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well hello everyone this is Henry how you doing hey I wanted to do a video tutorial here on how to use a free website you know it should become a an independent marketing rep for leading that pro you can obviously go out there and you know by choice just go out and market the lead net pro system you can generate some good income and definitely you know really definitely worth it now but if you're one of those that want to go ahead and try to build a business around it and maybe brand yourself instead of just being branded as a lead net from a marketing representative maybe you wanted to start doing some of those service contracts like what we teach on some of our training well you know the ideal situation is to you end up having your own website for your business you know you want to brand yourself or brand your business not leaving that pro and but maybe right now you don't have any money to pay for a website maybe you don't know how to build websites yourself well there's a couple of places a couple of companies out there website companies that offer free websites that you can literally build for free and Wix comm is one of those one of my favorites because I believe their websites are one of the best they've got some of the best templates around and it's simple and easy to navigate and it's really cool and it's free okay and they don't have a bunch of advertising out there you know the free version obviously will have a little advertising about their company it just says free websites by Wix okay but that's all it really it really says so now if you if you don't want to have that on your website and things like that obviously all you have to do is purchase the the plant and I think their plan starts with four dollars a month or all the way to ten twelve dollars a month it's a pretty it's pretty inexpensive for a great websites to have and then you know there's training and videos in there teaches you how to do SEO and everything else of course we also have a complete training on how to totally build your own website real website a WordPress website if you want to learn that we have a whole video tutorial on how to do that too but it takes a little bit more time than this one I'm going to show you how I'm going to build right now right in front of you something is simple one of the things that you want to do is you want to go ahead and kind of determine what type of information you'd like to have on there now what I did is I went ahead and researched a little bit of what are some of the voice Broadcasting website looked like so I I just googled voice broadcasting came up with a couple of websites like this one is this is I'm not really a very impressed with this one but it tells you you know they obviously do certain business ok that's that's their website and there's one here called voiced logic they sell a lot of different services they have like live calling but also they use voice broadcasting they even have samples ok I think samples is a gonna be good and some different ones that they have ok and there's a few other ones out there now you can also get the lead left oh there's the central voice which is some really basic very simple okay I actually kind of duplicated some of their information that's just because of the simplicity now you can get a lead capture page a website but it doesn't brand-new.this with the lead Metro Marketing System this is the plan B website now with the plan B is still a good thing to have for those people if you're recruiting marketing wraps up in case that they can't afford to bait this by the software but they want to start marketing this is one way to be able to do it ok now let me go back to Wix here so create an account ok it's real easy and answer a few questions simple questions and then you can just go to create ok I'm gonna go ahead and click on create and it'll take you to a page where there's a bunch of templates and they've got really really cool templates ok so you've got a choice of business or consulting I picked insulted because we're closer to that you don't end up with a whole bunch of other website that doesn't relate ok and as you can tell they take a look at some nice website look at this I like this one this is this is very simple straightforward it's got like four pages okay very professional look at this you click here it's got that flash movement very classy okay simple okay we've got that or you can look at a few other ones oK we've got this guy here this guy you've got I mean different different looks there okay this right here now it also comes with some pictures ready that you can use professional pictures you know all those kind of things are available also already okay so what I'm gonna do so I'm just gonna pick one here I'm gonna go ahead and pick this one I've never built this one I've never played with this one before but let's see but I believe this is simple enough to get you started I'm actually gonna go ahead and build a website for one of our new marketing reps and I didn't tell her this but I'm gonna go ahead do it for her anyway I picked this one because it kind of matches the color of her the logo that she decided to pick and it's a pretty simple so I like the statement right here I can understand why people are afraid of new ideas I'm frightened of old ones well because our marketing strategy is fairly new so let's let's start with this so I'm gonna go ahead edit okay another a page will show up which is the editing page basically let me move that over here my computer is moving slow because I've got Camtasia gone I've got a bunch of website open plus obviously this is since this is a flash or moving back website picks up memory okay now so here look at this real simple you can edit that right off the bat you know take that so I'm gonna start with this here like I said I regatta logo from from all in here so I'm gonna go ahead and click on pics pictures and already loaded it enough you need to upload I look at a bunch of pictures here so could tell you just go upload and it takes you to your file and then you just look for your files and look for like my dog there and my little my old car there but anyway so I'm gonna go ahead and select this right here okay there it is obviously it's made to be small so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna go ahead and replace this one I guess I could have done that there you go that was easy those easier than what I did get rid of this guy there now name of our business is Eminem marketing services ain't it I'm just gonna go do that okay now you can change the color of this to see right here you want to change the color right here you could do that right I believe hers was blue so let's see if we can change that to blue see what it looks like and it doesn't look change that back to back that bright didn't did she we put the batch nautical colors there for people that we write okay so she could come just pretty much going through this with you guys okay now so this is pretty simple it doesn't really tell you anything about the business or anything like that now you can add a tag line also okay let's say you want to add a tag line thank you sir so perhaps yeah I'm gonna put let's say marketing strategies that gets right so I'm just going to click this no doctor edit that a little bit don't be late the same and also make that right instead of black hey there so I'm actually even getting fancy on here for you guys you know yeah okay so now let's go to about us now here they have this okay now you don't have to follow it necessarily you can move those guys around so it's not in the way if you said the manuals okay okay now what I did for about us is more about who is uh say who is mmm marketing services since they didn't really stay in the front and all that right so all right you can do she take a look at that she can take this out matter of fact think about the whole thing yeah I'm even changing this dramatically you can just keep the format with new styles yeah there we go the order then here you just expand this Obama okay say is then what I do is already basically typed up the template okay now I actually typed up a whole page message you know what I'm gonna see if I can go and put that in there no actually you know what let's go with this let's go with about us I'm gonna go ahead and copy it from my my ward here it's on another screen so I'm not gonna show you but basically I'll just go edit here there's that like go to my word document where I have my what I wanted to put on hopefully oil pass go right over where this there I'm gonna change this here and listening s basically it moves up and down like this or if you wanted to you can expand it it doesn't have to be obviously you might need to edit the way it's on there so like add spaces between a paragraph yeah however you want to do it it's very flexible okay so right there now let's go to services okay I'm gonna go to services look at this you actually have a pretty cool pretty cool deal there you know I'm gonna go ahead and keep that and but I'm just going to change the system for an example or some some of their wording so then here instead of business analysis on my services what I do is have to provide I put lead net pro system basically a product okay that I saw them I put a little description and then I put marketing consulting the marketing marketing and consulting assistant services and then here the third one output lead generation okay so I'm gonna go ahead and put on here and you know what I've decided is that I let's say you can put lead Metro on here it's up to you say I will just keep it that way lead net Pro and I typed it like that because that's how they have it you can also put a picture in there if you want okay you can Center it if you like and just scoop it like that okay now then you can edit this okay we and then I just copy and paste okay I have a little bit of a long deal there so that's part of it and I'm gonna see if I can expand it look at this we can expand this if we wanted to there's a little group yeah I'm just learning this as I go of myself okay now here I basically kind of just did a little description then you'll notice here I put C I put in here for a demo click here okay because I wanted to go ahead and put a link to that check this out now what I would put on here because I said for a demo click here I'll go ahead and put my lead net Pro website and that would be with me but the HTTP for pulling for flash HJ power marketing.com okay and I want it to open in another window okay so you can do that you can go to another page or you can put it put an email I just put that okay yep okay now one thing though that I'm not sure with that risk now let's view it let's see what it looks like let me save it so yeah okay so now let's preview it see what a good I'm not sure if it put it on there but take a look there it is kind of cool and it's kind of pretty much with the advertising that they have there okay you can change that if you want and go about us don't services what I'm curious about is of the link I don't think it I think it turned a whole statement until the link and it takes them here so that they can see the demonstration a bit okay so I'm gonna change that so let's get back to editing in fact editing so let's do this yeah there okay now this one says to see comparison of this incredible marketing system over traditional forms of marketing strategies click right here and where I would save this – okay it's on your um now on your website we've got to leave necrofear see this is my main website right now when you people fill out this form here when people fill out this form and they say get my report at 8 it gives them a PDF report which basically the first different marketing strategies and then it tells you to go ahead and go to see leading that pro okay now when I type this up I'll carry my code here my user ID with it because if they've already logged on opened it up or you want to go ahead and take this right here of course you don't want to put mine at all feel free to do so if you want to do that it'll just say presented by blue look this is a swirly cool page on the website where there's a 30-minute presentation here from Dan Miller comparing lead net pro to other types of marketing radical % fear some examples today so he talks about that and it's really good business presentation so I'll take this link right here okay and we go back to the editing page I'm gonna go and put that link here we want to make sure that you'd be yours if you have a copy mine and so now I've got two links two different links here okay yeah there's more right there okay so I've got that information there then let's say I want to change this but my solution well again I've already typed it up you can do whatever you want hmm you know you can bold it and a chance mr. look for some by far the most cost-effective way to add a carpet okay so I'm going to do this read edit move this thing okay then here we'll go ahead and put out here I'm gonna go ahead and shrink this since we're having a little problem starts to build this guy yeah oops nope and I'm gonna add my I'm gonna edit this yeah there's no police in my pocket all right guys No okay right okay so I see me typing things up here basically this created that okay so now we have service let's again feel free to copy this it's not that you know it's not the best but it gives you the basic there and then here clients it's got a clients page which basically allows you to be able to either put some client samples or things like that you know what I'm gonna do is I'm going to change this whoops sound of tutorial so you can click that on any of this I'll give you a video tutorial and really teaches you a lot here sorry let the villagers go to Breakers though I'm going to go ahead and put testimony mm-hm which I have a couple of testimonies I'm gonna go ahead and add a text box here again we can edit that choose the color you want to have it that's box Oh maybe it's not adorable and there we go you could tell this is close all different work again that's that out of her open the piss out of it now here's what's cool let's say you wanted to change some of these pictures to that's right okay listen to him out a little bit all right so here we are we're pretty much have we're pretty much done now you put your contact here school put your information right here let's say you didn't want to put out groups that's fine or change this to a telephone this guy yes hold it no and you want to put an address or something like that you can then also what's going to happen to is that was a quick fan we could put your email address here so it goes through where you want it for right yeah a lot we've got a whole website pretty much done let's preview it and boom really I think that's a pretty cool website it's all right there now if you wanted to you could put something in the front here but that's you know took me 33 minutes doing instructions and stuff like that it may take you an hour but you know you can copy and paste you know the information or whatnot but bottom lines you've got a professional website and it's pretty much ready to go I'm gonna go and publish it so we can see whoops like right now it's online link basically oh we're going to open it up in another site is done and you can put your own domain or whatnot here go ahead let's let's go yeah look at that now you've got a website it is Norman they look professional oh you know one thing I didn't show you guys is that you know you can go ahead and change some pictures on there if you want kill that's what I mean well it's by the way there's nothing there we go now let's say you want to go on this part right here we want to change this picture the workplace and then you've got this you know what's foolish you also have which offers a whole bunch of free pictures that's already in there so you know you've got business pictures look at this let's say you can pick that different ones now got people on the phone that people have a meeting go team Danny so you've got some options there so go ahead now that's we need to look for one that's more long lives yeah that's the picture that we would place on this vertically blonder personal they're looking use go back to people but use this or but I found a different way okay I'll just select one here I'm just showing you those start taking it taking you the longer the bottom line that placed it boom it done what's there it's ready to size than everything okay you can't add it back you've got a lot of other things that you can do it but bottom line if you've got in a few minutes they're very professional looking website okay hopefully that helps you guys we'll talk to you soon all right .

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