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How to build a website on hostgator – how to build a website with hostgator | website tutorial

How to build a website using hostgator – in this video we go over how to build a website with hostgator. we also go over an introduction to wordpress to help to build your website on hostgator easier to understand if you aren’t familiar with wordpress and building your website using hostgator… now is the perfect time to build your website using hostgator.


in this video i’m going to show you how to get web hosting from one of the most popular web hosting providers on the internet which is host gator so to access the hostgator website you can just go to the first thing you would notice at the hostgator website is that they have different types of web hosting that you can buy the first is called shared web hosting it is the one that you see above here the second type of hosting
is called reseller hosting and then they also have vps hosting or also a dedicated service now if you just want to set up a single website then the option that you should go for is the shared hosting option so just click on view web hosting plans on the shared web hosting page you can see that hostgator has several plans that you can choose from so if you just want to set up a single site then you can go for the most affordable plan which allows
you to host a single domain name only and this plan at the moment starts at 495 month now one thing you should notice with almost all web hosting providers out there is that they will always quote you the monthly price but this monthly price is derived from the total cost per year or per annum so for example this here we can see that the three years pricing is 4.95 a month this doesn’t mean that you would pay 4.95 a month this means that if you
pay for three years up front the actual monthly cost is 4.95 per month all right so if you want to know how much you will actually pay if you get three years initially you can just take the 495 per month times 36 months okay so you’ll notice that the longer you register your web posting the cheaper the monthly rate is going to be so in this example let’s assume that you just want to go directly for the monthly rate so it will be 8.95 per month
i’m gonna select that and click on order now as with almost every type of web hosting provider out there you can either register your domain name through that provider or if you have an existing domain name you can also use that existing domain name together with your web hosting account so in this example i’m going to show you how to do it if you do not have a domain name and you want hostgator to register a domain name for you so just type in
the domain name that you want to use and click on continue to step 2. in step 2 you’ll be asked to confirm your package type okay and also the billing cycle and then if you are a new hostgator customer you will be asked to enter your username and our password and then you’ll be required to provide your billing information so make sure that this billing information is accurate to make a payment you can either pay by credit card or by paypal okay
so if you choose to pay by credit card make sure you enter the exact name as it appears on your credit card the credit card number the expiration date and the cvv code this is usually a three digit code that you can find at the back of your credit card or your debit card and if you need help on that you can always click on this help link here all right finally if you scroll down you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re getting for this price and
for this plan okay and make sure that you have read the terms and conditions of use and click on i have read and agree to the terms and conditions of use and then if you scroll down some more you’ll be able to see the link that says create account okay so once you have uh created an account you should check your email account to see uh to look out for the confirmation emails that are given by and in this confirmation email you
would find some of the very important details for your web hosting account for example the uh cpanel username and password so that you can log into your cpanel account as well as the dns settings that are required for the particular hosting account provided by hostgator so that’s how you get web hosting from you