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How to add quiz in Wix (Basic and advanced version with calculated results)

Link to the third party quiz – tryinteract:

this video i’m going to show you how to add a quiz on wix and quiz actually can be very advanced and can be also very simple um fix we also have the template for it but the only thing is a little bit tricky now because they don’t have the automatic calculation and showing the results so that means um you have to like if you use the vix quiz you just need a simple version but you can see the results and you can after seeing the result you send
the customers or kind of for confirmation email about the result everything but if you want to have a very advanced one for example they they got to see the results directly and uh for example like the personal personalities and see what kind of person they are explain why and what in that way uh there is a uh there are quite a lot of actually different third party quiz uh platform you can use so now i just quickly show you a simple version and
then i showed advanced version like i’m i know and i’m pretty familiar with but you can also google some other platform if you want also so if you want just a simple version you can also this is just a template on wix so you can just go to the ad here and there’s called the contact and form and then you see you cannot see the quiz here um but you can if you click the contest here if this is a contest and this is called quiz and you can add online
since usual quiz takes a lot of space so i do how the settings fear first manage the pages and add empty page here so in this way i have a single page for quiz itself so for example this one and then i just do the um contacts and verbs contacts here and then here’s the quiz there are two styles you can choose from so i can just take this one just to do the example so now it looks like this takes your quiz and this is as normal as other wix forms
you can just click on it add it and change the name everything is like this and the only thing the more the box one is this one the choices here so if you want to change the title you do the edit field you change the title see this is the default default selection that means uh you have you are going to have like a settings like which one default but you if you don’t do it then it’s just don’t show it so people don’t know which one’s the default
one i think it’s good if you don’t want people to know the answer okay so when you’re showing like this and then you do the choices like this is three choices you can have more choices if you want to have like as many as you want and then you can just duplicate and then change the name here i have the added label here change name and blue something like that and then um the thing here you need to pay attention is that this also you can set up
default and then you can also delete one you don’t want so it’s um very flexible for you to do it okay then you go to the settings and then you see make sure everything is correct and then that is this if this field is required you’ll click here if not that’s okay if optional for people okay and use your quiz you can’t require it so this is a basic setting for for your forms like for your choices and then if you want to add more you can do just
click the whole whole wix forms you add new fields and then you have the content forms all the contact information and you have basic forms like radio button this is the radio button field okay you can just drag one to here and then that’s done and you have several other uh options and then well the ones one is for you have updated the new version like they have all the ones the fields you can do that but now i think is enough just for quiz for
the basic field okay so i just show you how it look like i just radio field you can just add here and you can show like this right as you can see this is the choices the same way to do the addition for this one okay remove this one and uh and um do things and then if you want to do the uh after people submit answers where do you want to get people to and you can do either just success message or go to the page you want to add a link clear or
external url things and then show the link to the file the file downloads and after we’ve done this one we can just choose a success message here but if you want to do added then you can go here and to choose your pages for example you want to go to the yeah we can do and this portfolio page then it’s done okay and then we can publish it and go to the see and then we’ll see how it looks like in the in a real place oh the way we didn’t showed on
menu yet so we need to go back and this page is called new page let’s change the name into the quiz quiz okay um and then we do here the manuals here and we add a menu here called quiz okay so now i have to create here now publish this one and then we see the pages here and see the quiz here okay then we can do a uh test down here and then we’ll show you how where you can see the result and we can just randomly choose because this is has been set
as default so we we if you do it better not set the default as i did for the settings okay then and submit the answers here and then see if you asked if you want to link to your uh offer page you can just link to here and see the this is just home page for it okay after you fill in this one then you go back to the vx this is has been saved and go to here and this is the page okay this is the page and then you go to the customer management and
then there is you can just click on this one and then there is called a form submission and see here has a quiz you go to the quiz and see this is the information i have like don’t your cursor not email and address and it says my answers you can see here right and this one the unfortunately on fixed they don’t calculate the result so you if you don’t have many customers to take care you can do like this you’ll see okay this is answers what kind
of person is it and maybe what can package is suitable for this person so you can send a like a package for them it’s for like a email for them and so this has to be done by yourself and then another thing uh another uh third-party platform is this one i’m going to show you is called i think it’s called yeah this one i think i’ll have opened it it’s called interact which is the the one has um i can send you uh put the link here also to for you to
find where it is and how to connect the form to wakes they i think i found the blog yeah here so they have some information how to put the code how the guideline how to put code on vixx and this platform is quite advanced you can um i think uh if you don’t have so many customers you can use the free like account since uh they they have the free one they don’t have the lead magnets or add people to your email list but they don’t have any influence
on their content of their quiz so that means you can do as many quiz as you want and you can do like as many like uh different forms as you want so they see the function does not influence but they just don’t add your people uh directly to the email directly to your list but for your purpose to you know to after people fill in get results and then they will click the link to see uh the products you offer like means the call to action that they
can all um they can all do okay so that means i can show you uh the free version here he has a free version here and this is just uh very simple to add this is just cover like a introduction just all of these things are able to just click and write so it’s very very simple to handle what is your yeah so it we can you can also just drag quiz here something like that and then if you have a picture you can click and yeah and upload replace the image
okay uh yes something like that from for your own computer you can find image and or upload from your computer okay upload and or and then you can add the text and take quiz and all the questions here like the first questions like these you can add and it answers these and you can add answers also like this so all of these templates already have here and then if you have the like of course they have other um other template also but that that’s
just example c and this is all the questions for example the first question like this and then you need to like do the settings scores here here here if you do if they answer this one you got this score if that answer is one called this score if answer this one got this score and then save it so the same as other questions okay and then if you go to the results you can see the each of these for example if you’re scored like a 0 to 9 and this is
you will get this email and things and then the thing i imagine is that call to action here you can add url of the offers you have for example if you want to become better or which or you’re going to go to at this answer for example if these the people who are kind of maybe need more like honey product something like that and that you put url which is suitable for their needs for example if they um they have very little knowledge about it and if
they have uh and and then how big family how much uh like honey products they’re going to order or something like that then you can just put the link from your website here and save it and then call to action and finished okay so all of these all of these texts are able to uh to click and for example like i can just you can you can add whatever you want right and then i just sorry i just want to show you if you want to have like for example if
you want to link to this one yeah link this text to your offer also you can also link text and save it so all of these texts are pictures are going to able to link and all the texts are able to change and pictures okay and after hours so then you have like for example you have first results and then second result 10 to 19 or service or 20 to 29 and then after this one you will see here this is called lead magnet if you want to enable this one you
how to upgrade your account to the paid one um but this one is just collect the emails and if you don’t want to do it that is fine so it’s uh let’s say and then if you want people to share on facebook twitter you’ll do it if you don’t want to create this one don’t share it okay so that is basic uh how how it looked like and after you save this one you will see this have um this quiz has a share and invite and here if you want to do it if you want
to add it on the uh we can publish first add it to your wix you go here embed code you go here it has a copy the code here okay copied code and you go back to the wix and we can like just just show example and you go here right and then there is called invite code we can do this one i think we’ll add a code here apply and now you see this is going to show up this is the one we made in this one okay and you can just preview it okay so and then you
can take the quest here and today is going for a coffee and grab this one as well okay and then um the second one so that the thing we can do is make this one bigger for since it’s um easier for people to read and or uh at least we can like do a little bit bigger uh window at the beginning also so for example we do we go to here make this one a little bit bigger so you can see okay okay and if you add the picture thing will be nicer but anyway
that you know how to how it works now okay so in this way we can just take gonna take quiz and then this looks there’s a window here and this one and page two and page three and just i just choose a random name for files this is a template you know you have you can you can delete and add and money as you want something like that okay so then your score says this score emotion tiny is a full flower something like that you have the link everything
and you can have share it and we since we didn’t add any call to action so we don’t have it but if you to add it and you have the buttons and you will have this text people can click to okay so that is all hopefully it can help you to set up the quiz on wix okay thank you