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How To Add Google Adsense To Wix – 2020 Edition

How To Add Google Adsense To Wix – 2020 Edition | Discover how to add Google Adsense to your Wix website. This is the 2020 updated integration that has been requested.

Wix is packed with some incredible and underrated features that many people have actually never seen. The ability to seamlessly add Google Adsense is also one of those incredible features.

In this video, you will need:
-To register a Google Adsense account
-Have a premium Wix plan


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what’s going on wicks Nation MPs here from witch training Academy and today I’m gonna show you how to add Google Adsense to your Wix website now if you didn’t know this I’ve already uploaded several videos on this exact same topic however Wix and Google have decided they are going to continuously update how this integration works so this is the 20/20 version updated and for sure the way to add Google Adsense to your Wix website listen if you
haven’t yet joined our Wix nation community collectively as a community we would love to have you it all starts by clicking that subscribe button and turning those Bell notifications on and you’ll instantly join the largest Wix training community on the internet who doesn’t want to be a part of that alright let’s hop in and show you how to start making some cash from your website okay so I’m gonna literally take you through the step-by-step
process as if I was a brand new site going getting an adsense account and trying to integrate it with Wix so first and foremost you have to get started on Adsense you have to go create an adsense account and it’s gonna have you go through this process to sign up first it’s gonna ask for the URL of your website I’m gonna paste mine in as if I’m adding Adsense to Wix training academy which I am NOT but if I were this is how it would work and then
you’re gonna go ahead you’re gonna put in your email address and then you can choose whether or not you get a helpful adsense info I’m gonna choose no and I’m gonna save and continue now it has taken us to this next portion where it just pulls up and connects to your Google account so obviously if you’ve already got an existing Google account you’ll pull it from there and then you’ll have the ability to change some information here you would
select the country that you belong to which I’m in the US so we’re gonna scroll down to the United States and then we are going to obviously take this nice long scroll and read each and every one of the terms and conditions but seriously you should really tune up make sure you are in line with the terms and conditions especially with Google Adsense because it’s advertising so if you do violate these you will not be approved for google adsense
please take note of that and then you’re gonna go ahead and create an account then Google’s gonna work its magic and then you’re gonna press get started and then you’re gonna have to come into here and gather and put together all of your business information so you’re gonna have to put your business name address all of that and then you’re gonna have to press submit okay after you submit your business information and you add your business name
address all that good stuff it’s gonna take you to this portion right here we’ll just connect your site to Adsense what you are going to do is you are going to copy the code that is in this box you are going to go to Wix and you are gonna go from your main dashboard down to settings you’re gonna click settings and then once you’re in settings here you’re gonna click tracking and analytics once we’ve clicked tracking in analytics we’re gonna go up
here to new tool and we are going to click custom we are then going to take that code that we copied and we are going to paste it right here we are gonna select the domain it’s associated with if you’ve only got one domain obviously it’s this one or whatever one you associated with your Google Adsense you’re gonna name it so maybe just name it Google Adsense did you know when you go back to review all of your integrations this one’s Google
Adsense you’re gonna choose all pages and you are gonna choose the head and then you are going to press apply you have now added Google Adsense onto your site however you’re not done so that’s the Wix integration now what you have to do is you have to go back to Google Adsense on this page and you have to click I’ve cop I’ve pasted the code into my site and then you are going to click done it’s then gonna search for this code on your site it says
the code was found so here you go there’s live verification got it and then you’ll see right here it says the account activation process can now begin it usually takes less than a day but in some cases it can take a bit longer what I read through Wix is that typically this process happens up to 24 hours all the way through to weeks so if you’re not inside of that time line of your account actually being activated and ads actually being placed on
your website between 24 hours in two weeks then I would take a step back make sure that each of these steps were followed and that the code was integrated properly and then I would reach out to Google particularly not Wix regarding the fact that they’re not on your site yet so then you would press got it and then ads can start being placed on your website after Google has approved your website now how does Google approve your website make sure
your web is legitimate make sure it’s a real business real website maybe it’s a blog maybe it’s any style website that you want to place ads on once you’ve done that what you need to make sure is that you’ve got appropriate content that does not violate Google’s Terms if your content or the subject matter of your website violates Google’s Terms well then you’re not going to be approved for ads so this means having quality content a legitimate
business and then you’ll be approved as long as you meet all those terms and conditions like I said if you’re just trying to throw a site together with not an actual hosting plan domain name and you’re just kind of trying to put spam ads all over a site you’re not going to prove in addition to if you’ve got a website that violates Google’s Terms and Conditions maybe it’s inappropriate content and you try to place ads on it you’re not going to be
approved if you’ve got a website that’s got a whole bunch of you know like I said inappropriate content as a whole you will not be approved so keep in mind here Google recognizes when you are a serious business a serious website looking to generate Adsense revenue in a legitimate way if you are not those things you already know that and you will not be approved so I just want to make sure this is very clear because Google is really really
cracking down on who is approved for ads and it is only legitimate businesses that have a legitimate purpose trying to help people that use Google so make sure you fall in line with that if you don’t don’t expect to be approved in 24 hours to two weeks hey if this video helps you out I would kindly ask that you drop a like down below comment and let me know if you’ve got any questions regarding this topic and lastly collectively as a community we
would love to have you in our Wix nation tribe here it all starts by clicking that subscribe button and turning those Bell notifications on so you never miss any Wix training content I’m excited to see you here more often and you’ll instantly jump into the largest Wix training community on the Internet I’m not sure about you but we’re all engage and that sounds exciting we’re ready to welcome you in again it starts by clicking that subscribe
button turning those Bell notifications on until then stay safe stay healthy out there and I’ll catch you in our next video and go start raking in that cash