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How to Add MX Record in Godaddy DNS @GoDaddy

Tour : How to Add MX Record in Godaddy DNS @GoDaddy
Step 1. Login to Account Manager
Step 2. Click Manage
Step 3. Select Domain
Step 4. Select DNS Zone File Tab
Step 5. Add Record
Step 6. Select Record Type
Step 7. Enter Host
Step 8. Enter Point to Address
Step 9. Enter Priority
Step 10. Select Time to Live
Step 11. Click Finish
Step 12. Click Save Changes
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1.Login to Account Manager
Log in to your Account Manager using your credential and click sign in. To play this tour at website, install guideme player from and click on player icon at bottom right of web page.

2.Click Manage
Click Manage option next to Domains option.

3.Select Domain
Select the domain name you want to update.

4.Select DNS Zone File Tab
Click the DNS Zone File tab.

5.Add Record
Click Add Record option to add DNS record.

6.Select Record Type
Select DNS record type which you want to create. Here we can select MX Record.

7.Enter Host
Enter host. Host is the domain name or subdomain to which the record applies.

8.Enter Point to Address
Enter point to address. Points to is the name of the mail server.

9.Enter Priority
Enter priority of your mail server. Priority determines the order in which mail servers are tried. Servers with a lower number are attempted first.

10.Select Time to Live
Select default TTL 1 Hour. TTL is the average time it takes your changes to propagate.

11.Click Finish
Click Finish.

12.Click Save Changes
Click save changes to save your DNS changes.

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