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okay guys so we just for derd excuse me forwarded the domain to hostgator and what we're going to do now is second part of that what we got to do is we got to go down and when you're in your cPanel with Hostgator we're going to just scroll down and we're going to find something called under domains we're going to find something called add-on domains lift click that now you're gonna put your new domain name in here okay so I just bought ID with James comm and only thing you need to fill in is just add domain excuse me I've got to do a password here I keep my passwords all the same on all these just to save myself the confusion it just it just says okay there I'll probably change this later something stronger but just for the purposes purpose of this tutorial I'm gonna leave it like that and we're just gonna add domain so again we've just typed in what our domain name is all this is filled in for you just make a password for it and we hit add domain and let this load up and basically what it's doing is its regice regice ching the domain name within your Hostgator account okay we Ford it now we're just kind of basically adding the domain Ian with the rest of your domains you already have setup with Hostgator okay so it says here the add-on domain has been created the FTP account this is File Transfer Protocol do not ever worry about that you know don't let that scare you you'll never see that doing what we're doing okay so we're getting go back okay someone go back to home a little left click home up here now wish we should see it showing up so I'm gonna go down I'm going to scroll down to see your rights here okay now see it show up ID with James dot-com so we're just showing up here and for the next part all right everything's good we forwarded the domain the domain is now showing in our list of domains in our Hostgator control panel so the next step we're gonna do after this is I'm going to show you something really cool is how to install WordPress for this domain and we're gonna start making our site okay we've got the boring stuff out of the way now we're gonna start making this side okay so next part so go ahead and get excited we're gonna install WordPress which WordPress is absolutely wonderful for search engines right now I'm gonna show you how to install that and then we're gonna make a really killer site like the one I got for infinity downline okay see you soon .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”] — Get HostGator Here, Host UNLIMITED Domains Cheap!

In this video we go through the process of adding a domain we've purchased to our hosting service, which is Hostgator. I exclusively work with Hostgator because I believe it to be the absolute best and cheapest hosting service on the market.

They also have unbelievably superior customer support 24/7, which is crucial to an internet marketer like myself.

I have created websites for businesses, schools, organizations, and my own personal marketing sites and I've used every hosting provider out there, and HostGator bar none is the best because of their customer support and the ease of the control panel.

Let me know if I can help,

– James[/toggle]


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