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How to Add more Pages on Your GoDaddy Website

In this video, you’ll learn how to add new pages to your GoDaddy website, using the GoDaddy Websites Marketing Website Builder.
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Hi, everyone, Beth here from South Africa again. So today I just want to show you how to add pages on your website using GoDaddy’s Websites Marketing. So, first things first, just go to the home button, click on pages and sections, click on “Manage Pages” and click on “Add.” And then where it’s written, “Page Title,” just type in the name of the page that you want to add. I was just going to add “Services.” And then if you want the pages that you add to appear on the footer down here, you just say “Show in footer” and then “Create Page.”
And that’s it. Your new page is added. And also remember with this, don’t leave it blank, just add some contents here. So, I’m going to add contents. So, this is where I’m going to add all the services for my business. I normally like the one with images so I’m going to choose this one. And then next time I’ll show you how to edit all this. All right. That’s it for me. I’ll see you next time. Please don’t forget to go to, click on the help section and that’s where you get all the help from others. Cheers for now. Bye.