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How To add Header, Footer and Menu in Wix website

Let’s go through the header, footer and the menu in your Wix website. You want to make sure that you have enough pages in order to build your menu. For headers, you will need to import a logo. In order to do this click add and import. For the footer section, you need to add the address and contact information of you and your business.

header/footer and menu I want to go over those things more in detail I know in the overview I basically talked about them but your header is the top of your site this whole part is the header of your site including your menu you know the text that you’re having up and you can edit this text as well so we’re gonna talk about editing the header why it’s important and adding the editing the footer now these two things are very important because
they need to be customized when you have a Wix site they’re going to say random things before you actually go ahead and customize it so let’s look at the menu first of all so your menu you want to make sure that you have pages that are customized you might not want a book an event page or an about page I recommend having a home having an about page and I don’t know if you’re an ice cream parlor you can do your flavors so what I recommend doing is
just saying hey I want a page it talks about our history it’s called our history or history so manage menu all you do again you click the header and your header might be located here or here or you know I mean your menu actual menu on your header will be located somewhere at the top just click on it and hit manage menu and then what you can do is actually go in here and individually see the pages by clicking so we can see the pages they’re
already made for us so we can go in and when we talk about editing paragraphs I’ll show you how to edit these it’s as simple as clicking but what you might want to do is change flavors into I don’t know like let’s say our history so yeah the history of you know either the company or how you got started our history so you can done let’s look at the menu and now the menu says our history so you can change that for yourself that’s the beauty of
selecting and template not having to do it from scratch but as you can see these uh these flavors look very nice this is a really nice site but in terms if you’re going to be doing your history you may want to get rid of the ice cream flavors simply by hitting that and then deleting so this again hit this and in order to delete it as you can see here you have to delete the full page from your site so you go to the pages menu hover over our
history and click the you know this icon and then hit delete so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to your pages menu you’re gonna hit this and you’re going to have to hit delete so that’s actually gonna completely remove it and in that case if you can’t edit the page that needs to be done sometimes and see that’s why I wanted to actually take you over this to show you simply hit the menu again if you want to create the page manage menu and
add page and then you can go and create an hour history page done as simple as that now you have an our history page and may be blank but we can start designing that from scratch later so let’s navigate over to the menu and go back to our home so we’ve took a look at the menu we see how it works we have our header over here and what you may want to do is actually import a logo so if you want to do that you hit add and then you would import either
image or vector art so let’s say vector art was your logo or you can actually go to my image uploads and you’ll probably see stuff from my website here but what you’re going to do is simply go to upload images and upload your logo and then you can drag that onto your site otherwise we’re just gonna use an example using vector art you would just use the vector art delete this drag the vector art up make sure it’s within the header so click here
make sure the header the headers in this area keep that there go to a preview that’s what your image would look like up there obviously it doesn’t look like the best it’s not an ice cream logo and you hit publish in this case we don’t want to do that but that’s what you would do if you wanted to import your very own logo and that makes it simple you don’t need to know any you know development or coding or it’s it’s very easy so let’s look at our
footer so the footer is often gonna say your copyright so who owns the website proudly created by who I have other websites and when you link other websites it’s good for SEO it’s good for backlinking so what I’ll actually do is I’ll write the year it was created in and I’ll actually put my personal website so 2018 by not or not in a jab and then proudly created or on even right like visit not in a Jack aam as simple as that visit not on a Jack
calm I’ll highlight this I’ll hit the link button again I’m going to show you I’ve removed the previous copyright and delete the Wix credit they’ve added my other website I’m going to highlight this and this menu is going to pop up for text settings I’m gonna hit link and I’m actually going to go down to instead of anchor web address and I’m typing my other website now you might want to type in your social media but if you have another website
it’s a great way to generate backlinks for that site so this side is going to be connected to that site Google’s gonna see it as higher authority so it’s great in 20 and 18 by not a doubt in a jet visit not ownage a comm contact I’ll up that my contact info here address here hours here and mailing list if this is in your footer you need to click it hit settings and then go ahead and to actually manage your email this is going to allow people to
actually message you it’s located in settings and get WIC subscribers and where notification should be sent you’re gonna actually edit that here so this is going to be editing your contact form the signup form and you can get email subscribers that you can notify about new developments new deals new offers it’s a great way to make more money at your business and get clients coming back so that’s a very general overview one last tip I want to
leave you with is make sure the address contact and hours make sure they reflect if you have a Google business make sure they reflect the same thing Google my business is basically when you go to Google and you set up your business there you know you Google a business and it pops up like your local ice cream shop make sure if you’re on Google my business your address your contact hours they all match it’ll give you higher search ranking you know
it’s better for SEO so those are my tips I don’t know make this too long but that’s an overview of the first place you should start edit those two things most people do them last but it’s best to edit those first so we’ll see in the next lesson