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How to add Visitor Counter Widget to Elementor (2021)

Add Hit Counter widget to Elementor site in just 2 minutes –

Visitor Counter widget is a free tool to count either how many times pages are viewed or the amount of unique visitors. Analyze statistics easily and increase trust level.

What makes the widget special?

• Personalizable messages and header.
• Five practical layouts.
• Light, Customizable, and Dark color palette.
• Interactive chart to show development during the week, year, or month.

How to embed Visitor Counter on Elementor website?

To integrate the widget, read the actions from the simple instruction below:

1. Pick up the template and customize the widget;
2. Save your unique code which will appear the notification popup;
3. Add the copied code on the site.

Find out how to embed Elementor Counter plugin by clicking the link below –

Visitor Counter – Elementor

Best Hit Counter integration examples:

Example 1: Inline Counter shows data with a list of values and a graph.
Example 2: Counter Mini has basic design and only primary details.
Example 3: Detailed Visitor Counter contains details, background image, and graph.

That’s how simple it is to insert Counter plugin to Elementor! If you want to learn more about benefits, widget templates, and configs, you are free to contact our professional Support team. We’ll be glad to respond to all your questions!