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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

hey guys my name is Liz and in this video I'm going to show you how you can create your own Reiki website on your own domain step-by-step explaining each and every detail along the way you know just a few years back you really kind of needed to have a lot of technical knowledge to build your own website but these days it's so easy that anyone who can use a keyboard and a mouse can build their own website so today I will show you how you can create your own website with the help of a company called in motion hosting and we've chosen these guys because they're pros friendly and helpful for non-technical users the prices are great and their services top-notch so lots of other hosting companies out there of course that you can use and the steps to create your website would be pretty much similar to what we're gonna do here today but this video will focus on in motion hosting and on that note I just want to say that if you sign up with them through our link that will get a commission for referring to the customer to them so in other words you'll be supporting Reiki Ray's too and if you do we certainly want to thank you in advance for helping us out so this is going to be done in three easy steps step one is to order the hosting step two is to install a software called WordPress and step three is to add content to your new website okay so let's get started with step one I'm gonna order a hosting package and for that I'll open a new tab and type in Reiki here I'm going to click the banner at the top to get to emotion hosting and from there I'll hover over a web hosting and select business hosting all righty now here we get a look at their hosting packages and if you're just starting out and this is your first website then the launch package should have what you need if you need more down the road of course you can always upgrade so for starters we recommend you go with the launch package all righty so we have a couple of options here we can pay for either 12 or 24 months and it looks like you can save some money if you want to go for two years I'm going to choose 12 months though for the purpose of this tutorial and click continue okay next you have to choose your domain name and what's really cool is that typically you have to purchase a domain name separately from a domain registrar but with in-motion hosting you get your domain name and you get it for free for the first year I'll try and register Reiki jeido comm and see if that's available you okay so I'm lucky it's available and here I have the option to upgrade to the power plant again six website sounds great but if you're just starting out one website is all you need you can always upgrade at any time later so I'm going to pass on the upgrade and just click continue okay now here you can choose from the east or west coast data center to be honest I don't think that a few milliseconds will make much of a difference but you can surely choose based on your location and if you're not in the US then I would just go ahead and go with the default now this is where I'm gonna enter my billing details so if you would bear with me here this will take just a moment killing our address city you stay Zipcar select my country from the drop-down list and there we are enter my phone number you and my email address whoops here we go now here's the referred by that we mentioned earlier and this is where you would write Reiki if you'd like I'll click no for a domain privacy and here this is where I'll put in my credit card details and take the I agree box and purchase account okay so I am now the proud owner of a brand new domain Reggie Jane Doe calm well almost for security purposes in motion hosting requires that all new accounts be verified by phone so I have to clarify my account first and as this email that I just received states I could just wait for them to call me soon but I don't like waiting and I'm on Europe timezone so I'm going to give them a call myself on this number it's toll-free from the US and you should also be able to call this number for free from Skype if you have a Skype account even if you don't have any Skype credit so I'm gonna pause the video while I call them and I'll see you back here in just a moment okay I'm back and I just want to say it's always a good experience talking to emotion hosting on the phone their support staff is awesome no matter whether you're calling with just a question or a problem and here's the deal when you talk to them they'll tell you about the domain name and confirm that it's free for the first year but they'll also talk to you about what's known as domain propagation and simply put that means that it may take a while for your new domain name to propagate throughout the internet and this is just for the domain name and not for your content so anything that you post to your website will be up there instantly then they asked me how I'll be building the site and I told them I'll be using WordPress and for what it's worth I do want to say that I really believe that WordPress is the best platform for websites not only is it free but there are thousands of free themes to choose from and Reiki Ray's runs on WordPress by the way ok so that was step one getting the hosting package we have two steps left one to install WordPress and two to add some pages to our website so let's move on to step two right now and that is to install WordPress back to the phone call verification for just a sec after you complete that phone call you're going to get two more emails and the one that you're interested in is the one that says welcome to amp so let's open that up and take a look scroll down and see where it says click here to create your account password and get started in amp ok well make sure of course that you choose a strong password then click Submit and then you should be able to login looks like lots of good information here and you'll definitely want to check it out when you get a chance okay so what you want to do if you want to just get started working on your website is to work in your control panel and you do that by clicking on the link down here on the right okay more good stuff here looks like we've got a Help section and our preferences and I want WordPress which is right here under top applications so I'll simply click the WordPress icon and then install okay so go ahead and leave the software setup and database settings as they are by default now for site settings you can choose a name and a tagline or type up a description I don't know something live Ricky Jane Doe and healing the world there we go and next is your admin username and password now these are going to be your WordPress username and password so they should differ from your amp password which we set up just a little earlier of course choose another strong password and confirm it and enter your email click on Advanced Options it's a good idea to go ahead and check the limit login attempts as well as the auto upgrade boxes enter your email address again and click install okay that was fast okay next try and navigate to your new website if it doesn't work yet it's because the domain name hasn't propagated check technically it can take up to 24 hours but usually much faster sometimes in just minutes and typically not more than a couple of hours how's that for an estimate now if it doesn't work maybe grab a notepad and a pen or even open up word and jot down a sentence or two for what you think you might want to say on your about page and if you haven't really given it any thought you can always take a look around websites and almost every site that you visit will have an about page to get some ideas for your page and the nice thing about jotting is down in word is that when we come back you can just copy and paste okay so I tried and for me the link wasn't working so I pause the video and check periodically it's working now so let's continue already so we've installed WordPress and that means that step one is now complete we just have one more step to go and that's to add content to our new website so now I'll log on to my new website ready Jane Doe comm alright so this is how it looks now I'm going to change this up just a little bit now this login button right here it goes to the WordPress dashboard here you will use your WordPress username password all righty so here we get our first look at the WordPress dashboard and I'm going to go over here to appearance and click on themes you know something I kind of like this 2013 theme yeah I think it'll brighten up the look of my website a little more than the current theme so I'll click activate go up here and hover over your site name to visit site right click to open it in a new tab and then click the tab and as you can see the change was instant and yes this is much more festive than that default theme next I'm going to show you how to add a few important pages to your website WordPress comes by default with a sample page I'm gonna change that and make it an about page WordPress is formatting bar works like any other text editor bar and it can help spruce up your content if you like so I'll delete this sample and add my own content oh I don't know Jane Doe here's a reiki master since 2006 and has a passion for healing the world one person at a time and simply click update I'm going to add a new page called contact I'll include helpful information for potential clients and customers ways that they can get ahold of you you and publish it and a page for the services we offer and you can add as many pages as you like I'll also create a home page your welcome page and show you what to do to have that page show up is the first thing people see when they visit your site you simply go to settings reading and choose which static page you want to use now if i refresh this page the changes are instant and this particular theme also adds all of your pages to this navigation bar right here okay that's it for now I hope you enjoyed this video and if you're inspired to create your own website I wish you the best of luck love and light see you next time .

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"How to Build a Website in 3 Easy Steps Using WordPress"
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