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How to Build a Member Site with Wix

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How to make multiple ways on Wix Member Site..
Building your Site can be upsetting to you but when you have the right help to do so just jump in.

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Kop digital market hey I’m the TV straight-up I had a couple people on email and through YouTube is actually me how to make a member site and I’ll show you right now I’m just gonna jump into the computer right alright we have my computer now my laptop it’s got kind of open but ok Opie’s digital marketing this is my Wix website we’re doing it from Wix how to build the site a member site a membership site yes most multiple ways to doing it and
the way I do it is a couple of my sites the house first I started off I add a page I can add a page I come up here to top manage page and I add page this is for the whole full page of it so put that there I rename it so you know what do you do is this there’s multiple ways of doing it membership site and it’s done alright now you go to your store you go to add again once the ad comes up go to the bottom you got a store you put your PayPal button
in you got your PayPal button are you by now I’ll buy it now basically I basically just I click on this one and I add there’s your button alright there’s your button right there now check it out when you got that button for this is for your website then you don’t have no picture look so this is for like for courses or something or anything else we but if you that’s one way of doing it and I’m gonna show you another way alright now we’ll go back
to add and then I’m gonna go back to my store here and I’m gonna click on the Buy Now button if I now button you can feel the course of it usually say special offer it’s especially off alright for me but I’m gonna just show you how I do it this is of course you can build it as a course you know if they want to jump right into your courses but then you calculate you know change the name to go to your settings of it and change the name of it this
one’s just once a month so once a month of course you could do it that way change the name of it you can change the image it’s a once a month course of this one you’ve changed the image I’m going to my back to my back my back part of it I type in would say this is my Facebook page talk about Facebook but that’s on another course I applied to it alright you see this PayPal on the side right here you click on it and once you put your virtual your
paypal email PayPal even up email right here it’s your business set up items in name alright that’s one way of doing it and it’s you have yes your course that’s building courses are you can make it to our whole website the dog changing the font the colors of it and the finally I’m gonna do like this one it’s my facebook page and you buy get to my course like a on this button right here you can add this button on that page on a whole blank page on
a whole blanket of this page then you link this page just to another page behind it you link this page once they locked in this link once you’re going through this part of it it’s in the backing and I’m gonna you know get to that later but once you link these up like this button up to this member site you link up to that page and then you have that thank you the other two let’s go to the email and then there’s another way I usually do I do
through booking I go through my booking my store go back to store yes you do is the store but I’ll say right now I’m gonna do the booking part so I’m gonna go to my apps I’m go to my app store right here I’ll go to my app store and I’m gonna look for type in booking all right weeks booking I take that and then I add it to the site so it’s got multiple multiple ways people have to pay for your site once you set the booking in read through all the
changes in the back end of it you set your booking in you put your this is like you can sit another course right here on this one you said courses put the name and then they can book it and once you get it to the booking part of it management it should link up to your calendar on here I think so till you Canada you put your days of the book and basically you can drop the course in their in their faith and you know trick it out there and you can
set it on a daily or weekly setting of it you know if you want to have a see highest a for class it’s a set for your classic Attila on booking and the payment methods of everything it’s in your Pay Pal I should re link them because I’m still working on my site on this site but you guys strike and you PayPal Smith already in just clicked on and activated and you know itself payments online on this site but everything’s got to be linked in and
wants to trigger it off the payment buttons of it it’s all in the back in that’s why when I said my story I linked a lot of buttons up that’s another way of doing it you could change the book into a membership site you change the name of it do it up here once you go to manage page then you go to here here and you can rename it all right and I’m gonna show you another way how you can do it I usually do my majority my most of my majority of my
sites are from my store and I run the links back to the page didn’t do my I don’t see on it and I go back to store then I add to the site and I do the same exact thing of being on the prices so hoping you’re getting some good content out of this and then once his store page is built up store page I changed the name and I like this store down I put this one down as a store or you can add all your products into this basically is for members only
you see if you name it let me name it remember site to this is done on that this is majority of the way I usually do mines you know I get permission the permission on the membership only that’s the permission didn’t you see the remember signup button this is when you have to run that button to the memberships only it’s all gonna be in the backend once you drop once you got these they gonna log in this with this and this pupil I approve you
remember sign up existing members login it’s how you want to set it up for the logins these are the projects with the way you want to set it through and you set there you can be running these links tomorrow and it’s gonna be password protection you can do password protection our members only everything’s gotta be members only so it won’t show up what stake that’s built in that now like say you can go back to the store of this one go back to add
and you can be instructed on all this once you go to more then you bring this button over here got it your being this button here and then pop up and then you can add this but once I can do my store once I do my story see how you sitting it out up you once you add up your product name you add your members number site I call it a member site so it’s going to link up to the page and needed to be act number site logged in hi the settings of it it’s
gonna take you into the back end of it once you take you to the back end of it you’re gonna go to manage product and your product gonna be your remember site ID and once you link all these welcome to your store how to remember site all right have one already here before for example I’ll show you how to add it into it yeah I knew you want to be physical that digital yet that’s when you drop in e-books and did your albums you know if you know what
I’m I want in upon on our marking but you want to be a physical this is your physical your website then you have to run link when you run links when you run your links it’s coming in here and they’re creating category but once this is set up for the name maybe she’ll say say the membership is worth $97 I’m on that set up create the category you put your picture of your membership site and make sure you put membership site think this was my upside
to like I’m bad today on my ass spelling now that capitals so house will mean – to many members click this one has numerous it tied to hi this is your whole section for membership site to what you do that once that’s made your links are right here this is your link chain link it you’re gonna take the Google out I don’t know why my buttons are not working once you type it here is membership membership site excuse me for my bass better you want to
link this to the membership site there’s so many ways of doing it and you press ok it’s just a bad girl did you roll to that site and this we had to go back preview it and bring it up so right now I apologize for that one you know it’s it’s all based on how you linking it up saving it you got it a membership site that’s what you need to focus on that part and once it’s all done it’s all done to the membership site – that’s visibility’s for them
to see it that’s when they go to the membership they not gonna see this back in part of they now see this part but then once you do all the back end of it all this all this is all set up and done now when he says basically upgrading to it you will try and fake money I’m ugly fee of everything from the catalog and all that but and just for your thing be set up so this is my business name Kofi digital marketing Academy I put my logo this is all
back in all your face on bottom lines down there so I’m not gonna show you because you know I don’t want nobody to grab my email addresses and all that the anything once you connect your eyes back into this section from your store and this is how you do it once this all LinkedIn is all LinkedIn you know right so let me up and jump on this one but you link it in and then two payment methods you know there’s doing American International it’s our
real world all over the world facing them I could jump in your store and his is the price automatic an American dollars dialing it up no more internet you could put it up to 5,000 6,000 or things any website taxes you want taxes on it the terms position to make sure you have your your disclaimer of everything and at times introduce you when I click it to your website and I think this part is all done so now now everything should be linked up I
got my membership site – this is my member site one I’m gonna begin in – my booking online as you can call it a membership site when they login and then once you do build those the booking and login usually I change the book I login to the face they need to go to so they see go to my memories so I hope I’m not getting y’all confused for I got it you build your site you build your bait and then you can link it why should it make your booking they
can be your courses or your pages are you can have your membership site like your membership site can sit up from of course I use mine sometimes I use my booking and I put all my courses in them and they can do it that way once this is my full page this will be my full page and I put my Bible button right there because you’re gonna link your PayPal into it already and once you do your booking part like I was saying to you booking looking online
this is all your courses and you change the words of it booking you’ll pay each division Easter Vigil you have types of ways of doing it then you have your membership site let’s go to your membership site I think I should just look at these things as a preview of it and that’s your membership site will be just a little box if you want to be more graphics do the first one so I’m a preview it but remember it’s just for $97 on it so once they click
on once they click on it it brings up a bigger page at the end they can add to the cart this egg car type you can do is products if you sell any types of products to it if they wanted multiple ones but make sure you secure it right this part right here need to block it for a lot so he just won’t be paying for it so you make sure you I usually check out the price on here and sit again to the back end of it so you start explaining to the courses so
this will be open but everything is getting locked out and if you want to sit in into that homepages your my home page is like this so you never have no access they’ll never have access to have that member login that’s when you do your book in you remember login to my Exodus like this show down information to my school this show of my courses show my courses I’m still working on his face I’m still working on his website for this one and they got
sangee the information all that I never have extras to get trickling in see that five Buy Now button that’s the tell them you know you’re gonna be purchasing this is a safe area almost hit up my membership site right here at the bottom you know if they can give me information or they can just jump right into my membership site and all the links would be developed into it up here but our leaves right here each membership site to and booking online
my blog contact it’s all you can link them and put it on us up a subchannel my cell page and that will to get you you won’t be seeing them on the top if you want certain things won’t be on the top like home and number site contact just put your homepage it’s how you sit you your website I’m gonna with it and you’ll figure it out if you need to go more definitely I have more more about it on different sections of it I’m showing you here multiple
sections of things to how you can add a member site it’s all locked in still too they subscribe to you to you give the agreement that they can go into it you sit on your counter on your booking and you have their names not that because I’ve been doing these type of sites for a while when I used to do physically service type lawn care service and everything and that’s how I end up figuring it out alright I’m Aaron I’m Kop with digital marketing
and yeah have a good one all right hey don’t forget to subscribe and like alright