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How to build a Wix Website – Adding a PayPal donation and buy now button – Wix For Beginners

Wix Course –
Adding a PayPal Buy Now and Donation button on Wix has been made simple with the easy to add donation and buy now buttons Wix and PayPal have provided. These apps allow websites to collect payments and donations. The buy now and donation buttons PayPal made are easy to use and on the Wix App Marketplace.
Topics Covered:
-Wix My Website Course
-Adding a PayPal Donation Button
-Adding a PayPal Buy Now Button
-Wix My Website Course Conclusion
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Wix My Website Series:
This Wix series will have multiple Wix tutorials uploaded EVERY WEEK of 2017! Email me for any Wix troubles you may have.

what is up guys computer MV of Gilbert here and in today’s video I’m going to show you how to add a PayPal donation button to your Wix website I can also show you how to add a PayPal buy a now button as well just to add some extra content there but how to add a a pal donation button before we get started as you can see I’m here on my landing page Wix my website com if you guys are interested in learning how to build your very own website and
you need to learn how to navigate Wix how to use Wix how to add element please come check out my landing page I’m building a Wix course specifically for you guys my youtube audience right now come here sign up get on the email list get notified when it’s live and you guys will get some exclusive emails and exclusive content just for signing up here today also when the course goes live the first 10 people enrolled will get a pretty special gift
from me that will definitely help you out and I’m sure you guys will enjoy so if you guys get that chance to go to which my website comm link in the description below so how to add a PayPal donation button you’re going to go up here to ad then you’re simply going to scroll all the way down to more when you get to more you’re going to see PayPal buttons there will be a PayPal Buy Now and a PayPal donate I’ll start with the donate as this is what
the video is about you would click that once you get that donate button you’re just simply going to double click it and then you could choose right here so this it really you could do the Buy Now button just from the donate button as well you would just click selling and it will switch to buy now but you want donating and then simply what you do is you add your paypal email here so whatever PayPal your account is under that email you add it here
you add whatever your business’s name is and if you want to add an ID number you can do that that’s just like an ID for your donations just so you know what it is when you go back in the file you could also let visitor set their own amount so then they could choose how much they want to donate when that happened you could choose right here so how does PayPal open so if they want to set their own amount do you want PayPal to open in the current
window on your website or you want it to open in the new window so that way they stay on your website but PayPal opens up in a new tab that’s what you choose there and then you simply choose what button is your language or what language is your button it simple English whatever language you are that’s what you would choose for selling it’s pretty much the same exact thing you enter your PayPal account information the only difference is you can
see right here you would choose the price so whatever the price of what you’re selling is you would put in the dollar amount update and save choose your currency and then again choose where it opened that’s simply how you add a PayPal donation button and a PayPal Buy Now button in Wix guys I hope this video was helpful to help you out I know it’s pretty simple to do but hopefully it was able to just assist you guys in adding that as it can be
useful to your Wix website once again don’t forget to comment if it helped you out please drop a like down below don’t forget to subscribe here to me on computer I’m vo Gilbert and once again as I said don’t forget to check out which my website comm link in the description below I know I’ve really been pushing this course but I think it’s really going to be beneficial to you guys as you’re watching these videos that I’m making Wix tutorials it
obviously shows that you’re trying to build a Wix website and I just want to help you guys out with that so go ahead and go to this website which my website calm and go sign up get on that email list to get notified when the course is live because I’m really excited about it and I want you guys to be also if you have any further questions don’t be afraid to comment down below other than that thank you guys for watching and spending a couple
minutes with me have an excellent rest of your day