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How To Build a Blog Website in Elementor- Video 5 of 14- Elementor Basics

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How To Build a Blog Website in Elementor- Vid 5 of 14- Elementor Basics.
hey there it’s aviva from elementor welcome back to how to build a blog with elementor in the previous lesson we got introduced to the elementor kit library learn how to import a kit to our site and set the essential navigation menu options in this lesson we’ll cover the basics of elementor layout how to add elements such as text content images and buttons using the elementor editor and customize our newly imported kit to fit our style ready let’s jump in and get started i’ve gone ahead and created a blank page to demonstrate how the elementor editor works there’s no need for you to create this page for your blog however if you’d like to follow along and work together to practice with elementor before we begin customizing our actual blog please feel free to do so as mentioned in earlier lessons every wordpress site needs to have a theme and in our case we’re using the elementor hello theme by default any page or post inherits the theme’s header footer and title in some kits you may face an overlapping header but don’t worry we’ll take care of that in a moment there are two main areas when building a page with elementor the content area located on the right side of the screen where you can add and edit elements that form the layout and design of your page and the left panel which offers a wide variety of useful elements and options at the bottom of the panel we’ll find helpful settings and options for pages built with elementor first are the page settings where we can edit the page name upload a featured image hide the title and change the page layout next we can launch the navigator by clicking here or use the keyboard shortcut command or control i to quickly navigate anywhere on the page currently it’s empty because we haven’t added any content yet click here to see your edit history and view recent changes or revert back to previous revisions no website is truly complete without being adjusted for mobile devices we can enter responsive mode by clicking here switch between different devices at the top of our screen to adjust our design alternatively use the keyboard shortcut command or control shift m to quickly switch between devices once we’re ready to preview our design we can click this icon which will open the page in a new tab of course before we do so we’ll need to either save our changes as a draft or publish the page when it’s ready to go live back in the panel header open the menu by clicking this icon where several more settings and navigation options are available site settings as it sounds allows us to globally define our site’s settings all from one place we’ll get back to the site settings shortly theme builder allows you to manage all your site parts from one location we’ll learn about the theme builder in more detail in our next lesson user preferences allows us to customize the elementor workspace such as switching to dark mode altering the width of our panel and more below is the finder which we can also launch by using the shortcut command or control e and access different parts across our site quickly click view page to see your live.
website or exit to dashboard to go back to the wordpress dashboard let’s begin with the content area there are two ways we can start we can either design our pages from scratch or use a template from the library let’s begin with the library this library is separate from the kit library and differs in that it’s used to add individual templates to a web page and not to import a full website here we can preview templates we’ve saved view complete page templates or even blocks which are used to make up small parts of pages filter the blocks by choosing a category or use the search bar on the right we can also add blocks and templates to our favorites for easy access
we’ve learned how to use elementor to customize different parts of our site we can use that newfound knowledge to update the content on the about and contact pages and with kits it’s going to be much faster i already have all of xander’s content prepared making this process a simple matter of copy and paste now would be a great opportunity to upload all of xander’s images that we’ll use throughout the site if you’re following along with sandra’s site you’ll find the content under course assets in the video description if you’re creating your own website this is a great time to go ahead and update your own site accordingly in our next lesson we’ll get familiar with the theme builder which allows us to edit and manage all of our site parts such as the header footer and more all from one place see you there