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How to Build a Website with This video gives a step by step tutorial for building a high quality website using Specifically, this video shows how I built a lead generating “We buy houses” website for my business. Be sure to check out the 3000 word blog post that this video was placed in, which has much more detail surrounding the website creation process, at

hey what’s up everyone this is Brandon with BiggerPockets calm and in this video I’m gonna show you step by step how to build your very own website for your business in under an hour without any technical skills at all stay tuned so the other day I was on the bigger pockets forums and there was a conversation going on about designing a website and someone mentioned they were quoted 500 dollars to have a simple 5 page website built for their
real estate investment business and I was like dude that’s a lot of money it’s really not that tough so I wanted to show you exactly how I made my real estate investment lead generating website using a site called Wix basically Wix is a drag-and-drop website editor that actually looks really good and it’s super easy to do so hang on and I’ll walk you through the whole process but first just a quick disclaimer BiggerPockets has an affiliate
relationship setup with Wix so if you make your website after clicking one of the Wix links or if you go to WWE your pockets calm slash Wix you are actually helping to support bigger pockets and it doesn’t cost you anything extra and honestly I would still 100% recommend Wix even if you don’t go through our link but thank you if you do so thank you in advance for going to Wix through one of our links alright let’s get the show on the road all
right well let’s get going here so this is gonna be the page you’re gonna start with here and obviously we’re going to start on start now you’re gonna end up with a bunch of different templates here now that you can choose from in a lot of different categories and you know it really doesn’t matter which one you use because I mean you just gotta find one that you like that stands out to you obviously some are better or worse for whatever industry
you’re in I probably wouldn’t do this one cuz that one looks kind of like a photography one so I’m actually gonna scroll down here to real estate and property and I’m gonna look through these you know they look pretty good and I kind of like that one I’m gonna go to the next page when I’m actually looking for platings before here it is the handyman I really like this one but you don’t have to choose it but I’m going to and click the edit button
it’s gonna open up the editor here once it opens up you’ll notice that most of this is just drag-and-drop I mean I can move things around however I want to I can click this guy here and move them around I can move them over here hide them behind the red I can do some fun stuff like edit the words around here I don’t want to be called the handyman but I really like this design so I’m gonna change this let me move this out of the way I’m going to
change handyman to home I’ll keep it all capital I want to spread that a little bit now we got some home buyers but we don’t really called the home buyer so let’s change this to my county is Gray’s who that messed things up a little bit so Grays Harbor obviously is trying to keep things in line so I’m gonna shrink this down here 60 point right now I’m gonna go down – let’s try 16 much better what’s everything back into perspective I can move this
around a little bit crazy parvo Bray’s barbar maybe I want to go a little bigger with that please think maybe go to Eddie yeah let me expand this a little bit and then we’re going now we got Grays Harbor homebuyer that like that this down here is kind of awkwardly down low so I’m gonna raise this up and I’m gonna change the words on that obviously as well but I can work on it later for you all day here all right so I can change that words around
November earlier I said let’s see we don’t want this guy there I’m not a contractor so I’m gonna change that image I’m gonna click on it one time I’m gonna hit change image and I’m gonna hit upload image and actually I already uploaded my image that’s why it’s are you there there was a funny one of Josh and here is a screenshot that I did earlier I’m gonna go ahead and choose that so I click on it if I didn’t have it like I said just click the
upload button there and it would show up okay and there it is there’s me and my wife so we’ll slide this over here cuz I like it better there I’m also gonna slide the red box over over here cuz I like it better does not look nice now be careful when you move in things like this rock you can actually move the text around inside or you can move the entire red box with the text itself I probably don’t to say price estimation so let’s change that to
call us to see how we can help we’re only a phone call away I’ll put my phone arm in there but I’m not gonna put it now cuz I don’t want no creepy people calling me not that you’re creepy but you know let’s see let’s move on over here we got pages we got a design we got an ad we got settings we got app market real quickly pages by click there I can actually go between all the different pages in my website it’s not just one there’s five pages here
I can also add pages by clicking add page but I’m not gonna do that now I don’t have services I don’t I don’t want call service services so I’m gonna click page settings and I’m gonna change the page name to frequently asked questions because I like that better page address that’s like the URL I don’t want it to be slash of services I want to be slashed FAQ s now if I wanted to make a page title which I might for SEO reasons little search engines
can find it I’m gonna go frequently asked questions Grays Harbor that’s my County page description I don’t worry about that later but if I want to write like frequent questions Grays Harbor we buy houses whatever keywords I can also do that this is just so Google can help find you now if you notice back on the page here I now have home now I have frequently asked questions testimonials about in content I probably want to get rid of the
testimonials too cuz I don’t I’ve never collected testimonials so I’m gonna change that too page address how oh it works Grays Harbor good enough for me now I can go to my out page I’m gonna want to change that picture later cuz obviously that doesn’t fit with me so I just hit again change image let’s use that same one again oh look at that nice picture now so we have our about page you know looking better obviously I want to edit all this
information here I can do that just by clicking on it double clicking and now I can change things no longer I’m a paragraph hello welcome and I will fill that out so let’s navigate to the in a little bit we go up the pages navigate back to the home page let me show you what I got here so the home page looking pretty good on top automatic saving that’s brave wise so we’re gonna save it right now gray is Barbour homebuyers that’s Oh too long home
buyer for now alright so I saved it that’s very important save often here’s what the actual page looks like right now it’s gonna load real quick all right so it’s girl down so the page looks like we got a little welcome area with text I can write as much there as I want to I probably want to write a little bit more than what they have there I can also drag it so it’s a little bit bigger let’s make the section much white or much longer oh wait
that didn’t work there we go and we can write some information in there I probably don’t want it that wide and I’ll show you why in a minute so I’m gonna shrink up this page a little bit and now I’m gonna enter my stuff welcome to graves harbor home buyers calm blah blah blah now here’s where I write all my kind of welcome paragraph I can change the font just by going here I want to call this body medium let’s say maybe I want to do a body large
alright maybe we want this to be kind of a heading so we’re gonna go heady and large there we go now I’m going to write underneath here so welcome to this site I want to buy your house all right and obviously we want to change that later but for now we’re gonna keep it just like that now if you scroll down here a little bit further right now it says bathrooms carpentry doors electrical flooring kitchens painting the windows I don’t care about
that however what would be cool here is just maybe change bathrooms to something else like about divorce divorce looks pretty good let’s capitalize it so I might change that to divorce I might change carpentry to what are some other things that people are gonna sell for underwater 600 make it a little wider first all right underwater we go and I don’t want that little picture of the hammer I don’t want a little picture of that someone to delete
these you get the idea underneath here I can write something like are you going through divorce we can help blah blah underwater are you underwater we can help you get the idea so just throw some words in there I’m gonna Center these they look a little better and there we go so that’s the front page testimonials if I have some I can put some there and I want to delete them down here I’m gonna change this from copyright 2023 if I want to say 2013
by Grays Harbor homebuyer but welcome out later don’t need to bore you with that I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter right now I’m gonna get rid of that altogether all right so that’s the that’s the general way that you get ahead of the page around let me show you a few more cool things that you can actually do here these these icons up here again we want two pages earlier but let’s put a design you can change the background stuff that’s going on
here right now now oh there we go oh we don’t want black purple great you can kind of change it however you want to I like what it was I’m going to discard the changes design you can also change yeah different colors I’m a bumblebee it changes the entire theme I see red change the whole thing now these are kind of ugly right discard changes I like what they gave me let’s see font you can change the different fonts but I really like what they
provide on this I’m not gonna mess with it add here you can add different things if you want to add a text box somewhere you can add text somewhere let’s try that real quick so there we go this is some words and I’m gonna drag this over here no I got this is some word what else can we add we can add images we can add gallery we can add media like music shapes and buttons online store social apps a lot of stuff so and actually let me show you how
you add a contact form cause kind of cool go to add so let’s go back you go to add and scroll down to apps go to contact form and here we go we have a contact form now obviously this is kind of an ugly looking contact form so let’s move this down here maybe shrink it up a little bit and you know what I really think it’s just kind of ugly looking I don’t want to black so I’m gonna click on it once click on it once and I’m gonna go to change the
style alright we got a few styles here style 1 style – OH personalize this form here we go background the red send button that looks ok to me a background we don’t really want that color background I want white background yeah that looks way better the text I think I’ll make it kind of a grey code for the text except for maybe we want that one to stay white that was a send button but name email subject that looks okay we hit okay we hit okay and
there we go now I’m gonna click it again it says show on all pages I want it to show on every page of this thing because I want people to contact me and you know we changes heading maybe to contact us today underneath it I can now write some stuff if you are let’s shrink that text down body large if you are interested in selling now I probably want to do some more in there but for now you know get thank you there we go now watch this if I click
here and I click let’s double click on it email to I’m gonna send it to brain and half bigger pockets calm because well I wanted to come to me so now anybody on this website who does a contact there they write their name their email their subject and they art their message to me it goes right to me in my email box which is pretty cool so alright that is pretty much everything you need to know to set up a Wix website for yourself I’m sure you can
do this quickly and easily I’ve you have any problems with it and there’s a ton of tutorials online you can learn how to do stuff with Wix but it’s really really simple the last thing I want to show you is how to publish your actual site so you pretty much you save it first and let’s see not published yet so now I want to publish online allow search engines to find my site sure why not site title all right saved it published online you’re about
to publish your site oh I already did that so anyway congratulations your site is now published it’ll be live at brought one five four that’s a terrible name Wix calm slash great Harbor home buyer I don’t want that name so I highly highly highly highly recommend that you upgrade your account it’s really not very expensive to have it but being able to tell somebody you have WWE Grays Harbor homebuyers it’s much better than saying I have in adverse as a combo and mainly if you plan on having a lot of people come to your site if you’re in a big area major city you get a lot more I guess you get unlimited traffic coming to your site so otherwise you only get one gigabyte of bandwidth so you don’t want to run that risk but either way the reason I suggested join the yearly plan up here and not the monthly plan is because of one very very very important reason
that is the ad vouchers when you buy the combo or unloaded in the yearly plan you get a Facebook and Google Ads so you get 75 in Google ads and 50 in Facebook and those are very very very helpful so essentially you’re paying you know 100 bucks a year for this combo but you get 125 in average right away so I mean it’s kind of a no-brainer do this you also get a free domain name with it which means you get the you’ll get takes
like two minutes so do it it’s cool and that’s pretty much it so when you’re all done you will have a site at and i wanted to say a sincere thank you if you decided to use one of our affiliate links to buy your Wix account you definitely help keep the lights on around here but honestly I would still 100% recommend Wix even if you don’t click through our link it really is the easiest and fastest platform I’ve ever seen for
creating a website if you don’t have a lot of technical skills alright that’s it for today make sure you check out all our other YouTube videos like these ones right here and we’ll see you over on BiggerPockets calm your home for real estate investing online