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I have one this is Mike from website builders critic today I'm going to show you how to build a blog with Wix in five minutes let's get started to begin with you're going to need to have a Wix account signing up for for Wix is free you just go to Wix comm sign up for an account plug in your information your email in your full name and then you'll be at it you'll be kicked into a dashboard that looks like this with a list of sites first thing you're going to do is click on start creating now now you've got a list of templates that you can choose from to start off with we're just going to do a basic blog so I'm going to move to the blog category pick personal and at this point we can really pick anything for now I'll just pick the Nomad travel one and here we go as it kicks up it shows you an example of what it looks like to get started you just click on edit this site and it loads the html5 editor there's a video that comes up to give you a brief walk through the process we're going to skip that for now and starting off you're going to get into the design process so to do that you just simply click in an area of where it has something you want to change and then make your changes so we've clicked in the logo area as you can see here and now we click Edit text I can go ahead and change this to whatever I want and that change is instantly made now to add stuff in here I just click in the blog area add and edit blog posts it's going to prompt you to save so you can just pick them once put in blog for now here all the various posts that already exist now you can obviously delete these and for the sake of simplicity right now I'm just going to show you how to create a new post so you've got the site title done you can click Add to create a new post this is my first travel blog post you can then choose whichever date you want for instance if it's going to be done in the feet in the future you can make those modifications here you can also set it as a future featured post and if you hover over that just a second here featured option lets you put mark post as featured so when your blog when you filter blog components these posts will be displayed so you can plug in your tags let's say Paris and then you begin writing if you want to add images you can click on the images link now what's nice here is you can either upload images or you can choose free ones directly from Wix so that's guys look go to the Travel category and I picked Paris and there probably won't be any pictures of Paris in here so first for the sake of simplicity I'm just going to plug in a picture of Sydney click OK save and there's my new post now if you want to be able to preview this so you can see it just click on the preview button now you're in preview mode this is how the post would look to people visiting your website you can click on the title now you get it the full blog view here and you can see shows recent posts and tags so on and so forth switch back to the editor if you want to make more changes you can do that quickly and easily but for now this is how to create a quick blog on Wix in five minutes or less please feel free to subscribe below by clicking on subscribe link if you found this video helpful please go ahead and share it check back and you'll see a whole slew of new how-to s that'll be coming up on the site and hopefully you found this helpful Thanks .

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