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How To Add A Facebook Pixel to Your Wix Website in 30 Seconds | Guaranteed

Wix Training Academy-
Are you asking: How do I add a Facebook pixel to my Wix website?

Being able to add a Facebook Pixel quickly and seamlessly to your Wix website is truly a game-changer. This will allow you to become a much more targeted and versatile Facebook advertiser since your data will be extremely accurate. Take the guessing out of Facebook ads and just get a Facebook Pixel installed on your Wix website.

Facebook Pixels help provide you user and visitor feedback and data on who visit your website. This in return, allows you to do a much better job running a targeted Facebook ad campaign at a lower CPC because your traffic better qualified.

The overall application of adding a Facebook Pixel in Wix is so helpful and can be utilized to truly improve your visitors experience. Imagine if you had an online store and you knew what type of products in particular customers were searching for and wanting. You could then run an ad campaign displaying those type of products.

I hope you find this Wix Marketing Integration tutorial helpful!

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How To Build A Social Network in Wix – The Non-Coding Founder’s Guide

Series Schedule: (x1 Video Per Week)

Sunday July 15 – Part 1 | The Introduction
Tuesday July 24 – Part 2 | Planning Databases Homepage Design
Tuesday July 31 – Part 3 | Creating Profile Pages and Database Fields
Building A Social Network in Wix – The Non-Coding Founder’s Guide

Topics To Be Covered:

-Creating Profile Pages
-Creating Custom Login Pages
-Giving A User Ability To Post An Update And Edit Or Delete It
-Working With Repeaters And Dynamic Pages
-Building Feeds
-Peer-To-Peer Messaging (Direct Messaging)
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