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How to Add Instagram Feed to Wix Website

How to add Instagram feed to your Wix website using this easy step by step tutorial.

In this video, we will use the app Instagram Feed create by Wix.

I will show you step by step everything you need to know when it comes to connecting your Instagram account, and how to use it with layout, design, and links.

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hi everyone so in this week’s tutorial we’re gonna learn about this okay everyone so in this uh week’s tutorial we’re gonna learn how we can add our instagram feed to our wix website okay so i’m gonna add my instagram feed right here to this week’s website so the first thing i’m going to do is just create a empty column right here so to do that i’m going to go to this side menu click on plus and choose strip and classic i’m gonna choose this
empty template and drag it to the website where you want to have your instagram feed so now we can stretch this section so we have a bigger area for the instagram feed so we can play around okay after that we’re gonna go to the left sidebar choose add apps so this will open up the wix app market and now we’re gonna search for instagram hit enter so we have different apps uh where we can show our instagram feed in this tutorial i’m gonna choose
instagram feed by wix all right so we’re gonna click on add and this will install the instagram feed on our wix website so now we want to customize this instagram feed so first we’re gonna go and click on this one settings okay so now we need to connect our instagram account so first go to a new browser and go to okay so make sure that you are logged in to the instagram feed you want so in my case i’m going to use an instagram feed
from rowan after life so to be able to use this one i need to log into this profile all right when you’re logged in we can go back to the wix website click on connect instagram then you got this pop-up so wix is requesting to do the following access your profile info access your media so caption my account media type media url permalink timestamp and thumbnail so let’s click on authorize if you agree with this like that so now we can see my
instagram feed right here so i’m just gonna stretch this column some more we currently have six images and this show more button all right so click on your images and choose settings one more time so now we need to customize this instagram feed so we got the main where we can disconnect the instagram feed we can also add links we’re gonna cover that in this section but first we’re gonna click on layout so now we have gallery layout you can choose
a layout we got grid slider and we have this one collage all right so in this tutorial i’m just gonna use uh grid and now we can choose images per row so i’m gonna choose four like that so now we have one two three four images per row and now we can choose rows i want to have one so now we have one row then we can add spacing so the spacing between the images if you want to have more spacing just increase it like that let’s uh go for 10. so
that’s the layout settings now we can go to this one settings click on that so now we can change the language so show feed in english but you can choose your own language if you like in my case i’m gonna click on english enable show more button so this button if you want to hide it just uncheck this one and now the show more button is gone so what this show button does is the visitors can see all their images from your instagram feed by clicking
on this button alright so if i click on this button this will load more images we also have this one photo expands to full screen you can uncheck this one or check this one so let’s go and have a look how this will work i’m gonna go and click on preview and when i click on this image this will expand this image to a full screen view okay okay so i’m gonna click on x i’m gonna go back to editor just gonna open up settings go to settings and this
is the setting photo expand to full screen if you don’t want to have that you can just uncheck this one then we can go to display we can click on hover so show description so this description from your photo if you want to hide it just uncheck this one like that so i’m just going to show my description like that and this is just the preview of this setting let’s go back click on full screen photo so preview your site to check out your images in
full screen okay so when we have a full screen mode do you want to show the description or not then we have the sign so we got show more button we can change the button style if i click on this plus sign we have this plus sign or if i click on this one we got the show more button we can change show more font style you can change fonts so let’s say i want to have this one bear low medium and we can change font size like that let’s keep it at 17
and we can change bold italic underscore okay we also have this one text and border color you can change the border color so maybe to this blue color or you can just click on this one add color you can add your own hex color rgb or hsb or you can just move around the marker like this and you will see the color right here okay so let’s say i want to have a darker blue click on add and now we have the darker blue on our show more button okay you
can also change the transparency like that i’m gonna keep it at 100 same thing with background color you can change it to maybe red green so whatever you like and same thing right here add color by hex rgb or hsb so i’m gonna change this to white background and same thing here you can change the transparency of the background like that we have border with if we want to have a thicker border like that i’m gonna keep it at two and we have corner
radius if you want to have rounded corners we can increase this one like that so i’m gonna keep this at 10. so that’s the sign now we can go to links so add links to your instagram feed so use links on your instagram feed to direct visitors to products pages or other websites okay just click on add custom link click on add links choose the post you want to add a link to so let’s say i want to use this one just click on the post and this will open
up this preview and link options so you can add up to three links i’m gonna click on add link you can choose to link to a page within your wix website or to an external web address okay so let’s say i want to link to my own website page shoes page which page so i’m going to choose a page so let’s say i want to link this to services you can add a description and we can change the image if you like click on change image so this will open up your
media library you can upload a media or choose three images from wix so i’m just gonna choose an image so let’s say i want to choose this one and click on add to page and now we have a new image for this link we can change button text so go to services and click on save link congrats you’ve added your first link awesome now you can add two more if you like after that just click on done and let’s go and preview this one just click on preview now
we can see that we have this link icon in the top right corner of this image if i click on the image you will see that we have this link that we just created we have the image we have the description and we have the button so this link will only work on your live site so when you publish your site and it’s live your link button will work and if i click on show more this will load more images okay and if i go back click on settings we only have
this one support when you can find information about troubles you can get support and you can review this instagram feed then just click on add review so that’s it this is how you can add your instagram feed on your wix website i hope this helped and also i am a wix partner that means you can hire me if you want me to build your website or add some extra customization to your website you find contact information below okay everyone so i hope this
video was helpful if you like this one you can leave a comment below you can also subscribe to my channel right here if you like this video and if you want you can check out my latest video right here and i hope you have an awesome day take care and bye