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How To Build A Streaming Website in Wix | Wix Training Tutorial

How To Build A Streaming Website in Wix – Wix Training Tutorial | In this video, I am going to walk you through the steps of building a streaming website in Wix that can also be used to live stream.

Join me as I breakdown how to create a streaming website in Wix that also has live streaming capabilities. We are going to explore a completely custom route using Corvid by Wix and also a much quicker method using Wix Video.

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what is going on wix nation mps here from wix training academy and today i’ll be showing you how to create a base level streaming service here in wix i know this was one of the video requests on my community post on youtube so i’m going to go ahead and fulfill it and this video is actually kind of special to me because this marks the last video i will ever make from college in my college housing my girlfriend and i are actually moving out to
charlotte north carolina this tuesday to finish out the rest of the semester online so it’s pretty exciting stuff i want to thank you all that were part of the journey from high school to college and now you’re with me on the next chapter life as well and hey if you haven’t already because it has been a long journey we’ve had so much content and so much more to go it would be awesome if you click that subscribe button and turn those bell
notifications on so you never miss any content and hey you’ll also join the largest wix training community on the internet it’s a pretty cool place to be and i’d love to have you here but without further ado let’s jump into how to create a streaming style website here on wix all right guys so i’m going to show you a very very base level of creating this and i need to make a few important notes before we begin first i am not going for design on
this video i’m going strictly for development and functionality to show you how to at least get it started secondly what you need to know is that this streaming style website is not going to be utilized in a way of you uploading your own personal content to your internal database you are going to have to utilize at least for the time being until wix can start to accept higher and larger file uh sizes in their databases you’re going to need to use
a third-party service like youtube or vimeo to actually kick start your streaming service so for example if you have your own we’ll call it uh netflix original right but whatever the name of your business is etc what you can do is you can actually create a youtube channel and you can make it unlisted on youtube and then pull the unlisted link and i’ll show you how to do all that so that way you upload all of your actual content to youtube but
it’ll actually feed into your website again at the moment you can upload very small videos to your internal database and wix but not large enough to actually go ahead and create a streaming website in addition there is another way you can create a streaming website without going the completely custom way which i was going to show you the custom way first and then because you guys are here watching this video i was going to show you the secondary
way which is a much quicker and easier way but you have a little less control over certain elements so for starters let’s start with the custom way this is using corvid by wix the development tools to get started so in order for you to do this what you’re first going to have to do is well first and foremost we’re actually going to go ahead and we’re going to create a page we’re going to call this we’ll just add a blank page here and then we’ll
call this videos okay so this will be your videos page then what we’re gonna do is we’re going to go to add and then we’re going to go to lists and grids and then we’re going to choose one of these so what this is going to act as is this is going to act as your repeater so you’re going to have to choose which style you like here because your video is going to be displayed in this so that way you can display multiple videos from the database at
one time without having to manually do it so dynamically so you’re going to have to choose how you want your videos displayed i’m just going to go ahead and pull this one for right now and then what i’m gonna do is i’m just gonna like i said very very minimal minimally design here um and i’m just gonna design it a little bit and now i’m gonna get rid of certain things because i’m not gonna need this image but something i will do is i will keep
this here because this will be the title we’ll use and then i am going to keep it oops we don’t want that and then i am going to keep this because this will be the description we use for the video however as you can see in order for us to actually display a video we need a video here so i’m going to increase the size of the repeater i’m going to go back to add and i’m going to go down to video and i’m going to choose this video upload function
here right so now what i’m going to do is i’m actually going to take the title and the description and i’m going to put it to the right of video i’m going to resize the video a little bit make it a little larger and then we’re going to bring the title and the description over here once again do not critique the design here i’m not going for a good design i’m going to show you functionality so now we’ve got a video we have an acting title and
we’ve got an acting description so what we have to do now is we have to turn on our corvette development tools we’re going to turn that on we’re going to get started i’m going to shrink these aspects of the tools right now bam and then i’m going to drag that over and there we go now what we’re going to do um and you can choose the tools here you can see properties panel hidden events you can choose what what tools you’re going to use now what
we’re going to do is we’re going to go to content manager and this is where we actually add our database we’re gonna create new collection and you can see there’s a whole bunch of new sample databases i’m gonna go straight from scratch click blank and i’m going to name this videos and then what’s this site collection for i’m going to choose site content what site content means is the admin is the only person that could add edit delete and upload
to the database but anyone can view the content so i’m going to press site content now if you want to create a members only style streaming service it’s a whole different path and i’d be happy to show you that in a different video comment below this video and let me know if that’s something you’d like to see and since we’re mid video why don’t you go ahead and give us a thumbs up i’d love it appreciate it and it helps the youtube algorithm so now
we’re going to create collection and this is going to be very easy we are going to create three fields in our collection as you guys know if you’ve been following my tutorials for any bit of time now the title field here is default you can’t remove this if you want to use it you can i always just start from scratch use my own first one we are going to name here is video title this is going to be a text field that’s that text i showed you the next
thing we are going to name is video description i’m going to make this rich text and essentially that just means i have the ability to actually customize the style of text the font the color the boldness underline all that good stuff so i’m going to use that as rich text now this is the last part and this is the key component because you’re going to have to use a third-party service like youtube or vimeo it means you have to take the link and
actually feed the link through this database to upload as your video field right so what i mean by this is since you can’t natively upload larger file sizes in wix databases yet which is typically most videos if you shoot any type of quality video it’s going to have a heavier file size than what the wix databases allow and this is something they are working on um but as they constantly improve storage and databases you’ll see this move along with
it but at the time you can’t so you’re going to need to utilize youtube or vimeo and what you’ll have to do is you’ll have to use the url so what we’re going to type in here is video url so essentially and we’re going to change the field type to url essentially what you’re going to have to do is anytime you’re about to add a new video a new movie a new original to your streaming service you’re gonna have to pull well upload to one of those
streaming services vimeo or youtube and make it uh unlisted you don’t want it private because in private it won’t display but if you have it unlisted you’re good to go and then you’ll make it unlisted and you’ll pull the url and you’ll actually post the title the description and the url in your database rather than actually uploading a video into your database so now we’ve got our three fields set here i’m going to x this out and we are going to
add content elements to our page we need a data set this is the glue this is what connects the database to the actual dynamic data here so we click data set no one can actually see this so on the live site people won’t be able to see this so we’ll click settings we want this to connect to the videos database we want it to be read only which means people can only view it and now the number of items to display you have to choose this how many items
how many videos do you want displayed on this page now i will also have to do another video on pagination and showing you guys how to add like a solid pagination system to flip between pages because likely you’re not going to want one rolling page of a hundred videos so we’ll just keep it at we’ll say 10 for right now you only want 10 videos displayed on this page which means only 10 will be displayed but you can change this number at any time to
whatever you’d like so now we got that now what we have to do is actually connect the items in the repeater to the data so to be clear how this works is you can see this is a repeater so whatever is repeated up here will be repeated down here in terms of design however the beautiful thing is is once we connect these items to our database it’s dynamic data so it’ll change per each line item in the database so now we’ll go ahead and we’ll click
this new squiggly button connect to data we will connect it to our videos data set and video title you don’t have to choose this one but what you need to choose is video source connects to video url and it lines up with our database then we’ll go through and we’ll simply click our connected data again and we will text connects to video title bingo and then we will do video description connects to video description and that’s rich text and you’ll
notice it’s connected when it turns green like that and you’ve got a set and successful connection so now what we just did is we just literally created the backbone framework for this but i’m gonna show you how it works alright so i’m gonna go to youtube real quick and i’m gonna grab one of my videos let’s see here what one do we want to grab we’re going to choose a video we’re doing this together guys all right so i’m going to go in here and i
will do top 5 underrated wix apps you probably don’t know i’m going to click that then what you’re going to do this is the surefire easy way i found to do this you’ll click this share button you could just pull the youtube uh url from the top of the page but in case you want to start it at a certain point it’s good to have it and then you press copy on the link this is the embed link right so now we’ve got that but what we have to do is we
actually have to go to our content manager go to our videos database and you’ll have to upload it so what we have to do is let it load first and foremost and we’ll title this top five underrated wix apps video description you can see with rich text you actually have styling so we’ll just say top five and then you can come in here and you can actually add bullets wix wix galore wix video which is the next app i’m about to show you and bam it works
just like that and you can style it and then lastly i’m going to take that url i’m going to paste it in here and then bam now what we just did is we just saved this data to our sandbox database what you need to know is you have two databases here in wix you have your sandbox think of this as your playground database this is your one to enter sample data mess around test stuff in your editor the moment you switch over to your live database is the
moment that data actually goes live on your published website and is actually displayed so make sure you know the difference if you want once you publish your uh your video excuse me once you publish your website it will automatically create your live database and then you can actually access your live database from your dashboard and i’ll show you that at the end of the video but for right now what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna go ahead and i’m
gonna go to preview and show you with our sandbox data bam just like that top five underrated wix apps you’ve got a streaming service right there people can watch your videos i know it’s not an initial ideal custom streaming service and it depends what you’re going for but if you’re going for a more mvp makeshift style to get started this works perfectly fine okay so now you’ve got that that is one method to creating your streaming website here
on wix the other is very easy what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to add apps and you’re going to go to the wix app market you’re going to type in video and then you’re going to see wix video you’re going to click that it’s going to give you a little description you’ll click add to site all right guys so we’ve added our wix video to the website and this is the other method you can use so wix video is very easy to use you can even live
stream from wix video and if we click on it you could click settings and you could come in here and you can manage the different settings um you know design aspects stuff like that but where it really happens is manage videos and this is where you can actually add videos now this would give you a much more official type of streaming feel it really would other than the custom method but the custom method just gives you more control over the page
design how you want it to look you’re kind of built into a box a little bit when it comes to design within wix video but granted it gives you much more capabilities it’s easier to use you see you have 15 gigabytes max per videos or you can paste them from youtube however you’d like to do that and what you would do is you would add all your videos here you can see you can also live stream and you can go live right now schedule an event and you can
also create multiple channels kind of like netflix does you know documentaries comedies romances stuff like that and you could create multiple channels and have multiple videos in that channel and then they’ll all filter through to right here in your wix video app and you can change up the design of this that’s the quick and dirty real easy wix already built in integration type of way and there is nothing wrong with that way at all in fact you
can even build it to a way to where you’re charging people to get access to this content to be able to watch it whether it’s a monthly subscription or a per video type of deal which is another cool cool way of going about it and again it’s already built in it’s already integrated so that’s the other easier quicker way to do it but i wanted to show you both ways so that way you got a very good understanding of the control you have with both so i’m
going to x out the wix video way i’m going to head back over to uh our custom way and the last thing i wanted to end with is if we press publish because i want to show you this how this works the live database is you can actually access the live database from your dashboard so if i go to my sites and i go into the database for the site we just did we’ll go here to my site i’ll show you how this works and you go down to content manager you will
see our videos database but you’ll notice that nothing is currently in live so what we have to do is we have to go back to our sandbox but we have to go to the editor in order to access sandbox and we would go back to our content manager and then what we would do and this is a very very important aspect here is you are then going to see sync sandbox to live so we’re able and this is if you want all of the data that’s in your sandbox database to
go to live otherwise what you could do is you can just do all of your uploading of videos straight into live so that way the moment you put it in here you don’t have to sync anything it goes live onto your website the sandbox is really merely used more for testing purposes and making sure your functionality is there and available the live is where you want to post once you’re ready for it to go live but if you don’t you would simply click sync
sandbox to live you would sync the one item that we have sync items continue syncing and then it go ahead went over to live if we toggle back to live we see bam it’s there and if we refresh here on our live we’ll see in just a second that it is there just one moment bam it’s there and that’s how it works and that’s how that live database base works so guys if this video helped you out and you learned how to at least build the framework of a
streaming service in wix please drop a thumbs up down below comment if you’ve got any questions whatsoever and hey remember this is my last official video recording here on this channel while in college so let’s get a thumbs up for that as well and lastly don’t forget to click that subscribe button and turn those bell notifications on because you’re not going to want to miss any content upcoming on the channel and also you’ll plug into the
largest wix training community on the internet that’s a pretty awesome place to be i appreciate you guys watching i appreciate all of your support through the years and i appreciate your continued support as we jump into this next chapter together thank you guys again i’ll catch on our next one