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How to add your VoiceZam Player onto your GoDaddy website

Putting a VoiceZam Player on your GoDaddy website is easy to do!

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to place or embed the VoiceZam Player (and Demo Buttons) into a GoDaddy website.

To find the Player and Button scripting code…

FIRST, login to your VoiceZam account, then navigate to the Help menu item, “Get Embedding Code…”.

THEN, watch the video for full details!

Please note: This video shows how to quickly embed – or stage – both the VoiceZam Player and Demo Buttons into a GoDaddy webpage specifically. (If you use a different website platform, please use the corresponding video tutorial as the exact details will vary.)

To further customize your Player’s look and styling, you can login into your VoiceZam account and select the menus: Showcase | Customize Player.

Advanced layout and styling customizations for the VZ Player and Demo Buttons may be done within the scripting and CSS code by a skilled website developer.