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How To Add Your Hostgator Nameservers(DNS) To Your Registrar Company(Namesilo,Namecheap or Godaddy)

How To Add Your Hostgator Nameservers(DNS) To Your Registrar Company(Namesilo,Namecheap or Godaddy)
How To Add Your New Domain Name To Your Hosting Company-Hostgator 2017,2018,2019:
How To Buy A Domain Name From Domain Registrar Namesilo (Step by Step):

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hello guys it’s a boy Nelson mine Nelson man from legitimate income online Andy from my channel azúcar says my name of their just go and subscribe if you are not yet a subscriber would be cool ok so what I’m going to show you today today I’m going to show you how to print you are yourself into your hosting company if you are a place where you purchase the domain okay in a place where you purchased your domain the bus the domain you don’t need
to transfer domain even though you came but today I am going to show you on how you’re going to point your domain into a name server a place which you all see every file either way the place I’d destroy your WordPress site that’s what I’m going to show because if you buy a domain name in a membranous so like Nancy Lahore in Hostgator or in GoDaddy Namecheap they don’t give you a hosting a place where you’re going to hosting every file you have
every wedge of good pictures and videos in that place but what they’re going to give you the game to give you a name but they give you a default II hosting which when you type your name they’re going to directing for a page either the on page because we do not want them to the hosting company in which you already purchased the other way so today I am going to show you on how you going to point that out okay first of all you need to help in
Hostgator if you are already known I think you need to buy your Austin in Austin Etta okay you buy your hosting in Hostgator the place which is cheap but when you buy the domain name investigator is going to cost too much compared to this presence alone until all the prices on almost $9 and would you say such a seven you receiving or EV okay that is the place where you going to starting out is never first of all what you need to do is just going
to create account it’s not like a member or you need to buy a domain name from from them CeeLo you need to creating your account okay that is one of the place which you need to do what what of the first thing which you need to back up so you need to create an account then you’re going to register your domain name for the given price $9.00 almost nine staking in the $0.99 okay so that is what I’m always like to suggest you go to this because they
give you a free but by the way they give you a lifetime free private I’m going to show you another video on how that’s work on the Des Moines domain name which I buy from them zero how that is going to work I’m going to show you that how that is going to work okay so also be patient I will put the link is somewhere I and you can go and check that out okay somewhere some top way okay and go and check that out okay guys so that’s how it is so today
is how I’m going to show you it’s simple so I already say you need to creating an account with them after that you when you login I already login by the way you going to manage my domain you can go as I yeah I can go to my account II but I like it lets go to manage my account for those interruptions and okay you can go to domain manager okay this is artists you can go to domain manager those domain is they’re going to show you a domain which you
already registered this company which is pretty good okay what you need to do here is going to select a domain like this this is our daily bascomb which are already by in nan filler so what they are ready 20 or so also this but what you going to do is just go to Hostgator the company which you hosting all the fire and remember that you need also to add in the domain name which you purchased from from name Zillow in this hosting company okay so if
your site is almost e it’s already done if you already where a site you can just go into cPanel in those data and then we’re going to find you a receiver this has the sabres I already buy a baby planning of together so these are the same as what you’re going to put in one name still or if you you have a board add you buy a domain from GoDaddy or Namecheap it up to you but the cost remember guys the cost is different with them still which is very
good I don’t know how they make money from it back I think it’s very good okay very secure okay that’s how it is so what you need to do is just go through them Zillow remember guys already say remember that you must add this domain either way you can suck in by by 22:7 then you go to Hostgator and then added a domain into the Hostgator okay so that we they can when people type in your domain name they came directly to us get away all the file a
very precise you already so it into our to up to a whole online available or your site by the way and is going to be it so what you need to do is just this so you need to select your domain name which you purchase then what we change surfers okay when you click Change server when you click change servers what they’re going to show you they’re going to show the list of the Samer which the site is pointedly too just like this as ever do you see
this okay you can just this are the other name saber from a hostgator company that sews together which already take it from Hostgator right here okay so this looks at one sort of for the noise those are the one okay and then it’s only the matter for you to add the both of them and then after that you can add the additional am server whatever you like but I always suggest to add the only one from your altogether okay you can add it only two to
those which they provide the primary and secondary both of them which is have it too after that then you can click update and then voila easy and simple guys easy and simple then you continue with the site then you go to us together after doing that screen just wait in one day they can do that for 48 hours for the server setup easy and you know files which have been directory and when you can tap in your site’s when they tap your site they’re
going to only take your site you are either set aside the one to an electric Google server which is hosting a company which hosts in your files ok that’s how these things work that’s how these things work so guys thank you for take your time and remember I’m going to also also show you a video on how you went addy domain if you’re a point that out then I am going to show you on how to add in your domain and then install a wordpress site in that
domain so thank you guys in the hope you stay tuned don’t forget to Like and subscribe this video thank you and bye