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in this video you will learn how to add and customize your Add to Cart button with this button you can turn any object on your page into a product that a user may purchase to use the Add to Cart button you have to already have a shopping cart and checkout button set up on your page this button will connect to your shopping cart click Add ecommerce online store find the Add to Cart tab click a button you like and remember that you can customize it later drag and drop it on your page and place it next to your item so your users can easily find it now to set your button up select it click settings and type the name of your product here and the price you can personalize your confirmation message which is what a user sees when they click the button and when you are done click OK and that's it your adds a Cart button is set up now you can customize it via the property panel here format will change the font and text formatting of your button replace the skin change the color of the button its background and confirmation message the button will allow you to change the text position and edit the icon settings you can also add effects and animations to it you can also use the Add to Cart button to give your users different shipping options or product options and now you know how to use the Add to Cart button .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Learn how to add and use the Add to Cart button on your Wix website.
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