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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

what's up everybody Cole Webb here in this video I'm going to show you how to build a website from start to finish so the first thing you'll do is you'll go to convert slash Bluehost again convert slash Bluehost and that will take you to this website and we're gonna click get started now so what's gonna pop up is a few payment plans and for 349 a month you can host one website and for 595 a month you can host unlimited websites and it goes on up from there but I'm going to click this second option for 595 a month because I've got a lot of websites I need a host so we'll click here and Bluehost allows you one free domain with your purchase so if you already have a domain you can sign up here but I wouldn't pass up the free option that Bluehost is giving you so I am going to I've already set it up anatomy of a website com I'm going to pick that one and click Next and that is going to take me to this page where I'll enter my account information and my billing information which I am NOT going to record so I'll enter that information click Submit and I'll take you right into Bluehost alright so once you're inside Bluehost you're gonna want to install WordPress to your website so click on install WordPress here and simply click install pick the domain that you're going to install WordPress to okay now that we've installed WordPress to our site Bluehost is going to give us a username and password and a page to login from and you'll want to change that as soon as you log on for the first time so let's do that so this is what your wordpress login will look like you're going to want to copy and paste the username and password that Bluehost gave you right here and as soon as you log in you can change all this and I highly recommend it and of course I'm gonna change it because I'm showing you my my login information right here but that's alright I'm about to change it so we're gonna click login and welcome to WordPress this is WordPress this is where you will build your website get used to this this dashboard because you're going to use it a lot if you're building websites so here's what looks like a tutorial and I'm not going to go through it in this video here but I highly recommend that you do if you don't have any experience with WordPress I'm gonna click no thanks so I'm just going to show you the basics of WordPress in this video and we'll get on to the more advanced details in the in the following videos but if you click here on my site it will take you to your site and of course we don't have much here as you see my site just another WordPress site we can change that by going to customize and going to site identity let's change it to anatomy of a website and we'll change the tagline to an awesome website so click Save and publish and you can exit out here and then let me show you how to change the theme you could go to themes right there or you could go to appearance themes and I use professional themes that I actually have to upload but there are a few free themes you can use let's activate this one just to see the difference and of course it's not going to have everything on it because we haven't added any pictures or anything but see we've changed the theme there now this is the first blog post it's showing up on the home page because there is is other content on the homepage so let me show you how to edit and post your very first blog post so you're going to click on post right here and you'll see that WordPress has already set up a sample post you can edit this one for your first blog post or you can just trash it like I'm going to do here and then I'm going to click add new so we'll call this my first blog post and insert awesome content here alright and we'll we'll put a picture right above this just by going right here and clicking add media and this media library will store all your photos but I'm going to upload one now just something random off of my computer here will work and click insert into post and there it is so we'll click publish right here to publish the post and you can click on View Post or you can go back and look at your whole website and here's my first blog post so it's live and there it is alright so now you've got your first blog post and your website set up in just a few minutes if you are looking for more videos on building your website and building awesome online businesses make sure you check us out at convert school comm or check out the youtube page convert school and if you haven't already go ahead and get your website set up and you can get that through convert slash Bluehost again that's convert school comm slash Bluehost or you can click the link right under this video thank you so much for watching I hope that you take action and create your website and get started now and I will see you in the next video so thank you take care I will talk with you soon .

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