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how to manage global settings in Joomla this tutorial assumes that you have already logged into your Joomla admin interface now let's learn how to access and update your global configuration settings inside of Joomla admitted in the applications root is writable otherwise the changes will not be saved scroll over site click global configuration here is the main page where you may edit and save the required changes to your site scroll down to see the other options here you may edit your metadata settings which allow a proper website submission to the search engines a very important feature for online businesses scroll up here we can see that SEO URLs are already set to yes leave it as it is now let's enable Apache mode rewrite for better URL submission to the global search engines tick yes here then click apply note that clicking apply option saves changes and does not close global configuration settings while save option saves changes and redirects a user to the main page now let's see how to make your site temporarily offline while you're editing your pages for example tick yes next to the site offline title then click apply to save the changes it looks like the changes have been updated let's preview the site in a browser click preview option here here it is the site appears to be down for maintenance at the moment once you complete editing and publishing the articles it is easy to revert the site back to its usual state let's go back to admin interface now let's see what other system and server parameters can be managed through this menu click system scroll down to see more settings note that these settings will affect the whole Joomla application so be careful when updating them scroll up click server here you may see the settings associated with the server where your Joomla is located scroll down now let's go back to site option let's disable site offline mode then click Save click here to preview the site in a browser that's it your website is now available for users all over the Internet this is the end of the tutorial you now know how to access and manage joomla's configuration settings through admin interface note that the same changes can be performed through any FTP client and a simple PHP editor but in this case you should apply the changes manually .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Learn how to manage global settings (site name, online/offline status, meta information, default WYSIWYG editor etc.) in Joomla. You must make sure that your main file configuration.php located in the application's root is writable.

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