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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

hey what's going on everyone this is Arnaud Johnson from glamor retouching studios and nan-oh Johnson photography so they have a very special video for you and that's how to create a website if you just you probably if you are photographer or whatever type of website it is you're trying to create I will show you how to create a website using Wix and we're gonna create a photography website so let's jump straight into it before we get into that let's just jump into my website Sykes actually so you can see this is my photography website so you can see what's going on here so this is my photography website how it's set up and so on this is the glamour retouching studios to photography learning website and this was set up by me everything was set up basically by me so you know what you're getting yourself into in terms of when I say let's create I gonna show you how to create a website and weeks I've been using Wix for more than seven years now so let's get right into it and as you can see my different websites one of my website was so popular I sell Victoria Secret products that Victor C could actually had made a lawsuit against me the website was resemble is too close to the website and the name was called sexy victory and so on and we end up settling that and they end up buying the website name form from me and so on I end up closing down that business so okay once you sign up with Wix either with your email or your so shoot me into your Facebook you gonna have a couple options and they're gonna ask you what kind of website you wanna build you know they can create something you or let's do it manually and for this one I want a manual and that's just right away beyond photography we're not gonna we're gonna you're gonna go for the first one that comes up you can't view them first if you're not sure which ones you want to go on but this is the typical photography portfolio let's go with that so your website a set up and the way obliques works it works a lot like Microsoft Office actually it's a drag-and-drop so let's say up here you would have your photography name if we just click on the name let's just call us my name for now on so you get a hang of it you just click on that and make sure my caps lock is on and we call it nella Johnson and to the bottom there's photography also there's a lot of options so when you're working with Wix think of Wix the way how you would use Microsoft Office and if you know the basics of Microsoft Office then you have some good idea of what you get yourself into so if I wanted to change the font of this I just copy that whole text and here I have different fonts that I can try you know and so on and if we come a point where you do something and you don't know how to go back just like Microsoft Office you have undo and you have redo so you just click that a couple times tell we get back to or you get back to where you was and there's also a history if you wanted to you do something on your website and maybe a month later you would like to go back to that but that's something for more advanced video so you get your photography psych all worked up started off and you want to add some images as closes down here you click on this dialog here and there's many different types of image patterns or style but let's get rid of this here so I'm right-clicking on this and then there's a bunch of different stuff that comes up let's get rid of this if we wanted to and if we wanted to change the background color and all of that you can right click again and you see it says change background page and you can basically change that to whatever color you prefer and even this header you can there's different styles of headers so we click over here we have different our Styles but when it comes to a I would say photography website you want to keep it simple as possible so no header so everything blends in everything blends in nice and seamless so if I change the color of this everything will just change one color so now let's say if we have a blank page and you want to add photos the best way to add photos and makes from photography point of view is they have different galleries and the gallery I would recommend is the gallery they start using I think a couple of years ago once you because you have all this menu here on your left is a bunch of different stuff that you have for creating your website but I mean when you want to focus on is this Plus this odd this is the one you're going to be in the most I would say 95% of the time you're going to be in this one and you have different stuff that you can load up so if you want to load up a donation a PayPal a chop all the kind of stuff you can load up a membership if you want to add a membership you can have that load up and a booking you can have a booking a setup program along with a calendar or store if you want to sell stuff on so on I will get into that in a little video a blog or viously if you want to write stuff database and user imprint on lightbox menu so if you want to change a menu this is a good one if we would like to change the way how the menu was set up the menu let's say you like the menu that I have on my photography as you can see this is it here and you just make it wider however you want and anytime you want to get rid of something you just right-click on it the options come up and you can either modify it or delete or whatever and so let's get rid of this and even you don't have to even go in here – like modify something like a menu you just left click on it and options will come up on you click this right here and you have different menu styles that you can try with and if you want to move this around you can move this wherever you want and you can move everything that you want when you notice you're gonna see some lines and these are some guidelines let's make this a little bit smaller when you put your first set of pictures they should stop here excuse me so that's our pictures now let's go to gallery and it's gonna say odd gallery showcase when you add in a new gallery always art again because once you make a gallery and if you click open it's gonna open up the older gallery that you had before so once you get your gallery set up the gallery should stop right here on every one of your pages that you go to let's go to these different pages obviously it's set up here a little bit different and so on but as you can see even straight away the Wix template has a lot of stuff already set up for you depending on what it is you're trying to go for in this case we're trying to go for a photography website so now I want to modify this and change the pictures now first let's change the pictures so we left-click and manage pitches we want to get rid of these ones you select all of them and we delete and just for demo purpose we're going to go oh I'll even have no pictures here yeah we will go to Wix Wix gallery and we will add some pictures let's type in people that's not what I want portrait and let's just grab a couple of images and what you want to do if we want to grab a couple images at once you just press on Windows CE te RI l I forget where that sound flow but the last button on your left on the keyboard I forget what that command sounds for and you can just click away collecting some photos okay I think that's enough I think I did something and made my little bit smaller okay so let me grab four photos let's go back in weeks let's grab that one there let's grab that one there let's grab that one let's grab that one scrap that one scrap that one another one another one another one another one another one okay when you creating a photography website I would say you want to have no less than 12 images on a page you know some photographers have more but some photographers don't believe we should have more but I think a lot of high-end photographers will agree you don't want to have no less than 12 images so if we want to modify this to your liking as you can see we left click on the mouse again and this time you're going to go into settings and we have different layouts you can try and it all up it says all up to you how you prefer your images to be layout and so on if we need a recommendation this is always a good recommendation this layout here bricks this can be quite this one can be quite stylish but it does involve people taken and others another step to click to see the image in full and all people might not recognize that they have to click on an image so and you have like hair it can be quite big that's something I fully recommend too much but if we like that it's up to you and we have like this which is quite big again we have like this or you can click magic and it will give you it will select something for you but my recommendation would be grid because I like my images to tell a story let's go back to sorry let's go back to my website so you can see so my images scan advertising but wha bikini commercial so I like my images to lined off like that so people get the story that I'm trying to tell but at the end of the day it's your personal preference and if you want to modify this some more lets us check the time of this video 15 minutes okay if you want to modify this some more you can go in custom layout and we have different options if you want to have like some reading info maybe a headline or headline on description you can do that it can be underneath or can be above or can be just nothing you don't see anything a lot of photographers tend to go with that route but for me I try to think a lot like a customer and also Google is crawling and doing stuff on your website so seeing that type of information commercial photographer and so on it's it's really good for the Google metadata kind of stuff as I am still someone a lot of people are trying to find I am NOT a I don't consider myself a establish photographer and retouching so I'm still trying to make my way up there even though a lot of people recognize me someone that puts a really good photographer and retouching work so we have all type difference you have all type different options inside of here and in the beginning I would say just keep it simple you don't have to really mess with these stuff too much you're sharpening this is something if you crank this up more I would recommend leaving this at 90 the higher you crank this up the less images you want to have because what this is doing is presenting your work even in a higher detail than the way how you first put it up so this is adding some sharpening to it actually that's what I found on it can make the images load up a little bit more slower but if you enter that 100 percent crystal-clear perfect then you can crank it up to 100 but just make sure you limit how much images you have on your website because it can load up slow and no one wants to jump on a slow website if you want people are download your stuff I don't recommend that but if you want people to share you have the option if you want people to leave a like they can do that kind of stuff as well so let's go back to the mean and in here once you get inside here you can write information that you want you can add a link to something description you can describe what's going on inside of here and so on so let's go back here and you can put the size that you want or you can have it fit the screen the one thing I hate about fit the screen is it might look like wanting on your computer with this layout but then on someone else computer depending on the size of the screen it can look another way so you might have six editorial images that's supposed to tie in a story from here to here then a different story but then on someone else laptop or tablet or whatever gonna look different and then the story might not be the way you wanted to 3% so my recommendation would be to go to fit on screen sorry not fit on yes that fit on screen go to set image by Roo I like to set three images but if we want to do more i cisco at four and do you have the different crop aspect ratio and i will show you why i would recommend going with a crop first it's not going with a crop if we go with fit then you need to make sure all the images crop are at the same size because this is it's going to look like this you know and it's you might like it but i don't think it looks too uniform but again it's up there personal taste and for me i will just go with a crop to keep everything looking nice and tidy my personal crop aspect ratio would be this one here I like it I wouldn't go no wider than this but if you capture a lot of wide images maybe this would work or maybe maybe even something like this if we capture a lot of wide images but I feel the wider you make these the less images you should have I mean again it's a personal choice I want my view to really see my work so I feel if you're going to go wide if you have a lot of wide images you should pull the viewer in to your images but let us go back to this one and this the book three images and so this would be first website layout also let's say you want to name these these stuff right here so we click on here we get to menu and as you can see for my left click again I can rename and this is portfolio on pregnancy baby family so every time you right-click on something there's a bunch of options that's come up so just right click the same way how you would be working on a word and you can modify stuff just like that biography about yourself and I was going to say firm you pick a template a lot of stuff comes up you know and I would recommend you doing some research on a photographer website that you like or maybe a photographer that you like oh you know who probably have a simple website that you can get yourself into I already have seeing information right out like about yourself make sure the spelling and everything and the grammar and all that is correct we did all of that in Word or whatever and I would normally just copy that and drag all of that here I would have all my contact information where I'm located another thing I like to do is put where I'm located here oh it's gone oh sorry I moved it as I say snella Johnson photographer and retouch instructor Sweden so people right away if it's someone who maybe is in the USA or whatever they would need to really think twice if they looking for a photographer hmm do I really want to bring a photographer all the way from Sweden or maybe I should look elsewhere where in the US but course over costs are more money to bring me from Sweden to the US so this is something I like to headline rate up to the top you can have a underneath your name and usually your photography website should be your name you know this is you this is you presenting your work and unless it's organization like the organization I have for this this is organization this is not just me this is a bunch of different photographers and retouches and also my retouching panel so it only fit best to go what an organization name because it's not just representing me it's representing a bunch of different people but this is representing me as a photographer and as a retoucher no one else just me so I went with my name Melo Johnson and photographer and retoucher I had a bunch of information about me to the top but now I move it to the bottom so you can see it speaks about me and it has all my contacts where I live my phone number my email a little bit about me my photography I'm a family person and so on and so on type of photography I do so this is very important plus my facebook my Twitter my youtube and my Instagram so this stuff is very important and I'll be making more videos if you like me to to go into more in depth so I hope you enjoyed this video on helping you get started with creating a website with Wix I think Wix is very awesome i've been using works for years and Wix is not sponsoring this tutorial or whatever this is just something I'm doing myself actually because then thinking about it for a while and a lot of people then ask me about my websites and so so thank you for watching and don't forget to comment like and subscribe and I will see you around in the next video again if we would like to see an update version of this me going and more in depth about this how to create this website and so on on wigs and so on just leave a comment down below on the vise see more interest coming in it I will definitely follow up with a second video which in I can go into more details about creating awesome website for you and also how to use the different tools that week's have if you want to sell stuff or lying payment options and all the different stuff how to set it up which is quite simple I can go through all of that how to get you set up so you can be found on Google real quick on top of Google search and all of that let's just search myself search myself beauty photographer Sweden let's see what there we go and look what comes up there was my photography website there is my images because I done a lot of Google SEO so and Wix has some awesome tool for that it takes some time to do but I promise you it can make a big difference so beautifu Tago for Sweden I'm the I'm in top 5 to come up on my two images are the first to come up my image my image my image so I'm really just to show you there's a lot I can teach you if you really want to know wigs but again I look forward to seeing what kind of support I'm gonna get for this video on if I see there's interest in it I will definitely be following up what a second video and possibly a turd so bye see you around don't forget to leave a comment like and subscribe and turn on a notification button to stay update bye .

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