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How to Build a Free Website with Under 10 MINUTES!!

This video gives a step by step tutorial for building a high quality website using

okay I so today I’m going to be showing you how to make a free website using fix maxcom so first you need to go to Google grow you need to type 60 com then you need to sign in and it shows email and password so I’m going to be typing my email and password okay then it gets to this page so here you see my sites web site you can click on that you can see a button over here create a new site click on this towards a new tab and it asked what kind
of website do you want to create so I’m going to choose business so create your website that makes a bi create your website they fix editor so if you are creating with a website with vicks adi then you that you can make your website then this fixed or cop makes your website automatically and create your website with vicks editor is it makes editor you need to make your website on your role does not have any automatic functions since easy
drag-and-drop advanced design features specialized afternoon so today i am going to choose vix adi because this takes a lot more time and you need to make it own fix i ed I betcha let’s go start with avi so what kind of business do you want to create ask this so i’m going to try try travel travel agency okay with that next does he also need any of the following beaches so online now yeah it’ll cook that next course the name of your business I’m
gonna give it travelers press your business located I’ll give it bleats united kingdom next so Vic stadium wants to learn about your palace ok so I’m going to skip this option because I don’t have any information on public internet sources so I’m going to give this option otherwise you get to next and you can choose which which is yours so now i’m going to skip travels here if you have a low ball you can add a logo can enter your email over here
and social network this is the address so i’m going to do next loading everything you need so it says hello I’m Adi base artificial intelligence designed diligence I was developed to guide you in creating stunning website can create billions of cognition of text images and more so I’m going to give Scott so help me learn your taste so you need to choose which one which designs you want I’m going to pho now and will reduce price skyscraper
continue so it’s preparing the homepage take some time so now uses create my homepage ranches so here it comes Thunder my automatically does everything so I like you can see you can see the cursor all you it’s automatically I’m not doing anything so here it is the first version of your whole thing please make a home these anything process plugin breathe in your sights fight want to click that preview loading awesomeness this tastes like that so
when you’re done previewing click here to dancing try trust travels your travel experts about us you can see how attractions traveling get in touch it’s automatically don’t know everything I didn’t do anything in this Caribbean gateway urban band each holiday plenary tour so you can see everything very own products can buy from the site so I glasses things at 2015 my trousers probably create a wix com so you can see button over here if you want
to see it in a phone you can click that button so i might like it so here phone comes okay so here you can see it oh now you see in the phone so I’m gonna close it looks previewing so change website design change Mexico’s saying that cell phones can do all this stuff you can create more pages everything like me to click this button shop book online ad page you can see this button can be more pages so this is the best website to make your own
website is the best mix don’t come is the best then everything it’s free it’s really simple you can see how beautiful it is made the left side so everyone thank you for watching please subscribe