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How to build a Wix website – Adding live video or internet TV – Wix For Beginners

Wix Course –
Adding live video feeds or internet TV on Wix is made very simple with the Pluto TV app available on the Wix App Marketplace. Streaming live tv to your Wix website is so cool and may be just the app you needed to make everything work.
Topics Covered:
-Wix My Website Course
-Adding Pluto TV
-Choosing Live TV Channel
-Customizing Pluto TV
-Wix My Website Conclusion
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Wix My Website Series:
This Wix series will have multiple Wix tutorials uploaded EVERY WEEK of 2017! Email me for any Wix troubles you may have.

what is up guys computer MV of Gilbert here and in today’s video I’m going to show you how to add this pretty cool new Wix app to your Wix website this allows you to stream internet TV basically so stream TV straight to your website from your website for people to view um and this is a very cool widget and apps that they just added then I’ll get into that in just a second but before we begin don’t forget to go to Wix my website comm and go
ahead and check that out I’ve had a ton of people sign up and I’m so grateful for that I’ve had a lot of participation in this to get interested this is the sign up to get notified when this course goes live I’m working on it right now if you guys are watching this video that means you’re on a Wix tutorial which means most likely you can benefit from this Wix my website course I’m going to teach you how to create a website from scratch all the
way to finish and everything in between and not only that but once your websites finished you’ll use this as a resource to come back to and say how do I add this or how do I edit this or how do I upgrade this so anyway guys link in the description below which my website com it makes me so happy when you guys go check out my new witch course so adding this new app you’re on which we’re going to go to the App Market and then we’re going to type in
Pluto and you’ll see Pluto TV you’ll click that then you’ll click Add to site and then you’ll click Add app when you add the app once it loads here you can see that comes up and then you double click it and then right here channel selection so you could select what type of channel you want to play on your website so before you do that these are all news channels you can see choose channel category right here so say you want Deakin gaming or you
want music and radio or even entertainment but what I want to choose is sports so right here you can choose one of these channels you can play fear factor which I remember that or you can play sports news and it’ll stream just like that right there it’s pretty awesome and then right here you can choose your color setting so how everything looks how the Box looks and this is simply how you do it and you could choose obviously the size of it on
your website and just like that you can stream live video Y TV straight from your website very cool definitely something to check out I just wanted to share this video with you guys not even that is I mean it’s going to be helpful to somebody but more because I thought this is a pretty cool app that we added and I thought it would be cool to show you guys this so anyway that is how you add Internet video or Internet TV to your which website if
this video helped you guys out or you found it at all entertaining or pretty cool that wicks out of this app go ahead and drop a like down below if you have any questions at all not only about this video but other Wix questions please feel free to comment I’m here to help you out and answer your questions and finally don’t forget to subscribe to me here on computer nd of Gilbert as I have a ton of wicks content coming up and I’m ready to grow and
we all like growth so if you guys help me out that’d be awesome and then that leads me to last point here along with my growth I’m trying to grow and help all you grow by creating this Wix my website course so if you guys are interested in learning how to build a witch website how to edit a wish website add stuff upgrade stuff do everything in which come to Wix my website comm link in the description below and go ahead and check it out it really
makes me happy when you guys sign up and I just I’m thrilled to see it happen on everything coming together so thank you guys so much for even making all this possible and I look forward to seeing you guys on my next video thank you guys for spending a couple minutes with me