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How to Add Widget to Elementor (free & easy)

Add Elementor widget to the website in just 2 minutes –

Elementor widgets

Elfsight service offers more than 80 solutions for you to easily empower your website on Elementor. Our widgets allow people all around the world to add audio files, chats, forms, buttons, social feeds, product reviews, and galleries to their websites without programming.

0:00 Create widget
0:53 Embed widget on a home page of Elementor website
1:34 Add widget to all pages

To embed the widget on Elementor homepage, use the instruction below:

1. Go to ‘Pages’ section and select the required page.
2. Click ‘Edit with Elementor’, drag and drop ‘HTML’ element to the right page area.
3. Paste the installation code to the ‘HTML Code’ field.
4. Press ‘Update’.

To add a floating widget to all Elementor pages do the following:

1. Go to the Elementor section and choose “Custom Code”.
2. Click “Add New Custom Code”.
3. Add a title to your widget, choose “Head”, and paste your code.
4. Save the changes.

Please keep in mind that the “Custom Code” feature is available only on Elementor Pro.

Here is how simply you can add widgets to Elementor! If you need to learn more about Elfsight solutions, widget installation, and configs, you are free to contact our competent Support experts. They’ll be delighted to reply to all your queries!