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what's going on which nation MPs here from which training academy and today I'm gonna show you how to avoid getting spam on your website forms no one here like spam are you with me so let's go ahead and dive in now before we do let me first say thank you very much for heading over to this video today and trusting me with this content what I would like is if you're brand new here make sure you click that subscribe button and turn those Bell notifications on so you don't miss any content over here at which training academy if you're not new and you still haven't click Subscribe go ahead and do that why because I like when you guys subscribe and we're a community and I think it's fun and you never miss any awesome content secondly if you want free access to our twitch training academy platform just head over to which my website comm link is in the description below and you can either go ahead and work with us and start a project with our team or go ahead and join the Academy completely free tons of free training content there that you can go ahead and check out so now let's jump into how to add a reCAPTCHA you know I'm not a robot but into your form in Wix so I'm gonna show you how to do this via corvid okay so corvid is the previously known Wix code and so once you've already built your custom input form in corvid which if you haven't already checked out how to do that I'll throw a card up above you can go watch the video on how to create a custom user input form what you'll do is you'll go over here to ad and you'll scroll down to user input okay in order for you to have access to this user input section first and foremost you need to hover over dev mode and you have to make sure your corvid tools are turned on you can see this says exit corvid minor already turned on yours would say you know open corvid and then you would turn it on and then you'll be able to go over here to add user input and then you'll see a section here called reCAPTCHA all you're gonna do is you're just gonna simply click that and you'll add it under your form and you'll add it right above your submit that you've already created again if you haven't already watched my video on how to create custom user input forms and corvid go check it out and you simply go ahead and put it above your submit form they'll have to check this I'm not a robot and then they could go ahead and submit the form this will significantly cut down on the spam you receive through your contact forms lead forms whatever that may be on your website so if this was helpful do me a favor drop a like down below if you've got any questions I'm here to help you out make sure you comment and then don't forget to subscribe guys it is so amazing when you guys hit that subscribe button and join this community I'm looking to build this up to 50,000 subscribers here within the next couple of months and yes I mean two to three months so I need your help to get there can you help me can you help make this community even bigger even better even brighter if you feel like you can contribute to that and you can be a part of this journey in this success then go ahead and click that subscribe button plus you get free Wix training content who doesn't like that so go ahead and click that button down below guys other than that this is MPs I'm getting ready to sign off and I know I'll see you over on my which training Academy because it's free wicks training content who wouldn't want that right alright guys I'll catch out my next video thanks for tuning in .

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Wix Question Answered: How To Add reCAPTCHA To Your Website Forms in WIx?

In this Corvid by Wix tutorial video, we are diving into how to add reCAPTCHA to your website forms in Wix. Let's be honest. Who likes getting spammed? If you are one of the few people that craves spam, this video is not for you. Although, if you are like the majority of us that hate spam, this video is certainly for you.

When should add reCAPTCHA to their forms in Wix? My truthful answer would be everyone who has forms on their website. There is nothing worse than running an online business and spending your valued time filtering through spam leads or requests.

Utilizing this tool is just the beginning of all the amazing features you have access to on Wix. Although, if you have never used reCAPTCHA forms before, as minor as they may appear, they become a massive time-saver. Seriously. I still filter TONS of spam leads every day. I must say, it's annoying!

However, maybe you would like to save some time, stress and frustration and get a professional platform built out for you. If that is the case, my team and I can build your platform. Just head here and drop us a line:
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