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How to build a Wix website – Adding a Site Search To Wix – Wix Tutorial For Beginners

Wix Course-
Adding a website search to your Wix website has been made easier than ever with the Wix Site Search by InstantSearch found on the Wix app marketplace. A website search allows users or visitors to find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. It can be very valuable, and you should take advantage of this great app!
Topics Covered:
-Wix My Website Course Overview
-Adding Site Search
-Syncing searches
-Upgrading the app
-Managing the settings
-Customizing the design
-Wix My Website Course Conclusion
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what’s up guys computer MD of Gilbert here and in today’s video I’m gonna show you an updated version about how to add a site search to your Wix website before we begin guys which my website com this is my new upcoming course I’m building for you I’m showing you how to take a Wix website from scratch and build it to completion to whatever you want you’ll be completely in control of your website and not only do I want you to learn how to build
your own website I want you to learn a greater and more vast knowledge of Wix and that’s my main goal for you guys I’m here to teach you I’m here to help you so if you get the chance go to which my website com click this notify me when it’s live button get on the email list to get notified when this course goes live I’m telling you guys you’re gonna want to be on this email list and you’re gonna want to be on it soon because we have a lot of big
stuff on there and the email list will be the first to know when the course goes live in the first 10 people to enroll will get an extremely valuable gift that you will not want to miss anyway guys let me show you how to add a site search here in which we’re going to go to app market so we’re gonna type in site and you’ll see site search by instant search you’ll then click Add to site add app and then you’ll see this search design button here in
search bar you drag it to wherever you need to on your website once you do that we’re gonna double click for settings once you double click it you’re first gonna see site searches fast and friendly service for visitors find content on your site so you need to upgrade to sync with your website you can access search statistics with that it opens in the site search which my website account and then down here you can see you use 0 30 monthly searches
so to get more than 30 searches a month on your website using this app you would have to upgrade and the premium pant plan is either pay $4.99 a month annually or paid $5.99 a month every and just you know cancel whenever you want the annually is the longer plan but that’s what they want to try to get you on but you do this to whatever you need if you feel like 30 searches is gonna be fine for every month then just stay with the free plan but if
not definitely go on to premium as you’ll need it if you’re expecting a lot of site searches after you do that you can see settings right here so the settings of this site language so I would set this to auto detect you could have it in English but if you have or whatever language you are but if you have it set to auto detect it’ll automatically detect whatever language the user is in and populate results based off of that and then right here you
see results in a new tab if you want the results to open in a different tab not on your website you can click that but if you want to keep them on your website make sure that stays off you can see right here search field so this is the text that is inside the search bar right here and search bar didn’t want to stay up for us right there anyway search placeholder text so this is the search site where it says they’re in the site search and you
could change this text to say whatever you like maybe search website maybe get answer or something whatever you would like but you could change that text and customize it to your needs and right here it says show inline prediction so this pretty much just means that it the Site Search is inline and you can show as well drop-down suggestions so if you’re starting to type in something a popular search result it’ll drop down suggestions just kind of
like Google would do that same thing if you’re starting to type in like top five and then it shows top five blank top five blank tough I blink same thing same concept and then down here you see search results now this is a upgraded feature right now it has site search plus logo but you can get some of these other options that are specifically only for premium users but right now it’s just the site search plus logo so this if you’re upgrading and
you need more than 30 results a month I would definitely change this but if if you’re not this isn’t something to sweat I wouldn’t say and then finally you could say show contact form to users when no results are found so another premium feature if the results aren’t found on your website or you can’t find it through the search you can have a contact form that email art that users will email you their question and it would go to this email
whatever that is but again you need the premium plan to do so websites decided to glitch out a little bit their site search there anyway so that’s the settings and then the design is completely up to you you can change the colors of the search button the corners the shadows the titles the font whatever you need and then you also see support here that’s developer info you can sign up for their newsletter not as important but anyway guys this is a
very good tool to have especially if you have a site that will have a lot of questions and again you’re gonna want to sync now you have to upgrade and syncing now help sync the search results to your website anyway guys that’s how you add a site search here awaits a little bit more updated I hope this video helped you guys out if it did please drop a like down below comment if you have any questions at all maybe not even this particular topic but
feel free if you do but any Wix questions at all please go ahead and let me know and don’t forget to subscribe to me here on computer um be of Gilbert as I’m looking forward to growing here as a channel as a community and it subscriptions obviously help the channel grow along with that growth which my website com this new course I’m here to help you guys grow not only show you how to build a Wix website but show you how to gain knowledge on Wix
so that you have that knowledge to come back to your website even after you’ve built it and been it be able to say yeah I want to add this or do that and know how to do it but I’m here to help you guys grow I look forward to launch this course with you guys right by my side and I look forward to just seeing the results happen so anyway guys makes me really happy go to Wix my website comm sign up right here notify me when it’s live and get on that
email list other than that guys thanks for spending a couple minutes with me I’ll catch you on the next one