for the option that says set up or something along those lines so what i’m going to do is go ahead and click setup and remember with this plan we do get a free domain so that is amazing it is in fact a saver because you don’t have to pay those 10 or so so it’s definitely worth it
and what we’re gonna do here is select what we wanna do exactly so if you wanna do wordpress or if you wanna do ecommerce and wordpress up to you you could just use xyro if you want i do have a separate video on how to create a website with xyro but for the purpose of this video we do want to use wordpress we want to go all out and this is kind of the standard default way to build a website so i’m gonna go ahead and select that and here we’re
gonna select our wordpress account okay so this is what you will use to log in to your wordpress dashboard whenever you are not logged into hostinger okay so you can log in via hostinger or you can log in via wordpress and i will show you exactly how that’s done so you would enter your email address here and then you would enter your password so i’m gonna go ahead and select the password and then we’re gonna go right through to the next part okay
so i went ahead and added a password i’m gonna click on continue right over here and it’s basically just going to save that step and take us to the next step and so the next part here is selecting a template now i’m going to skip this selection here by clicking skip i don’t need a template at the bottom i will show you exactly where you can select a template later on as we get into our wordpress dashboard so just click right over here for now and
now we can add a domain so you could either choose an existing domain which is what i already set up here previously evonmana you can use an existing domain if you bought it somewhere else or you can claim a free domain and this will basically allow you to buy any free domain right over here so we can click here and let’s enter something here so let’s do maybe the same thing yvonne mana uh maybe let’s say training yt for
and see if that’s available let’s click search oh okay oops they they already have there it’s my bad so let’s try uh training y team let’s click search see if that’s available and we’ll give it a second it is available all right so we’re getting this domain which generally renews at 14 a year we’re getting it completely for free here so definitely worth the 60 cents a month extra you’re paying for this premium plan so we’re gonna go ahead
and click continue and you’re just going to verify all this information here so depending on where most of your viewer base will be that’s where you want to choose your server location so i am in north america most of my viewers will probably be from north america so i’m just going to keep it as is right there i’m gonna verify my domain i am installing in fact just wordpress not wordpress and e-commerce and this is my email so i’m gonna go in and
click finish setup and we’re gonna give it a second to load here to be registered now one more thing you do have to do in the meantime while we’re waiting for this is go ahead and open your email and just verify your email especially if you just created your new account this will expedite the process and make sure that we have access to all the features of hostinger okay and there you go that just took about a minute and you can view the website
here we can go to the control panel or we can go to the wordpress dashboard right here so first of all let’s take a quick look at the website it’s gonna redirect here in a second and i just wanted to pay attention to a few things here so you’re not freaked out or or anything like that when you see it on your end so first of all this is a preview domain okay so this part here is gonna go away so your website will only say your basically
okay so it’s not gonna have this at the end or just the preview domain part because that looks like it’s just a dash which looks a bit weird now the second thing you might notice is that your domain is not secure so hostinger does give you a free ssl certificate so i will show you how to set that up and it might take a few hours to actually get set up so as we work on this website in this video your website might say not secure
but don’t worry because it will eventually be secure because hostinger does give you the free ssl certificate okay so these are just some of the things i wanted to bring your attention to the other thing is obviously the website doesn’t look very good and i’m gonna show you how we will make it good okay but this is a great first step we have just created our website okay so give yourself a pat on the back we are getting there and we will get into
editing all this to make it look nice and neat all right so i’m gonna close out of that so before we actually start editing the website which we can do over here uh i do wanna take you to the control panel here for a second and just get you used to a few things here so this is gonna be your control panel where you will have access to different sub domains adding more websites importing websites uh changing the files right like changing the code
of your website setting up backups things like that having the dns zone editor here if you want to point your dns records elsewhere you will have access to all of that over here in this control panel now if you go to dashboard this is going to be your kind of wordpress dashboard so what you can do is remember that password that i told you about right that you can use to go to your website so you could actually just enter your website editor from
right over here if you click on edit website you’ll be able to enter your wordpress editor from here and i will show you a different way how you can access your wordpress admin panel in a second uh this does say not found maybe we’ll give it a few more minutes for it to load up so that’s totally fine in the meantime we can still do some things here so for example i talked to you about the ssl certificate right so over here our website is not
secure we want to make it secure so what we’re going to do is go over here click on setup this is in fact the domain we want to set up our ssl certificate on and i’m going to click on install ssl and it’s being installed okay so this might take a while all right so keep in mind it might take a few hours so if you don’t see this show up right away don’t worry it will show up in fact probably after i finish making this video this might become
secure okay but for you as you set it up don’t worry it will be available very very soon okay so i actually decided to wait a little bit just so that the website can become secure and it is now secure but what you want to do one more thing you want to make sure you do before you actually open it and take a look is also select this so force https and you just want to say install and it should already be installed but you just want to select that
option anyway and that should now be ticked over to the right side and there you go now this should be purple and then if you click on the site it should now be secure okay so just wanted to let you know that the site will be secure and there’s no longer any preview or anything like that associated with it it is ready to go so now that we went through all of that we can go in and actually edit the website and this is where i’m gonna show you how
to add posts how to add blog posts you know things like that and by the way if you wanna enter this wordpress dashboard here without going through hostinger what you can do is type in wp admin at the end so for example you can go to your website and then at the end here you’ll say slash wp admin right now you’re logged in because we’re doing it through hostinger but what you will have to do is enter the email and the password associated with this
hosting plan so remember before when we were just setting up our account it asked for the email and password so that is what you would enter to log in to this website assuming we didn’t do it through hostinger okay so there are the two ways that you can log in one is through host singer you log in through here and then you click on edit website or the second one you go to your website and then you type in wp-admin at the end okay so you can do
that too now that we have that let’s go through a few things here so this opt-in monster first of all this is a plug-in i do find it a little bit annoying that it keeps kind of flashing over here so what we can do is we can just remove it so if you go into plugins and you click on install plugins what you can do here is remove plugins that you don’t want and add plugins that you do want so first of all for the optinmonster i’m going to click on
deactivate here and it now no longer shows up you can also delete it just by clicking delete but i’m just gonna let it go here as it is now for seo purposes for when you actually start writing in your blog posts and your articles and things like that what i do suggest is clicking on add new here and adding yoast seo plugin okay yoast seo and you’re gonna click enter and then you’re just gonna install this one and this plugin is gonna help you
write good blog posts that google will be able to identify and then rank in seo so they’re gonna give you tips for what to add to your blog posts to make it stand out so that google can rank it now i’m not gonna go through every single plugin available because there are many but this is basically where you would add the different plugins that you need so eventually as you realize that you need a maybe google analytics plugin you would have that
maybe you realize that you need some you know google tag manager plugin you can add that so that’s basically where you would go to add all your plugins and then now that we have that here if you go into install plugins you should see yoast seo here at the bottom and if you click activate now whenever we go to any blog post you should see it active okay so that’s how you would do it now before we go into the blog post and the theme and things like
that i just want to show you some things here so one is if you go into settings and you go to permalinks what i do suggest you do is you change your settings here for the url into post name so that for example if you create a page called about us or a page called contact us things like that that’s going to be the name of the post as opposed to just being you know question mark p equals one two three or one to four one to five and so on so this is
just going to be a little bit better for you so you can save changes now one more thing you you should also do is if you go to users click on all users and you want to edit this because you might prefer to look like someone else when you write your article so by someone else what i mean is for example instead of my nickname being my email i don’t want people to know my email let’s suppose right i can just type in yvonne and now my nickname is
gonna be yvonne so i can select it here so whenever i write posts it’s gonna say this post was written by yvonne okay so that’s the idea uh email required yeah you can leave that here everything else looks fine you’re gonna go into update profile and that should be good okay so now that we’ve done these basic things i think we’re ready to start writing our post and selecting our theme so let’s start off by adding our theme so you’re going to go
into appearance you’re going to go into themes so what you would do here is you can click on add new theme or you can click add new right over here and you can select any different theme that you want so there are 4 400 popular themes if you click on latest there might be more there’s 9 000 latest themes uh you can save themes to your favorite and then you should see them under your favorites but there are a bunch of different themes you could go
through and look at and for example you can preview them and see what it looks like okay so tons and tons and tons of different options we’re gonna go back here uh let me go to popular astra is pretty popular so let’s preview that see what it looks like that looks pretty good let me see if there was another one that i had in mind yeah i can’t really find it here so we can start with astra so i’m gonna click on install over here and we’re gonna
give it a second to install and then we’re gonna go in and click activate okay and so now it has been installed so you can click on activate over here and this will be the theme that’s going to be activated and you can keep going on and on like this until you find the right theme that you want and you should also see this other option here that shows up says astro options and you can go over here and you can customize all these different things
here but we don’t really need it for the purpose of this video for what we’re going to do so if you want to customize this theme a little bit more what you’re going to do is click on customize here on the left hand side and this is where you’ll be able to customize everything here including the pictures including the you know what it says over here things like that now every single different theme will be a little different so you might not see
the options that you see here for every theme so if i go back here and if now we select a different theme let’s come back here let’s click on add new and we’re going to go to latest so i actually like this minimaze theme so we can go ahead and install this one and i’m i just wanted to show you that every different theme will have a different customization options okay so it’s up to you to kind of find something that works for you and then
customize it depending on how you want it to look like so again we’re gonna give this a second to install and then we’re gonna activate this theme and then we’re gonna work with it so here we’re gonna click activate and now we might see different options here so now you’ll see minimize option okay so it’s going to differ and now we can go ahead and click customize and this is where we can also change the image change what it says over here so for
example if you don’t want it to say this at the top here you can click on site identity and you could just delete that and you probably want to delete this as well now what you could do is you could enter kind of the name of your site over here so whatever the site is about let’s say yvonne mana’s test site you can write that okay but i’m gonna leave it off you can also add a logo here so a logo would probably fit really well right over here you
can just select logo and it’s just gonna add right over there you can go back now you have this header image right over here so if you click here you can add a new image i’m going to go in and find some sample image to add here just to show you as an example okay so i got a free image from and i’m just going to drop it here just so we can use it as an example to show you what it looks like so the suggested dimensions here for this
specific theme and this specific layout is 1600 by 200. so i specifically selected an image that was a little bit wider compared to its length all right so you’re going to click select and crop and then over here we can choose the part now you could make it a little bit bigger if you want a little bit lengthier so maybe something like that you know up to you and we’re going to say crop and now this part here is should be a little bit wider and
that is actually the header image not the slider so my apologies for that but hopefully that should give you an idea for how to work with this now as for the slider this comes as part of the theme so we can probably go into header options here and see if we can find it maybe it’s on our home page yeah so over here we have the image slider selected so if we have this header image maybe we want to remove that so i’m just going to click disable here
and now we just have this image here at the top and again obviously you can make it whatever image you want to but that’s basically the idea right so we can go back here and we have our menu options here so let’s go back we go into menu and you can add more menu options as well so we can click on create new menu and this can be our primary header menu we can give it a name let’s say main menu we can click next and now we can add the options here
okay so we can add items so let’s suppose we want to add the home page we want to add maybe specific categories which i will show you how to add but let’s suppose we want to add some pages right so we can say about us we can say contact us things like that and maybe we can say something like get started now and these are our new pages that we’ve selected that we added here as you start adding blog posts or as you start adding specific posts that
you want to add you will be able to sort them by category by tags and you will be able to add anything to do with these specific tags or categories here all right so that’s the idea this is what it’s going to look like and if you click on any specific page you will be taken to that page all right and i’m going to show you how to edit these pages as well so let’s imagine we’re good here i think you guys get the idea so you can go in here and you
can play around with all these different options specific to this theme and i’m just going to go in and publish it and now everything should be published and so this is going to be our new site so if we go back out of here and we i’m going to right click and open in a new tab this is our site okay right here it is secure and we have all these pages here and then we’re gonna have our blog posts and articles right over here and we have all the
different pages here as well and you should also be able to remove this part here by the way as well if you want so again you’re just gonna go into customize and you’re just gonna remove this part so that you will only see the blog posts if that is what you want and by the way we changed our name remember we changed it from our email to the name right here so that it doesn’t say buy yvonne instead it just says by yvonne so that was
the whole reason of why we did that so i think that gives you an idea of how to actually customize the theme so now what we can do is if we go to dashboard or actually just close out of that i’m gonna show you how to actually add the different themes and posts and things like that so if you go into posts click on all posts here we could edit this post or we could add a new one or we could delete this post and add a new one you know totally up to
you so we can click on add new and now this is where we’ll be writing our individual posts now posts are different than pages posts are basically like blog posts whereas pages are standalone pages kind of like about us page contact house page things like that so this year we’re starting off with the post so it’s going to be our let’s say blog post one and then we can say how to let’s say how to make money online by creating a website using
hostinger okay so something like that and then we can write about it and then if you scroll to the bottom you have this yoast seo which i told you about so if you put in a focus keyphrase for example make money online or let’s say more relevant to this video how to let’s say make a website yoast seo is going to give you suggestions for what you have to do if you click over here to get this ranked on google so for example the text contains 11
words we need to make it at least 300. you know we need more key phrases throughout the post we need more outbound links we need more images we need more internal links things like that and then if you go into advanced over here or no sorry we need to go to post over here we can add categories we can add tags so this is how you can also add these different specific tags or categories to the menu bar remember when i showed you the menu bar right
so this is how you can categorize and say hey this blog post is about making a website so i’ll say make website or i’ll say hostinger for example things like that you would then go in here you would add a featured image as well for this specific blog post so what i’m going to do is take a second i’ll find an image and i’ll be right back all right so i found an image so i’m just going to click here and then i’m going to drag this image right over
here i’m going to give it a second to load and yeah that’s going to be our featured image that’s going to show up on the actual website okay so if i go over here and we hit refresh well we didn’t we didn’t uh we didn’t save yet so it’s not going to show up but that’s going to be the featured image that’s going to show up for this corresponding blog post and so that’s the idea right so you guys are going to keep writing i would say take 10 to 20
minutes a day right so if you’re going with a strategy it is a long term strategy take 10 to 20 minutes a day just adding new blog posts about your topic and over time it’s gonna add up and google is gonna identify you right and that’s how you can make money with affiliate marketing you’re gonna eventually start adding affiliate links and things like that as you’re gonna get more and more traffic so let’s say this is good we’re gonna hit publish
we’re gonna hit publish let’s see what it looks like we can view the post here or we can just refresh the page and boom right so here’s blog post one here’s the featured image here’s the second blog post and so on and so forth now what you could also do is if you go back to wordpress that was our posts right where you can keep adding posts and keep adding more and more blogs basically you can also go into pages and for pages as you recall we
already created the about us page the contact us page get started page so you could create new pages by clicking on add new or you could edit these ones so for example for the let’s say about us i’m gonna click edit there and then over here i’m gonna say hi you know my name is yvonne and i have been doing online and affiliate marketing for the past five years okay and again you can go into page you can add the featured image and once you’re happy
with what you have we can again click update and let’s see what this is now going to look like so if we refresh the page and we go to about us you see it written right over there now the text might be too small maybe you want to make it a little bit bigger so what you can do is just select the text here and you can add the size now this is the default size for the site right so if you want to make it bigger you would have to adjust it here so
let’s say 24. let’s say we do something like this we can hit update and if we refresh this page you will see the text is a little bit bigger and it is gray so we do want to make it black not gray so we’re going to select black here we’re going to again hit update come back here we can refresh and now as you can see it’s black okay so that’s the idea guys like this is basically the website creation process you’re gonna do it step by step bit by
bit changing all these bits and pieces now let me go back here for a second and show you one more thing and basically if you are using yoast seo as i suggested here you should also deactivate all in one seo so you don’t want to have both of them active at the same time so if you go back to plugins again you can just deactivate all in one seo over here and you can actually also delete it as well if you want i’m gonna leave it here for now but just
wanted to let you know you should use either one or the other in my case i would prefer yoast seo and that is basically it so you guys have successfully created a website and you should now also know how to not only customize the theme customize all the different options but also add different blog posts and add different articles and again depending on the theme this might look different it might look better it totally depends up to you and how
much you want to explore what you want to test but that’s basically the process guys so hostinger definitely one of the best options when it comes to hosting your own website and managing everything here if you enjoyed this video and you want to learn how to make money online definitely take a look at my paid training courses at courses also check out my youtube channel at evon mana where i have over 400 free videos guys
400 free videos of content showing you how to make money online i hope you saw just how easy it is to create a website using hostinger and i will see you in the next video