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How To Build A Wix Marketing Website

what’s up what’s up everybody so we’re gonna be building out a website so it’s gonna be like a website Chinese video so we kind of want to set up like that we want this information it’s gonna be about trade era right it’s gonna be on my wish this video guys okay guys can’t see me great okay so you see this map it shows our teammates in America we can go over the ranks real quick but we’re not gonna do that plus we have a quick way of doing it
so I’m gonna show you guys my phone we want to show you guys this because you know we have different to make money online opportunities the eyes to see right that’s $250 I see this is a different opportunity we must first ripeness of any process getting into more stuff like on two of us I business and you’re trying to portal vein that market this video little bit so this is the trade airplane right here right it can be summed up in a simple
venture what you guys really have to do but what we really have to do as far as straight down building a website now is you guys have no websites we need to be able to introduce three people right so one third positions Phil I’m going for rank that changes my life my first three positions will benefit the most from my efforts when I reach this rank two more spots open then I’m building my downlines network to at least three each so I have this
video right here this the video I actually want to use for the website she’s a powerful speaker after watching her you may want to get started immediately and today is a family day but I was outside flying kites working from home allows you to be on social media just like family members all online today which means no I am right here today watch the presentation and get back with me and here’s to start here by it right here so what we want to do
is take this video right here and take this getting started like right here and put them all on one web site so we’re going to help everyone spread the word to the best of our human abilities to change our financial lives decisions standards etc imaginer in two thousand a month except you exchange one hour a month for that that is the type of goal we have a mild moving in unison now you know that’s an income level you established first one this
set for you right I told her I told told my girlfriend nine business partners away from five hundred much taxes my babies babe she said only nine yeah because you know ten people you established five hundred a month in residual income with trade Eric right working on a free marketing membership portal in the works he wants access today so we’ll go over this real quick let’s see how well I’m branded for the week you knows my timeline helping or is
it just links about the business so okay I went live a little Susan little value that looks a little bit too far back to back okay so let’s get into it actually the website building get off the Facebook we’re gonna be going over all these strategy as well so you got some strategies in the next video it’s follows promoter so we on Wix so we’ll show you how to create like a website from scratch you know you want to do your own I have websites
available for the team members of my business or you hire me to do it website for your business if you’re not involved with I mean the butt out is a business partner this is free information essentially to business partner to meet already so that’s just I don’t have the time to if everyone wants a website I gotta be making everyone websites for the rest of my life I just don’t got that to do but I can’t help people in the process that’s helping
themselves you know and I can’t give away free websites when I’m able to determine how many I want to get it’s really different guys so maybe we want a blank website that’s normally what I start with this one says start from scratch like sit out some of these tabs we’re gonna be making this website want to actually be using the website we’ll be making them for our team members yep it’s not that we won’t be using the website the website is not
just going to be the only thing you use Isis that’s not what I haven’t plan linking more than just his website different websites that look different ways you know a bunch of websites I’m about to show you guys how to do this because making websites can be a powerful business all in yourself like you know what if I want to do make this video a paid training course and you know show you how to make $20 for making people’s websites you know all I
would do is wait to receive the first customer payment you know and then produce the product the training material and not have that done as part of me as entrepreneur and I’d provide that to audience you know wait on your order and you know you’re making websites you’re able to promote a product that you’ll do a service that you’ll do you know so don’t be afraid to sell your services and don’t be afraid to sell templates of what your service you
know renders you know we work you put into a template of anything and then you know you have that finished product where you still put the service and to get it there now if it becomes a product that you can manage more you know like say like a digital product if you are someone that makes a fortnight product right for my sword how hard is it to make another sword in the game and release that as a something that you know is paid for that’s the
digital product it could be released to the same crowd after they made the models for it once now you sell the models over and over again two different people that one that’s you know website development people is going to want different websites sometimes people want to copy the same website that somebody has we don’t know how long this journeys gonna be let’s go ahead and get started now why I’m naming it this can you give away three positions
of wealth because how network marketing works you know you have a certain amount of um what they call it legs think of that is like you know like just think of them as like pieces of a whole of a business or pieces of your business you have three legs it’s a piece of your network marketing business some have more likes there’s a lot more likes knowing you have three it works I’m about to teach you how so these three people essentially the higher
you move them up in their lives as far as what you know you could tell that difference by numbers the money that’s produced in the size of the business that you helped grow it to you know maintain it at the three people you know to have your first three positions when they get higher you get higher so if you help them with their business your business gets help so if you’re helping them with their business you’re helping bring them a monthly
income your like their boss making sure they’re doing what they need to be doing to succeed and you know bring home that paycheck but when it’s about a product you’ve got to focus on the product the product we’re gonna get into that this is just a capture page well two friends should we put family and friends like I think friends family or strangers this is like a little strangers how we’re doing this there’s a soul off side of the screen I’m
going to go ahead and put a youtube video up we want to capture page first cuz we’re giving away a website so you’ve got some good ideas for how it’s going to look let’s go with my breakers video into two sections and show you where is that please now as far as executing an email blasting these leads I’ll talk about some tools later on in the training series you know that’s why this is good this is a training product you know it’s not the video
I’m gonna put on the website that we’re making subscribe to our newsletter so where does button go page okay we want it on for God I was recorded you notice not the simple guys leave I smoke – you know what – my people don’t smell but we do Mossad is quite eventually but we don’t want to you know we don’t want to make people feel back as they smoke this is not what it did internets being a little slow right now but we’re over here on our website
when getting this YouTube video airs will paste other YouTube video right the link we just took that’s how you set up videos on the site that’s all I’m gonna do a contact form again because if you don’t want to promote your capture page right we still want to capture contact right when Oh Dominique did a good job so who’s willing to qualify themselves to this opt-in by day those know they have a little more serious entrepreneur is right in the
middle that looks good what you guys think you take this submit button take this piddly button right here that’s how we complete the website so we actually want to link this one to an external URL I’m really highlighted that space mostly word I kind of go back to the first page Shh try it out and it works so that’s how you can make a capture page with a website that leads to your business opportunity my name is J hall I’ll see you guys on the
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