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How To Build A Niche Website With Hostgator – Part 2 – Part 2 on How to build a webite (niche website) using WordPress with Hostgator as your hosting provider.

alright guys this is John from Adsense flippers and I am back this is part 2 of the Hostgator setup so let’s get into Hostgator and get going now let’s go ahead and open up FileZilla okay again all the information you need to connect to your server will have been sent to you in an email from Hostgator so I just put that into a notepad document and I can use this to log in to my server from FileZilla we need our IP our username and our password
and we’ll connect cool so when you added your domain to Hostgator it automatically built a subfolder for you and that will be the name of your actual domain so in order to find that all we’re going to do is just go into the public HTML folder and look for our domain all right let’s see here and we’re going to go ahead and look for the folder directory we just added ah there it is okay now load our WordPress file so we’re going to go over here and
grab our WordPress the file off the desktop bring it over and drop it in and this will take just a minute to upload so what’s nice about this is if you have a lot of domains that you need to upload your WordPress zip file to you can just grow through each one of these folders drag it over scroll down go in drag it over and you can do a lot at a time very quickly it’s much faster than doing things to the actual cPanel okay now let’s go back to our
Hostgator cPanel we’re going to scroll down to file manager and go go over to public HTML and scroll down to find our domain here it is and here’s our wordpress file that we just uploaded so we need to unpack this so go ahead and select it and go to extract all right and all our files are in this WordPress folder but we need to move them back to this folder that we’re in right now so we’re going to open this up we’re going to select all go to
move file I’m going to get rid of the wordpress folder and hit and move files and now let go back to our main directory and here they all are so now we can just go ahead and delete this WordPress folder because it’s empty ok it’s time to get WordPress link to our database alright we’re going to scroll down to WP config – sample we’re going to rename this file we’re going to take out the sample part so it should be WP – config conf IG dot PHP it
stands for configuration rename file scroll back down we’re going to open this file up and edit it so now we’re going to go back where we stored our information about our database in our notepad file we’re going to go back input this information into the WordPress configuration file start with the user copy it and user make sure you don’t get rid of the little quotes in here we want to keep those pastes and database name go back copy paste
through our password in here copy paste and we can leave host to set to localhost we’ll hit Save Changes and we should be able to minimize this okay so we’re going to pull up our web browser and actually type in our domain and we’re going to add back slash wp-admin backslash install dot PHP now one of two things will happen here basically you’ll get the correct page which is the wordpress install page which we got or you’ll get some sort of error
that there’s a database error if you get an error that means you probably made a mistake when you entered in the information into the WP dash configuration file that we just did so you just go back and check that and make sure everything is correct and that should sort out your problem we’re probably ready to go now this is the WordPress page that we start with to get our blog set up and we’ll fill out this information and be good to go