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How to add a PayPal Button on your Wix Website 2019 – DK Web Design Studio

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Trying to add a payment method to your website on Wix for free? Forget the apps and paying for advanced shopping cart platforms, if you are running a smaller operation and just want an easy method to collect payments, this will do the trick.

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There are many more advanced features you can leverage here – be sure to leave me a comment, like, and subscribe if you want to ask me more questions or get into any other tools or techniques that you can use on your website today.


P.S. I made up a word anonymitize… I meant anonymize… : ) – you get the idea though…

what’s up guys DK web design studio welcome back to another video we’re gonna go straight into it I’m gonna teach you guys one of the most important and amazingly useful skills with Wix and that’s getting paid for your products and services without having to subscribe and sign up to these expensive apps that are available through Wix and through the product store so with a little bit of craftiness we can actually use PayPal buttons to accept
payments for whatever the heck that we want through Wix it’s a rudimentary way to get started right away making money online and it takes very little skills to do it so let’s jump right into this so you guys can learn how to do it for yourselves right now I’m on one of my websites and it’s important to note that to get this to work right away make sure you have a premium site they could be a basic premium an enterprise some type of commercial
premium site just make sure that you’re paying for something more than just just the free version of Wix if you try to implement this technique with a free version of the site it’s not gonna work so first things first we’re gonna go to and if you don’t have a paypal go ahead and sign up it’s very easy you can connect your bank account you can connect the business bank account whatever the heck you want in order to use it get yourself a
PayPal account very very useful tool I’m gonna go ahead and login to my account here and once I am in we are going to go straight to let’s scroll up here alright we’re gonna go to tools and all tools then we’re gonna scroll down and see where it says integrate PayPal click on that and then click open on PayPal buttons from here you have a number of different styles of buttons that you want to that you can implement for now I’m gonna go with just
a simple Buy Now button and PayPal is gonna now take us to the interface that lets us define how and how we want to price our product and we want what we want the button to look like so let’s say we have a let’s say generic product okay and we’re gonna price it at 50 US dollars we can customize the button to have a drop-down with multiple price options useful if you have several versions of one product then you want to have a selection of them
available you can also add custom text fields to it and you customize the appearance of the picture itself really to keep things simple we’re gonna keep all the default settings that are already out of the box with PayPal and you can actually even specify shipping and tax percentage on the sale you can also use your secure merchant account ID and that’s the that’ll anonym and anonymity ties your name so that people will not be able to track it
down to your email and it’s a nice way to do it I recommend keeping it on secure merchant account ID you can track inventory and do some other custom features to it I’m gonna ignore all that for now all we need to do is specify the price and hit create button once you’re done you will have a code generated here and just hit select code I’m copying that so ctrl C or copy going back to our website now in Wix click the Add button on the Left menu go
down to more and embeds we’re gonna do an HTML iframe embed I just clicked on that and I can enter a code here I’m just pasting in what I’ve copied from PayPal and hit apply and there you go it looks like there’s a gray background here but as soon as I move this the grape out background will go away all right and I can put this anywhere on my site you can add a picture if you want above it with some text make it look like a compelling purchase
and I’m gonna hit publish view site I’m gonna show you this working really really simply I need to go to the right URL here dk web design studio alright so here’s the URL that I put the button on and if I click the button wait for it we are navigated to PayPal and there’s our $50 so we’ll log in and we’ll be able to pay for it using PayPal or guests will be able to use a credit card instead of having to log into PayPal so it’s a super fantastic
easy and free way to start collecting payments immediately from your website now there’s a whole lot of other customizations we can do we can customize the landing page we can customize the functionality of the PayPal buttons but at the very basic level that’s all the steps that you’re gonna need so if you guys like this video please like subscribe to my channel leave me a comment if you want me to get into any more details and I look forward to
seeing guys in the next video