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what's up people should wait on bomb and it's a big thing right now buckle up John no how you gonna be able to dystrophy website you look back on me about to walk in the process of building your website right now to look calm which is very calm song let's go now for the purposes of this video we're going to use one of these templates when you go to Wix they provide free templates after you pick to create your own website when you sign up for totally free so we don't pick this one right here I got it already up so now when you come up in here you get to add different things well you see this stuff right here so you can just easily click on this double click and then you can move it around or you can edit the text you might not want which you see right there of course not because you just create a new site so you just click right in after you double click so that you can be able to edit and then put whatever you want now you see this button down here you people can click on that and it will take them to your music or can automatically play your music or when they come to the site automatically your music I'll just refer to very I just put my music I come over the round whether I want it everything is drag and drop everything dragon drop down so that's cool now I go down because this all of the stuff I can edit so I don't want that stuff up here I might just want somebody my song hit so if I want to put a YouTube video I can just delete this so I clicked on it I click the delete button on my keyboard after I click on it it automatically can delete and if you want the image that's behind it right here you will delete that too to delete that too but I'm going to keep it just for this video and it's going to be the background of my youtube videos so now it's going to ask me when I get ready to click add and I want to add my YouTube video so when people come to the page my YouTube videos automatically there the button is dead for them to click to view my music and go buy it from the store everything that I need right there go say video click on video now I got the choice of different sites via video maybe I click one do too because that's what my video was at now after it added that box for YouTube or youtube video would be if they change video clip change video now you put your youtube link your YouTube video right here and you make sure you delete the whatever than then go to youtube you find the video that you might want to put in there you go to share copy and paste this YouTube right into this box you click update now your new YouTube video should pop right up and yeah after you click update you no longer be the preview should be a new YouTube video you there you go and this is the video that I want now I just position it – exactly well one and if any other thing is behind it that I don't want I can just delete like it's another picture with other video and back it I had nothing to do it I don't want that so I'll delete that now that is going I click on my youtube video and put it where I want it okay now I'm done setting on my page you can add all the stuff that you want to add this just a brief video just to show you how to do it you go to add you can add photos videos you can add your music after you've done you want to save and publish once you press publish your videos out to look your website exceed week and out to the whole entire world and after that people who go to your website stream your music buy your product or service and this is that Wix and it's totally free so you definitely want to jump on this right now and no cost and it's drag and drop simple just like I showed you so I say that you click the publish button now you say this publish it'll actually put a name on it the purpose is video to put my music and after that I'll publish to say now this site is published which I did it for the purposes of this video but it shouldn't have been but even though it is is okay I just have to edit it you can take it down and switch it up and do like so this is how you make a free website on Winx calm and no close to you is drag-and-drop real simple you want to earn some money from home at no cost to you and you can get $20 free tools go to the description it should be a link down in the description you can purchase my new EP the Big Bang is worldwide iTunes Amazon and more so please do check it out do support and show love subscribe like and share this video to anybody that it might help somebody might be trying to do their own website they can start something for free it's not exact domain name but you can be able to get started to make enough money to pay for your hosting and all so right now it's your boy Tom bomb you know what it is this video is live and direct to show you how to build your own free website or Wix calm is more videos to come please do like and subscribe .

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