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How to Build a Website with Wix

Wix is a great website solution for small businesses that want to get a site up and running without all the hassles. If you are a pet groomer, join our directory to get free SEO and internet marketing tutorials.

hello this is John Lewis dog grooming your coming at you with another tutorial and in this tutorial we’re going to talk about building a website i am and the preface this I am a wordpress guy I love WordPress I feel like WordPress is one of the best tools you use if your for your business and and all that but with after saying all that I understand that there are people out there that would not be able to use WordPress there is a quite
a bit of a learning curve when using WordPress and so for many you know entrepreneurs that you know you’re the sole proprietor you’re going to need you know something that you can get going quickly and you need an online site builder like wicks to get your your business up and running because if you try to do a self-hosted WordPress that you’re it might take you forever or you just it gets confusing whatever so i’m going to show you one way to
build your website that does not require wordpress and that should still gave you some of the same results as WordPress wood for the most part so so here wherever a twix and i’m going to show you how easy it is to build a website through wicks and give you what some pointers even on SEO if we have time so here we go so if it’s your first time i’m going to hit start now then you’re going to click on my new user just to show you how how that works
and we’re going to put an email address in support at dog grooming near me calm and then some sort of password I always ask you to to double type it alright then hit sign up okay so i’m making this website for my dog groomers out there but you might may have found this tutorial and you’re in a different line of business you just look for the category that best fits you but for dog grooming we’re going to click on business and services and because
we’re now we’re looking for a template that would best fit our needs and here is that and pets and you can click go and it’s probably take a little bit for this to load oh no I didn’t so there we go so here are some other templates that they have on a white golf course showed up in their dog daycare doggy boutique and is some different ones that you could try to go with now and if you have an e-commerce thing you could do ecommerce spell talk
about that later I wouldn’t necessarily go with Wix depending on how many products that you’re you’re planning on pushing so anyways let’s just say that we want to edit this theme right here we think oh okay this looks nice and I want to go with that so what you have to do is click Edit and while this is loading I’m going to pause this and then come back to it ok so our template has loaded and so here is here’s the template so this is the
homepage and I’m going to show you how easy it is to edit items on this all I have to do is double click and it will open up okay edit text to add animation we want to edit text let’s say we want to change change the name here oops and see just like if you can use Microsoft Word you can use wicks so it says Edwards dog daycare so let’s change it to something else let’s say chinese grooming so on my family some people my family call me Johnny but
they’re the only people in the world that call me that but anyways we won’t let out any more secrets so that’s yeah that’s how easy it is and then you’re you’re done editing that just click elsewhere and you can continue on you can change this logo out no edit image clicking the wrong things so then you can you can add images in here and and all that kind of stuff crop the image make different color you know contrast brightness and and all that
kind of stuff so it’s pretty groovy pretty groovy yeah so then all the elements on here just click to to edit and I know your times might be different you can edit this just by double clicking and then you just start typing in the spot so you can change the color the fonts if you like Sears where you change the color fonts let’s say you want this a different color I’m going on maybe we want to go with that for some odd reason you could do that
open I say you’re open from 9am to 5pm and then I believes you have to highlight it just like word go in there now save it we’re going to change the color let’s go to pink or something and then there we go so that’s how that works it’s just kind of just edit your these elements and then you have a website you can also change the background colors and all that kind of stuff and fonts and all that so you can choose any DS to change your your
backgrounds let’s say you wanted to go with this there you go you can change it just like so so that’s I mean that’s how easy this is pages go under there now this little whatever that is you notice but anyways you need to click that to control the elements of the SCO so here here’s your SEO tip for your website if you’re going to use it wicks you can click on page SEO settings and this is very important right here if you are a dog groomer let’s
say in st. Louis key phrase people are probably searching for I have my tutorials on my website will show you exactly how to find out what people in your area are searching for but it’s probably something like this dog grooming st. Louis that’s probably what somebody would search for something like that so you want that in your page title and also your description you can say something like we offer the best dog grooming in st. Louis and then you
can put your keywords in that are not super important nowadays like they were in early two thousand but you know just you can just put your various key phrases in there you can even copy your title and put it in there whatever and let’s see here and then you can put dawn and then this is really important to so that you took care of your title now we want to take care of you need to have an H what they call a heading tag you need that in your on
your website and I believe this is it but I’m going to do more tutorials on Wix and stuff in the future and I can kind of show you a little bit more and get more detailed but the other important element to have on your site is under to the h1 if you have h1 or h2 tag is to put your key phrase again somewhere in that area so I’m thinking this is probably going to be without looking at it in h1 or h2 tag and I can show you how to figure that out in
a future video but anyways will again wherever your h1 tag is we’re going to put dog grooming st. Louis and to make it so it’s a little bit more out of fun less spammy you can put something like the best dog grooming in st. Louis and then whatever however you want to do it but you need this phrase dog grooming st. Louis on your homepage in an h1 tag and in your title tag and I’ll show you what those elements look like so so there you go and let
me show you some other things okay you can add a blog add media at a gallery at image ad online store list builder yo yo and then but let’s go to pages because I really want to show you how to okay right here click Add page that’s as simple as it gets and yeah and you can go and edit certain elements inside your Wix website so that is how you build a website with Wix and then i’m going to show you the the end product here just for fun now I know
that this background doesn’t doesn’t match the website now so let’s turn that back I was just showing you that for let’s go back to our backgrounds what color was it I’ll never just change it now that color yeah I’m not finding the exact one but any will just go with us and then you close that okay so let’s say that’s you like what you got then you can save and then it’s going to ask you to come for the name now this is really important with your
website you don’t want your website to be this long URL of one two three four wix com or dog grooming wix com or something you don’t want that you want to have your domain name pointing to this and that’s where we need to upgrade the site and actually purchase hosting so you’d have a monthly hosting fee now you’d have this anywhere you go whether you go with a wordpress site self-hosted wordpress site using the Coast Gator or someplace like that
or if you know if you have a company that you’re having build your website for you’re going to be paying hosting fees so and it’s a small price to pay to get traffic to get people to your business and not having website is pretty a pretty archaic thing nowadays if you don’t have a website you know that kind of tells people that you know I don’t know I’m and maybe the word of mouth things working perfectly for you that’s that’s great but for a lot
of people you need a website because it’s just one other area that place of people another way that people can find you online so nice eh so anyways so let’s just say we’re going to save this Johnny’s dog grooming salon oh and it doesn’t matter what the name is so just to save now okay and let’s publish this so we can see what it looks like and you can allow search engine to find your site if you’d like in able and optimized mobile view of my
sight yeah we want that because so many people are searching online with mobile devices phone is I think 40 to 50 I forget what the statistic is but there are a ton of people looking for businesses online okay so here’s our URL and again in order to have your website be like say Johnny’s dog grooming salon calm you have to purchase a domain name and upgrade their hosting I believe you can buy domain names through wicks I’m not a hard person sure
because I haven’t gone to that process yet because again I’m I’m WordPress guy but I’m just showing you another solution that you can use that that you can have your business get good traffic to your business and you get out there on the web very easy solution you don’t have to have some guru trying to that you’re paying lots of money that they you put money down and they they leave you there’s something you can do yourself nothing that’s one
thing that communicating with people online and talking to indifferent groomers and stuff some of them just don’t know who to trust and you know who better to trust in yourself you know you’re going to get it done if you have the ability to do it so this is this an easy way to an episome again you’re going to have to upgrade in order to have so you don’t have a URL like this but you can check out the website here and I’m going to show you some of
those SEO things I have to pause this if it takes too long again the free one they put all these ads on your site and stuff to try to get people to buy their their stuff all right so remember the title we put in dog grooming st. Louis we have that there we have it here and to double check to see if that is a h1 tag we can right click and click view page source and if you scroll down to that text that it is written in I think this one might be
wrapped in a I think it might be wrapped in an iframe because of this stuff but anyways i’m pretty sure that’s what that is but you you look you can find out and and fix that if it’s not but important elements again title tags to have your key phrase in there that you want people to find you for and also have it on your website and maybe having it on another occurrence on the page and stuff like that so again i’m going to show you more tutorials
on us but here’s an example this is how easy you can build a website so if you’re struggling here you go here’s one way and i’ll look at some other online forum builders to give you more tips and things and i’m just trying to help you guys get online get your business is going yeah so if you haven’t yet joined our directory duh grooming near me calm and you’re watching this on youtube click the link below and you can come over to our website and
get more information about wicks and also get more information about how to join our directory we have currently offering free submissions you can come on over and i have tutorials on how to get more clients online using SEO internet marketing strategies and things like that so awesome stuff there and also if you click these the other link down below you can go directly to the page where i talk about wicks and and you can get tutorials and all
that kind of stuff be building those up and I’ll have links of those on that page here in the future so yeah just click the links below to get more information about wicks our directory have an amazing day thank you very much for watching hopefully this helps thanks bye