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How To Add HTML Code in Wix Editor X | Wix Training Tutorial 2020

How To Add HTML Code in Wix Editor X – Wix Training Tutorial 2020 | In this video I’m going to show you how to add HTML code to your Wix Editor X website so that you can open up a new world of possibilities.

Trying to embed code to your Editor X website on Wix? Trying to integrate external software to your Wix Editor X website? Trying to add your own HTML code to your Wix Editor X website?

These are all questions that I have solutions to in this video explaining the building blocks of building a website in Wix and how to add HTML to your website.


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wix nationwix nation what’s going on mps here from wix training academy and today i’ll be showing you how to add html code in editor x something that you guys have often asked about and or iframe uh in bed so you’re gonna get to know how to do that today it’s kind of crazy but i’ve only got like a month and a half left of college ever and then my girlfriend and i are moving to charlotte north carolina so you’ll no longer see this background
you’ll get to see a a much cooler one here soon we’re super excited i’m glad that you guys are here if you’re here for the first time ever welcome to the channel if you haven’t already make sure you click that subscribe button and turn those bell notifications on you’re never going to want to miss any content here we’re continuing to grow continuing to evolve and we’re the largest wix training community on the internet a perfect place to be when
learning this platform so without further ado i don’t know about you but i’m ready to jump into today’s video let’s do okay guys we’re here in the revered editor x the responsive editor x the eloquent editor x and we are going to add html code and i’m going to do it so fast it’ll probably blow your minds but i appreciate you guys watching this video anyway so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go up to this little plus button add
elements then you’re going to see this little quick add icon you can see there’s a whole bunch of different options here to add different elements to editor x but you’re going to go up here to quick add and then you are going to come down here to html iframe you’re then going to click that and then it’s going to go ahead and open up your little prompt box for you to enter the code when you get this you’ll see some settings here like you can
choose whether you want to input code uh https only or website address also https only that’s the secured network um that’s what that s stands for so it depends what you’re trying to do obviously if you’re gonna throw a website in here it’ll actually go ahead and take that website and put it in here and if you’re gonna put code in here you would literally take code and put it in here and you would press apply and then this gray box will be gone
and it will replace that with whatever that code is whatever element it is whether that’s a form whether it’s a button whether it’s a paypal payment thing whatever that is it’ll replace this gray with that and then you’ll be able to input it there you can see you can even now stretch that code or unstretch that code makes it a little more cleaner a little bit more user friendly but that’s that’s it that’s literally it that’s how you do it and
then you can also press enter code it will pop up that same prompt and again you press apply and it’ll add the code you want once you do that you can obviously adjust the height the width however if you’re taking embed code from something typically in the embed code there will be a line of code that says height or width and you’d have to change those pixel numbers to be able to actually adjust it so keep that in mind as well but that my friends
is how you add html code here in editor x i showed you how to do it in the classic editor i figured i would show you where it is and how to do it here in editor x and now you know if you guys enjoyed this video thank you for watching make sure you give a thumbs up it’s always appreciated and then also make sure to comment let me know if your first comment or if you enjoyed the content and what other type of videos you would like to see here on
the channel regarding wix and lastly do not forget to hit that subscribe button and turn those bell notifications on because you don’t want to miss any videos here on the channel and i appreciate you guys so much for watching come on and join the largest wix training community on the internet again a perfect place to be when learning this platform it all starts by hitting that subscribe button and turning those bell notifications on thank you
guys so much again for watching i’ll catch you on our next one