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How To Build A Paid Membership Website in Wix | Answering Viewer Wix Paid Plans Questions

How To Build A Paid Membership Website in Wix | Answering Viewer Wix Paid Plans Questions | In this video I’m going to show you how to build a paid membership website in Wix that allows to you generate recurring monthly payments as well as one-time payments.

Rather than taking my traditional tutorial route, I decided to pull questions from my previous “How To Build A Paid Membership Website in Wix” videos and answer viewer comments regarding Wix Paid Plans.

The Wix Paid Plans app allows you to create a seamless process for visitors to purchase courses or membership to your Wix website. You can create different membership levels and tiers, recurring payments, custom logins, access to courses and more.

Below are the Viewer Questions answered in the video:

Q1 (Katharina S.): Thanks for the great videos! I have a question though. In a different video you explained how to build a custom member login. That works fine. But when I add the paid membership part wix automatically uses the standardized wix login. How can I change that to my custom built login?

Q2 (Pam Moe): Could you not have an automated subscription cancellation app button that can stop payments and close accounts while archiving the data and sending an automated confirmation response to the cancelled subscriber when cancellations are received? When memberships get large it will be difficult to go in manually and adjust every account.

Q3 (Fireball VFX): Very well explained. I want to ask:

– if it is possible to allow client to buy a plan for lifetime without canceling? I want client to purchase a video course that way.
– once client paid for plan, next time he clicks on the product will he go directly to it by skipping the payment page or paid plans page?

…make sure to watch and enjoy the remaining 5 questions!


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what’s going on wicks Nation MPs here from which training academy in today I’m gonna show you how to build a paid membership website in Wix using the wish paid plans app however we’re gonna have a little fun today and we’re gonna change up the style of the video rather than me walking you through step by step how to add this app I’ve already done several videos on this which are right above in the card and you can click on them watch the full
tutorial but you guys have asked some incredible questions so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna put a screenshot on the video here and I’m gonna read your questions and rather than going through step by step I’m just gonna literally show you on screen the answer to your questions I’ve taken some of the most popular questions that have repeatedly been asked so I hope this video will cover most of them if it doesn’t please let
me know in the comments down below and I’d be happy to do another video answering more questions but I think there’s no better way to address the hard difficult questions that you have that have been constantly asked by all of you than to literally answer them outright if you’re ready for today’s video and you haven’t joined wicks nation yet I’d kindly ask that you hit that subscribe button turn those Bell notifications on and instantly join a
thriving witch community and in fact the largest global wicks training community I’d love to have you let’s jump in to your questions okay so I’m gonna read off the questions from my phone cuz I’ve got them here and you’ll see them here on the screen question one is asked by Katharina s thanks for the great videos you’re welcome I have a question though in a different video you explained how to build a custom member login that works fine but when
I add the paid membership part Wix automatically uses the standardized Wix login how can I change that to my custom-built login Catherina this is an excellent question and here’s how I’m going to answer that so with the Wix paid plans out first and foremost if you want to test it make sure you publish your website so you can test it in published mode secondly I’ve added a button here on the home page I’m gonna go to the which paid plans app so I
created just a sample plan here that’s just basic there’s nothing to it and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna press select and then what happens is it directly goes here to wix’s standard login and sign up okay so now let me address the question part of this since you’re using the Wix paid plan app this is an automatic part of the payment processing sequence it has to go through which is standardized registration and login process for the first time
however here’s how I will answer your question there is no way to default that change that at the moment right now it’s not customizable through Wix Wix is working on it but once someone goes through and they do go ahead and create their Wix account in their login details it’s gonna take them through the payment process they’ll go to whatever payment processor you have up whether that’s which pay PayPal stripe whatever that may be it’ll take them
through the rest of that process and then they’ll be redirected back to your site at that point what you can do is one or two things you no longer have to use Wix is standardized register our login after that in fact once they’ve already gone through the process and they’ve created their login details here’s the beautiful part those login details are stored with Wix universally which means you can now build your custom login so that way every
time someone logs in after they’ve already purchased a plan on your site they can use your custom login to go ahead and login because those details are already stored they created their Wix account and that custom login uses the same back end through Wix which means they can go through create their account create their login credentials through the standardized Wix login and then what you can do is you see how there’s a login button up here this
is the Wix standard login you don’t have to use this so that way when people come back to your site and they go to login to access their account to get your membership details or course whatever you’re offering through your which paid plans that’s where you can build out your custom login so that way people are logging in through the custom experience from time and time again rather than initially so unfortunately like I said there’s no way to
bypass that initial standard which login however after the initial you can make it your own custom login every single time and just create a button to access that login and that’ll take them right to their Wix account like it would normally do through the standardized one hope that answers your question okay so our second question is asked here by cam hi there so I understood the steps you used here but I am a little confused on next steps I want
to create a plan where once they buy the course they can log in to see videos and worksheets that I created I do not see where I can attach content to the plan so cam this is an excellent question and I actually just addressed this question with an entire mini series of called how to build an online course in Wix I’m gonna throw that up in the cart above I would recommend looking at that but from a high level view because I didn’t a complete mini
series on that and I’m not gonna do a whole mini series here on screen is what you would do just like I answered Catherina question you can create your custom login and then you’ll have that redirect to a member account page so to add a Wix members area to your site you would go to add and you would Broll down to members you can see I’ve already added one once you have that members area added what you can do is you can go to your page manager and
then you can go to member pages click the my account page once you’re in the my account’ page this is where they access and edit their account details you can actually add pages that are only viewed in here in the my account page to do that what you do is you would go to menus and pages and you would just press add a new page under this member pages tab what that will do is it will create a way for you to post your course content to a page now
how you post your course content is completely up to you if you’re doing a video course I would recommend an app maybe like Wix videos if you’re doing a variety of different materials I would recommend building out a database which is what I show you in this how to build an online course in Wix miniseries building out a database and then linking a repeater to your members page right here and posting the content from the database to the repeater
so that way every time they log in they’re taken to their member page and then they can go directly to the course straight from the remember account page and then you’ve got all the course content listed out in repeaters and you can even have multiple modules and multiple different pieces of content video audio PDFs all of that variety using the databases and I explain all of that in my mini series on how to build an online course in which again
the cards above that would be my answer I hope this answer helped you out okay question number three comes from fireball VFX his question very well explained thank you I want to ask if it is possible to allow client to buy a plan for lifetime without canceling I want client to purchase a video course that way once a client paid for the plan next time he clicks on the product will he go directly to it by skipping the payment page or paid plans
page excellent questions here fireball VFX I’m gonna answer the first one initially first and foremost is it possible to allow a client to buy a plan for a lifetime without cancelling yes let me show you how so we’re actually here in our Wix dashboard if you go to the plans page here you can access the Wix dashboard going to plans and pricing if you go ahead click on it and press manage plans it’ll pull up our Wix dashboard in our manage plans
section what you’re gonna have to do is obviously create a plan right so create a plan you’ll enter the plan name a tagline if you want you can list out all the benefits of the plan now to answer your question can you create a one-time lifetime access purchase to your course yes what you do is you would click one-time payment you would select the price and then length the plan you would just simply press until cancelled and that would give them
lifetime access until they cancel and it’s a one-time payment one-time fee you set that price hope that answered your initial question to answer your second question once they’ve paid for the plan when they actually go to click the product will they go directly to it by bypassing that Wix paid plans yes if they are signed in so similar to the previous question how I said they can login go directly to their my account page you can have that same
process you can create a login that will take them directly to their my account page after they’ve purchased further Wix paid plan and they’ll get access to that page in that content as long as you’ve allowed it in member permissions now this leads to another important point here’s how to access member permissions you’re gonna go to customer management and then you’re gonna look for site members down under manage you’ll click site members and
then you’ll go up here to member permissions when you click member permissions what you’ll see here is you’ll see a default all members this means this is just all the members and if you want to go ahead and create a specific permission and what I mean by this is if X person purchased X plan they will get access to X pages that’s essentially what the member permission sequence is all about to make that happen what you’ll do is you set permissions
however if we click this we’ll notice there’s no member only pages currently on our site which means what you have to do is you have to go to your editor and whatever pages you’re posting your course content on that confidential private access you have to assign a member page too so for instance if we go ahead and we add a page here and we call it will just call it course content what we would have to do is we would have to click these three
buttons we will then go down to settings and then we will go to permissions and what this is essentially saying is this is where it allows you to set the permissions so you can choose whether all members everybody that has registered on your website has access to this or only selected members or paying customers if you click this you would select that and then you would choose which of the member roles get access so you can choose silver tier
just like the role we applied they get access or you can select from your paid plans so only the silver plan gets access to this page which means if a member just any random member tries to sign in and access this course content they cannot unless they are a silver tier member of your Wix paid plans and they’ve already purchased so that way when they go to login it’s already synced up with their Wix account which indicates that it’ll take them
straight to your course page rather than going through the entire payment process again and that’s how that works and you would assign a member permission I hope that helped answer your questions our next question comes from Cambridge dog services thank you for this very useful video you’re welcome once I’ve set up my membership etc how do I add the course pages so just like we did in the past two questions once you’ve actually set your
membership and set your paid plan what you’re gonna need to do is you’re going to need to designate pages on your website to your course so that way that’s you’re posting your course content after you post your course content I’ll create another page here and we’ll name this course content to course content to will click done if you click these three little buttons here we’re gonna do the same exact thing you’ll need to go to settings permissions
and you’re going to need to make this a Members Only page once you do that you’re gonna have to only select members are paying customers once you get in here you can choose from your member roles who gets access to this and essentially what you’ll need to do is depending on if you have different tiers you’ll need to select which membership tier gets access to this specific course page and you would select that from here and any paid plan members
our tiers you have will be listed right here under select plans or you can add a new plan and that’ll be who gets access to these course pages and that’s how it works so basically you have to create a page you have to make it members only and assign it to whatever membership tier that you want to have access to this particular course page if there’s only one tier then you’ll select it to that tier and you’ll have to do that for every course page
that you add now as far as how many course pages you need to add that’s completely up to you and how you design and develop the course I hope this answers your question our next question comes from Barry Gillman music I want to have a free trial run on a specific plan ie they view free trial for 14 days and automatically convert to the appropriate paid plan originally chosen also needed to land on a specific page when completing purchase to
devote to divert the member signup page that I created some features as PayPal can this be done on Wix paid plans so to answer your first question as far as a 14-day free trial yes you can make this happen you need to go to create plan and when you start creating your plan just like I showed previously you’ll enter plan name add the benefits and then what you’ll do is you’ll add a reoccurring payment or well you’ll have to decide which of these
your your course or your membership website is going to be well there’s going to be a one-time payment or reoccurring payment once you do that you’ll have to enter the payment frequency the price and the length of the plan however you can see there’s a nice nifty button here an able free trial you can choose right here the length of the free trial so you can have a 14-day free trial 7-day free trial 30-day or you could enter a custom amount of
days and what happens here is it’ll give them a free trial period for that number of days and then it’ll automatically go ahead just like you said and convert over to the plan that they chose based on the reoccurring payments option and that’s how the free trial run works to answer your second question after purchase they are taken back via which paid plans which paid plans currently does not give you the ability to default where they’re taken
back to it’ll default back to your website directly and from there my suggestion is to have that login that custom login or registration button readily available so that way they can access their account and go into the course content like you said again this is something which paid plans is working on but at the moment it’ll default straight back to your website and it does depend on the payment processor to ie PayPal which payments stripe etc
so that is how that’s gonna have to work for right now I hope this answers your question and lastly the final question I got probably the most out of everything as a question comes from several people and I’m gonna read off each of their questions just so you can see each by new diversity in each question first and foremost our question comes from Delta pilot Hey is it possible to automatically cancel the membership if he did not pay for this
month next question relating to cancellation comes from Joan B thanks for the great video you’re welcome just out of this to my site but when I delete a member to cancel membership it does not delete the automatic payment do I have to manually delete automatic payment – seems like something that would happen with delete member great question I will answer it in a sec our next cancellation question comes from Pam moe could you not have an
automated subscription cancellation app and that can stop payments and closed accounts while archiving the data and sending an automated confirmation response to the canceled subscriber when cancellations are received when memberships get large it will be difficult to go in manually and adjust every account okay so to answer each these questions what I’m gonna do is first you have to go to your dashboard go to paid plans and then to manage your
purchase plans you have to click purchased plants traditionally anybody that has purchased a plan become a member will be listed right here you can filter those people to what you would need to do is it’ll show their purchase state plan holder name plan name valid until payment status plan status when there’s an actual member in here there will be an option to cancel payment you will need to cancel this under payment status cancel payment when
you do this depending on how it is set up originally if it is a one-time purchase what will happen is it’ll cancel they will no longer have access to the content they originally had access to except they will not get refunded if a one-time purchase wants to be refunded you will have to manually do that through the payment provider whoever that was that payment processor ie PayPal stripe Wix payments however if it’s a reoccurring what will happen
is you as the admin will choose when that cancellation stops so if let’s say they’re on a monthly cycle and it is the mid of January their January payment already went through they will be canceled at the start of February which means they’ll have access through February and then their cancellation will happen and the automatic payment should stop if there’s problems with automatic payments stopping you need to reach out to the payment processor
ie PayPal which payments stripe to figure out why that has not stopped because via the which paid plans app when you cancel in here it should stop and then it will say once you cancel if they’re on a reoccurring plan valid until and then it will update to when they’re now valid until because of course if they cancel mid-january it’ll be Val until February first we’ll just say and then they will no longer have access to that content that’s how
cancellations work here on which paid plans I hope that answered and addressed all of your questions okay so there you have it I went ahead and addressed the most popular most common questions relating to how to build a paid membership website and Wix and with the Wix paid plans act first and foremost if this video helped you out please drop a like down below it’s much appreciated secondly comment below and let me know if I answered your question
and if it helped you out and if not go ahead and start a new question thread so that way if there’s enough demand from the questions again I can create another one of these videos to answer any outstanding questions that I may have missed that might be more minut than the most popular questions and lastly I would love to have you here in our Wix Nation community I really truly would I think this would be a great place for you and we would love to
have you click that subscribe button and turn those Bell notifications on so you never miss any content here and you’ll plug in to an amazing community you just saw in some of the comments I just read off people are engaged they’re plugging in they’re asking questions I also see people answering each other’s questions which is awesome that’s what I want to see I want this community to help each other out to be there for each other and that’s what
we’re doing here so I would love to have you part of that and again it happens by clicking that subscribe button turn those Bell notifications on so you’re staying engaged staying interactive here on the channel thank you so much for watching this video and I really really truly hope that I addressed everyone’s most common most popular questions so that way you can continue to move forward in building your paid membership website in Wix and if
you didn’t see the exact how to step by step video it’s in the cards and I’ll throw it in the description below as well and make sure that / – which training academy sign up for the free access in free Wix tips thank you guys so much I’ll catch you on our next one