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How to Add Social Media Links to Your Wix Website

Tutorial on adding a Social Media Bar to your Wix website that links you to your social media pages.

you know what’s going on everybody my name is kurt fair and today i’m going to be showing you how to use the Wix website builder and specifically I’m going to show you how to add social media integration to the website that you’re building with Wix so as you can tell I’m already working on a website this is for web tool assignment number two but I figured I can show a tutorial on how to add certain elements to the website in this case the
social media aspect while doing the actual building of the website so yeah as you can tell I’ve already started working on this I’m doing this for the clothing brand Crookston castles which is an urban apparel and accessories company so yeah to get to the main topic which is the social media integration you’re gonna want to go to the side to toolbar and click add and then go to social and then the one I’m specifically interested in is the social
bar but as you can tell there are other social media sort of buttons or tools that you whatever you want to call them that you can add to your website like a Facebook like or a Twitter Follow or a Google +1 so when you find the one that you want in this case social bar and you click it and then you’ll see it pop up on your screen and then from there you can drag it to wherever you want I’m going to drag this to my header because I want this to be
on every page regardless of where you sort of navigate throughout the website and then from there when you click on the bar itself you can then change settings you can click to for it to show on all pages which is what I want and then specifically to edit the bar you go to organize icons and then from there you can choose which social media websites you want to have linked so I’m gonna go ahead and delete the ones that come predefined by clicking
the social bar sort of widget so to speak and so I’m gonna add my own so when you click Add social icon you can then scroll through this 11 page list of different icons that they have available so because I kind of have a black background I’m gonna want white icons so I’m gonna keep scrolling until I find white icons and here we go so I’m gonna want I want icons for Facebook Twitter and YouTube so you click Facebook click ok there you go then you
click add social icon again and then just rinse and repeat in terms of adding which icons you want you can add as many as you want really there’s no no limit to the number of icons you can add and lastly YouTube so there you go as you can see once I added them to my social icon list it Auto populated onto the website if you have the icons in this top right-hand corner now another interesting thing you can do is you can reorganize the icons say
you wanted Facebook last click on Facebook and then click down arrow and it will move it and as you can see it also moves in real time when you click it so I like it how it is so I’ll just leave it as so then the last thing you’re gonna want to do is make sure that these sort of links are actually appropriately linked to the correct web page you want to go to so to do that where it says link to and then in there’s a text box that says add link
click the text box and then this dialog box pops up and you’re gonna want to click web address because these are all websites that I’m linking to so then you have to obtain the web address and luckily I’ve already have three websites that I want to link to already open so I’m just going to go to them to get the website address so I’m gonna copy here go back to the editor paste and then it gives you the option to open the website in a new window
or in the window that you’re currently in I’m gonna have it open in a new window just so that it maintains the the website being open click OK then you do the same for the other two social media websites in this case Twitter and YouTube so I’m gonna get the Twitter website go to back to the editor like at link web address paste okay and lastly a YouTube and then click OK and then once that’s all squared away you click OK and you should be good
after when with working in working with Wix I always click Save after I do any sort of major change to the website so click Save so that it saves and then to make sure all the links that you generated work properly go to preview and so then this is essentially how viewers of your website will see your your website so when you click home you know this is this is the actual user interface that will be seen when this gets published so to make sure
that the actual links again work just click them so for instance when I click this Facebook icon I’m expecting to go to the Crookston castles Facebook page and I do and just to verify that the others work as well so here’s Twitter and lastly YouTube so yeah that’s about it guys this is a really user friendly editor to use I think to build a website and it kind of retains that it looks flashy and sort of more complicated than it is and I think
that’s that’s a good thing especially for people who aren’t necessarily the most technically literate so yeah that’s about it for how to add social media stuff as you can tell that there are there are many other different tools that you can add you know images galleries videos and I’m sure that there are other tutorials out there that explicitly explain how to do those things and add them to your website so yeah that’s about it thanks guys for
watching and I’ll catch you guys later peace