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How to Add to Your Website a Video Background with Elementor?

Despite it is not the freshest idea, the background video always provides a wow-effect. It amazes the visitors and make them focus their attention on the content. Video background also make the website mush more dynamic. We have an article (, that explains why do you need a video background on your site, so it will be useful to read it.

So, how can you decorate your website with video background if you are an Elementor fan? That’s easy – you should use JetElements plugins (it costs only $15) and the rest will be fairly easy. Elementor video background widget is not the only feature of JetElements plugin – it contains a huge bunch of add-ons that will give you numerous opportunities to make your website cooler and more impressive. If, by chance, you haven’t chosen a template for your website yet – Imperion theme will be a great choice!

The video gives detailed step-by-step guide about how to use Elementor video background widget, what settings it has and what customization you can make. You will learn the main features of video background WordPress Elementor widget and your website will start impressing visitors from the first sight.

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