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How to Add and customize a logo on Wix ADI

This fourth Video in the Wix Adi series is on adding and customizing your logo on your website. Make your website unique and personalise your branding today!

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hi welcome back to the channel where we make educational technology easy for you now this is our fourth video in the Wix Adi series and today we’re looking at some personal branding so we’re going to look at how you can add your own logo to your website and now you can customize this logo so let’s dive into it with another flipped classroom tutorial and welcome back on our Wix Adi website now here at the top you can see I have a logo now when
I click on this header image I can change my logo down here I can click on the Edit and replace button now when I click on that I can either change my image I can give it a shape crop or I can change the size of my image but that’s not all you can do in terms of logos let’s dive into our site settings let’s go ahead and select sites site settings that this brings us into our Wix dashboard now in our dashboards we will have extra functionality and
the one we’re looking for is under general info so let’s go ahead and select a general info and down here you can see that we can replace our logo and when we click on replace logo we are presented with a dialog box that easier allows us to select one of our favorites it allows us to select some free images from Wix or it allows us to go to shutterstock now what I’m going to do is I’m going to make sure that I use my own logo which was already
previously uploaded now I uploaded that by clicking on upload media now let’s say that you do not have any site logo and you’d like to have one well down here you see there is a need a logo create a custom logo button and when you click on that you are taken to a logo maker now the Wix logo maker is very easy to use and here you can design your own logo so let’s just show you what that looks like I’m going to enter a name for my logo which is
going to be edgy flip and I can add a tagline educational tech made easy there we go we’re gonna click on let’s go now what’s your logo for well it’s for training so I’m going to say training it is for training program we’re going to click on next what best describes you well I’m a bit modern I like fresh colors and fresh things and is definitely techy and creative so let’s go to next and which of these logos do you like better now I don’t like
that I do like this one I quite like that one out of these two I like that one out of these are like this one a lot of these are like that one and now using this information is going to create a logo for me now where do you want to use your logo I’m going to use it for the web sites but also business cards let’s start off with websites we’re going to use it for business cards am I going to use it on merchandise I might use it on merchandise and
definitely social media so let’s go ahead and click on next it is now taking all my answers and again using that same Adi engine it is going to generate and create a logo for me and there we go it’s created a number of different logos that I can now use scrolling down you can see there is a large selection of logos and each of these logos can again be further customized by myself so we’re going to scroll down and find something that looks good
there we go this looks quite good I’m going to click on customize and I can now change the colors so and you can find the colors that you want associated with your brand or your personal branding so again very easy to use this platform we can also change the name we can change the fonts and we have full control over how our logo looks now once we’ve done all this it is just a matter of clicking on next and seeing our logo and there we go we now
have our special logo that we can either download as a free version of our logo or we can go with one of these premium plans now here these are professional branding plans and these also give you very large professional logos that you can then use on social media and many more different places so let’s go ahead and download the free version of our logo and here we have it this is now our Wix ad I designed logo this is the free version of our logo
and for many scenarios this will be a perfectly usable logo I hope you found this helpful and I will see you in the next one and there you have it add a touch of personal branding to your website using Wix Adi and a customized personal logo now it couldn’t be easier and I will see you tomorrow for another video in our Wix Adi series thank you for watching and I will see you tomorrow