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How To Add A Dynamic Page in Wix Editor X | Wix Corvid Tutorial

How To Add A Dynamic Page in Wix Editor X – Wix Corvid Tutorial | In this video I’m going to show you how to create Wix Code or Corvid by Wix dynamic pages in the brand new Editor X by Wix.

Understanding how to use the Corvid development tools and specifically how to create databases and dynamic pages in Wix is one of the more powerful skillsets you can own.

Corvid by Wix databases and dynamic pages open your website up to endless opportunities. You are not stuck using native Wix apps and can even create your own backend web app in Wix.


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what’s going on wix nation mps here from wix training academy and today i’ll be bringing you your quick start guide on how to add a dynamic page here in editor x within wix if you’re brand new here to the channel thank you so much for tuning in for today’s video and if you haven’t already make sure to click that subscribe button and turn those bell notifications on because you’re not going to want to miss any of the content here on the channel
and you’ll instantly join the largest wix training community on the internet alright without further ado let’s show you how to add that dynamic page real quickly and easily so that way you can save your time and keep moving forward on your website foreign okay guys so we’re here in editor x now the prerequisite to this is you’ve already created your databases if you haven’t seen my video on that yet i just did a video on how to create and add
databases here in editor x make sure to follow that tutorial once you’ve got your databases you’ve got a new quick start button for your content manager or database manager right here what you’re going to do is you’re simply going to click that you’re going to go to the database that you want to create a dynamic page from and you’re simply going to click these three little dots and you’re going to have the option to either add a dynamic page or a
blank dynamic page a blank dynamic page is going to add strictly a blank page whereas a dynamic page is going to kind of add a page that’s already themed like the rest of your website if that makes sense so then what you would do is you would click add a dynamic page after you make that decision whatever you decide to do you’ll click add a dynamic page it’s then going to create your pages for you um we’re gonna let it work its magic you know how
it goes you know how it goes which works its magic then bam we’re here which has created a dynamic page for you you can see the big difference here is they’ve actually already added some content for you on these pages right because you went and you chose add a dynamic page rather than excuse me rather than adding a blank dynamic page a blank dynamic page would have just added a blank slate wouldn’t have added i’m a title content manager picture
and some bio field down here and it wouldn’t have next item previous item but here’s the good news by adding a dynamic page that does have these things number one you can come in here and you can be like i don’t want that and delete it so it’s nice and easy because it already gives you that default way to go ahead and add that over and then you can always remove items as you go and you can filter through your dynamic pages right here you can see
user profile all this is kind of displaying all of the collection items in that collection whereas the title one is displaying one particular item from that database which is why you can click next item previous item and that right there is how you quick start add a dynamic page from your already existing database here in editor x as you can see a different look and feel than the traditional editor it’s a little bit more intuitive a little bit
more clean if you will and it makes your life just a bit easier when working with dynamic pages and databases so this video helped you guys out i would kindly ask that you drop a like down below make sure to comment on this video please comment let me know if you enjoyed the content let me know if you have any questions i’m here for you i’m here to help and lastly if you haven’t already make sure to go ahead and click that subscribe button and
turn those bell notifications on you don’t want to miss any of the content here on the channel and i promise you do want to join this largest wix training community on the internet because it’s a group of incredible like-minded people working to help each other out with their witch websites we all grow here together i’m excited to watch you continue to grow and i thank you very much for watching today’s video i’ll catch you on the next one