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How to build a paid membership website in Wix – Wix For Beginners – Wix Tutorial 2017 – Updated

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Creating a paid membership website in Wix is not as hard or impossible as it may seem. By using integrations like the PayPal subscription button and Wix’s ability to create member only pages or member locked pages, you can create a paid membership website with different membership levels in Wix.
**UPDATED Video to address some new changes**
Topics Covered:
-Wix My Website Course
-Creating PayPal Subscription Button
-Adding a Wix Sales Page
-Adding A Wix Members Page
-Creating A Button Menu in Wix
-Making member only pages in Wix
-Wix My Website Conclusion
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what is up guys computer MV of Gilbert here and in today’s video I’m going to update you on how to build a paid membership website in Wix so most of you watching this video might know that I created a how to build a paid membership website which actually just like within the past month however I have reviewed that video and realized after getting several comments which I love the comments because it helps me create content like this to help
fix whatever issue I didn’t cover in that video I realized that I missed some information in there that might be pretty important to you guys so I’m going to read update you on today’s how to build a paid membership website and whit before we hop into that guys which my website comm link in the description below if you have not yet got on the list for my weekly which tips I recommend you do so if you’re learning to finish your current website or
even start building your very first website and Wix this list is going to be beneficial I’ve already gotten emailed back which I love letting me know how much this email list has already helped them I even have people that I’m training one-on-one in a course right now that’s going to be launched to you guys on April 3rd that started at this email list so guys it’s excellent there’s lots of opportunities by setting up for the width you’ll get
exclusive content that you won’t get here on the channel so I recommend you go ahead and do so also if you’re not yet if you have not yet checked out which talks my new podcast definitely go check that out our new podcast is up it is talking about email marketing so link in the description below for that that is about it guys let me show you how to build a paid membership website here in Wix so this is a different approach and I want you to first
know that Wieck still have to kind of fix this method and fix this approach to creating a paid membership website as they saw some updating to do however we’re going to ditch the traditional approach of adding a member login / signup button as I showed you in the last video so in the last video I showed you to go to add go down to more and add a member login and get this little button right here now I’m telling you we’re going to dish this
approach so we’re going to exit out and instead what we’re going to do is we’re going to go out a page and this page will call it purchase okay so on this page you’re going to use a PayPal button now I’m going to show you how to set up the PayPal button in just a second but it’ll be a PayPal Buy Now button so essentially what this page will be right here is it will be the purchase page for your member your membership site so this will be your
sales page this will try to sell someone in to find the membership for your website the important thing here is the PayPal Buy Now button because that button is going to help us initially make the next move with this paid membership website so on here you’ll obviously have all of your content you might even have a video and you might have some points however you design your sales page is completely up to you but this is going to try to sell your
visitor into signing up for your subscription or your membership now in my case I’m just going to show you the backend the functionality how to make it all work you guys design to your needs what we then need to do is go to PayPal Buy Now button you need to type that into Google you didn’t see Buy Now buttons PayPal you’re going to click that once you click that you’re going to see button for single purchase create your button out you’re going to
click create your button now and I know which has a PayPal button but this one gives you complete control over what happens after the button is clicked as well so this is why I’m having you do this one in here you’ll choose um you’ll go through and you’ll set you know your settings so you have the option here Buy Now button or you also see subscribe so if your website membership fee is a one-time fee maybe it’s a one-time buy now you’re a member
you would then click buy now however if you’re doing like a monthly membership they have to pay monthly you’re going to want the subscription model and that means that they’ll pay every month for your your membership but I’m just going to show you the method of the Buy Now button the schematics and background is all the same when it comes down to it but yes so in my case I’ll just say you know which my website course okay that would be my course
so you would put in your item name your item ID and then you would put in a price call it $5 and you’ll remember that’s that’s a pretty nice be right there a pretty nice quick and easy fee only $5 you get to be member for as long as you want on my course so make sure you get price stuff correctly obviously to your needs and stuff but once you have your price you would then set your currency and then you see this customized button so if you have
like different levels of membership or anything like that you can add a drop drop down menu so maybe you have silver gold and platinum so these are different membership levels for each of these you can set a price so maybe your silver $5 your gold is $10 and your platinum is $15 so then this gives the member are the visitor and ability to choose which one of these they would like to join obviously each one’s going to have different levels however
I need you guys to understand something by doing this what I’m about to show you becomes a whole bunch more difficult and it’s escalated as which the system is not completely where I want to ask for our membership site and all that so just be careful and you’ll understand why this is difficult in just a second to add different levels on your website so then you would customize that to whatever you tonight whatever you need obviously if you have
any thing or tax rates but it’s a membership site so you’re not going to have anything like that I’m going to have to go in here and log in quick to my email and then I’ll show you the next thing you would need to input your paypal email address right here to actually receive payments but if you have an account just login and I’m going to cut this part out and then hop right back into it okay guys so now you can see I signed in and then you’re
using my securement account ID this is probably what you want to click and then you’ll see down here you’ll see track inventory profit and loss Save button app PayPal so this is like this helps you save your buttons so that way if you ever want to duplicate it in the future you can duplicate it this stuff you really don’t have to worry about if you have like a number of members you might want to track inventories track profit and loss again this
stuff most likely since you’re not selling physical goods you’re really not going to use any of this however this last part step 3 is very important to making this whole operation work down here you’ll see custom up ship customize checkout pages so if you want to let your customer change order quantities you’re going to select no probably because they’re only going to buy one membership can your customer add special instructions to you in a
message to you they can it do that’s up to you I’m just going to click no do you need your customer shipping address chances are pretty good the answer is no since it’s an online only thing these two boxes right here is where it gets really important to make sure you pay attention to this stuff this is just as important in particular this one so this one is take customers to this URL when they cancel their checkout so if you guys want to create
like a little page saying oh we noticed you cancelled your checkout or can we offer you this or anything like that app if they like X out of their checkout process and don’t complete anything you could have them go to a certain page PayPal will take them straight there that’s up to you if you guys want that page go ahead and do that you just put the link to that page there now this one right here this is the key to making this all happen take
customers to this URL when they finish checkout okay guys so you’re going to select this on now what this says is take customers to this URL when they finish checkout once your customer finishes the checkout processes process and they buy your membership it’s this whatever link is in this boxer PayPal will redirect them to that link so what that link needs to be and this is where I told you guys a little different in the last video before I just
said link it back to your member’s home page and then make it a member only page I’m changing and rephrasing my verbage what I recommend you do is you paste a link here to whatever page you I mean you have to go into your website and create a page let me show you this real quick so you’re now going to create another page okay you create another page look didn’t you click that once you create another page this page will contain a password so for
everybody that buys your paypal membership and your membership to your website from paypal it will redirect them to this page on this page you should have a password so let’s just say okay so we’ll use your houses you should have a title you know maybe thanks for subscribing and then have maybe a little box whatever we’ll just do this maybe change the opacity on it I’ll show you how to customize it make a fill color nothing will change the
corners the border to be white we want the width to be two okay so now we have a little box in this box you should input some text that text should contain your password so you should have maybe a small heading in here maybe your password is I’m just going to make something up day mom here make sure you put all the capitals all the lowercase all that okay so hopefully you guys are all following along here so when when they check out at PayPal
it’ll direct them back to this page on this page you will have a password what I am proposing you do is instead of creating member-only pages that you create password-protected pages to do that you would go into your page you will just do this new page or will go into the sarandon page this page you go then go into permissions and instead of members-only you would click password-protect and then you have to input what the password is to that page
make sure this password in here correlates with this passport password right here so we’ll call it day mom here okay so BAM click off it set its day month year all caps got it so then once this passwords in here and in this case I recommend you make it big your passwords right there day month year so then now you have provided your your website the people have purchased your membership the password from then make all of your member pages what
would be remember only pages make them password protected in this blister guys I know this is a pain and this isn’t the most easy way for your customer or your visitor but what I recommend you do is for every page you have for your members you make it password-protected and make sure they have this past password right here when you would guys what you guys would do is once you have this page design and I would explain it I would add a little
paragraph right under your password or even above it that says like hey this is your password to enter all the member only pages use this make sure you keep this date and you remember this password write it down save it whatever you need to do once this page is designed and you guys have designed page two how you want it to look and how you want to tell that your members what this password is for you then publish this page and then take the URL
from this page and paste it into here once you do that you would push create button and then you would come here select the code copy it and then you go back to your purchase page you would go to add go down to more go to HTML code double click it and put that code that paypal gave you and then BAM there’s your paypal Buy Now button once you have your paypal Buy Now button this is the button people will use to go ahead and click buy their
membership and then once they finish buying their membership it will then redirect them to this page this page will connect or use this page to show your members the password this will inform your members that there will be a password needed for your membership pages this is the password they will use to enter all of those pages what you could also do is kind of create a separate menu a Members Only menu with button so what you could do is on
your member only pages create um buttons and then make it so that and you could go ahead and copy it make it so that only members can access these pages and what I mean by that is unless anybody signs up through PayPal and actually goes through this process what I would do is make sure this test password is on your initial maybe member’s home page in a way so create a pate a home page for your members and then use these buttons and kind of create
a secret menu within your members home page so the only way you can actually access these other pages is by clicking the buttons on the members home page and then obviously no one can get to the members home page without getting the password and you can’t get the password unless you buy the paypal use PayPal by the membership so I hope this video helps you guys out I hope that is somewhat clear to you I’m sure I’ll probably still get some
questions on this which guys that doesn’t bother me in the slightest I want you to ask me questions but hopefully I was able to kind of confirm and show you the best method right now which has provided to make a membership site you kind of have to use a little lipstick and Rouge here to make this all work and you have to add a bunch of elements as I show it well not really just PayPal but you kind of have to use some outside sources to make this
all connect I know it’s a pain but right now that is the best method to do this because as soon as Wix updates anything as far as paid membership anything like that goes I would be the first to tell you I’ll make a video about it let you guys know but right now this is the best method I would take if you have any questions do not hesitate to comment in the description section below like this video if it helped you guys out I appreciate the light
helps you get the video out there help the channel get out there subscribe if you have it well I’m all over the place subscribe for some more awesome witch tutorials and guys I look forward to growing more with you and part of that growth is this Wix my website comm link in the description below if you guys want more awesome tips go to Wix my website comm and get on this weekly witch tips email list I’m here to help you guys out if you’re looking
to finish your current website or start building your very first website in which this list is only going to benefit you so go check it out thank you guys for spending a couple minutes with me and hopefully I was able to bring some of you to the other side of this whole page membership website in which thank you guys again and I look forward to seeing you on the next one