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in this period we're going to see how to add an external domain inside grant stay tuned okay here I made a list of the steps that I made if you're going to purchase a domain I recommend you that you use named chip is named chip com there I already have a domain that I bought and I going to connect it to side gram so and going to enter with my username password you and there I will also open the side front sight when I recorded that video I was in Italy that is why it says dot I it and it was in Italian but I have a I think a domain that I'm not using that was expiring but forget about that so the next step so is after you login in your side gran account and your external domain account you have to connect your website to the domain that you bought so they're a you go to my account and I don't domains there you will put the domain that you bought the URL of the domain that you purchased you can you need to write down a password you sorry for that and you click on our domain and there you have it okay next have to go inside side side ground too my accounts information and settings and there you have to copy that account a DNS inside in this case your name chip account that way you're going to connect domain name to the hosting provider in this case sidebar so there you have the domain domain that I bought you click on manage you and in server and there you will add the domain servers you can write custom DNS and you just copy and paste the DNS that you have in information and settings of your sycron account these steps are probably very very similar to any hosting provider so now if I'm not confused we just need to wait you can go to the cPanel and for example I want to create a wordpress site I will click on install there I will select the domain that I have I will put it like HTTP for now then I will change it for HTTP there you can change your username password etc and click install and that's basically it if you liked this video don't forget to like share and subscribe and turn on the notification and keep tuned for the next video thank you very much this is Andy from Chuck inside.com see you on the next video bye bye .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]In this video, you will earn how to use a Domain that you have purchased outside Siteground and install WordPress for it. The process is very similar if you are using other hosting providers.

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