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How to Accept Bitcoin Payments on Wix (2020 Version)

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let’s say that I’m a customer and I really want to buy these new shoes from the hip new Wix site bloop but I’ve only got Bitcoin what do I do how can I pay let’s walk it through first off I’m going to of course add it to the cart and then view the cart just as normally I’m gonna check out and then enter in all my information then it will come to the payment screen if I want to pay in Bitcoin you do the manual payment option here at this
store we only allow people to pay pay with Bitcoin so it’s the only option that you see you can see here them and it’s got a link that you want to go to or click on that link and then head back over to the store to review my order and place it at the Thank You page then it will give me an order number as well as the price total that I have to use and of course the instructions are still right here on how to pay I’ll head back over to that to the
black anomic site enter in my email as I entered in on the website and my name then appear I’ll enter in the amount that was listed on the store checkout page in this case 85 Canadian dollars I’ll also enter in the order number this allows the shopkeeper to know what the products that were ordered were and to make sure that when he gets the Bitcoin payment he can process the order correctly at that point I’ll just click on pay and I’ll follow
these instructions to send the Bitcoin over to the merchants account it’s that easy now you might be asking yourself how can I get this great option onto my WIC store well the rest of the video will give you a few options and show you exactly how to set it up there are two easy ways to set up a block anomic bitcoin URL onto your Wix site in order to start accepting Bitcoin payments the first option is the way that I just showed you which allows
the shopper to manually input the price the order number so that you the merchant can ensure that the payment was received the second way is for you the merchant to individually place a URL on each product this generally takes more time but might be a good idea if you only have one or two products on your store I’ll show you how to set both of those up using black anomic s– and how to implement them into your WIC store after you’re logged into
your account or you set one up we can set up getting your wallet linked with black anomic s– in order to do that you put in your X pub key here there are more information down here in order to how to find your X pub key on your which particular wallet you are using or you can watch one of the videos down below after you have your X pub key you will then hit go and you will then be set up in order to receive money to your wallet through black
anomic s– in order to start setting up the URL we’re going to head over here towards the payment buttons URL and you can see we’re all ready to start setting up your first product now in order to set up the URL it’s pretty much the same for both whether you’re doing the donation mode like is what I showed you earlier where the customer can input the amount of money that they’re spending and an individual product URL for each product that you
have in your store in order to set that up you’ll put in the product name if you’re doing the donation mode first off you’ll probably want to put a generalized name because you’re not actually doing the product you’re doing your entire store so in this case I’ve got bloop store Bitcoin payment for the description I’m gonna put an information about how to checkout using the screen including information on entering in the price of the goods and the
order number as shown on the checkout screen from wigs you’ll also want to make sure that you that if you’re doing this version you click on the donation mode version you can also check in the fields that you think are needed email ID name address this might allow you to also connect to make sure that the order ID matches what the person ordered you can’t put quantity if you’re setting up a general Bitcoin payment but you can put in the quantity
if you’re doing an individual URL for each product you’re selling finally in order to make sure that you can get the order number you can edit here type in order number and then make sure it’s checked that will bring up a screen for your customer to be able to put in the order number that they see on the checkout strained after that’s done you’ll hit on generate URL and you’ll be given a URL down here like this once you have the URL generated
with block anomic s– the rest is pretty dang easy all over here on my WIC store bloop and I’m ready to input that URL so the people can start paying with Bitcoin in order to do that I’m gonna head over to manage store and then just like I did when I was setting up credit card or PayPal I’m going to head to settings and then accept payments I’m going to then allow manual payment this will set it up so that you can use Biton you can give the URL
and it will manually and you will manually process it yourself rather than letting the Wix behind this do it once you check that I’m gonna hit connect me then when you’re ready to do that you also want to hit on manage manual payments and input some kind of text as well as the URL that you got from here make sure to copy it and paste it in I also included some general information about how to do it including entering the price from the checkout
page and the order number I then also told them to follow the rest of the instructions from block anomic s– in order to pay in Bitcoin and after you click done that is it you are all set up but what do I do if I’ve only got one or two products and I would rather I feel more comfortable with putting a single URL for each product that I have well in order to do that the setup is pretty much the same I’m gonna create a new button here I’m gonna put
in shoes the product description should probably be about the same except you just put in the quantity thanks for shopping put in the quantity below the same fields present me including email ID name but this time I’m probably one of them going to include quantity so they I don’t know how much they need then I can input the price my shoes are pretty expensive they’re about 85 Canadian dollars at that point I will then click on generate the URL it
will give me another URL just like the first one I did but then I’ll copy in order to put it in another store I want to go to my product page so I’ll click on manage store and go to my store products and then put it in for the product that I’m selling it for and you can put it into the description down here pay with Bitcoin and then hit save now if you do it this way you’re probably aren’t gonna have your customers checkout using the normal Wix
checkout rather you’ll have to process it manually that is why generally I suggest using the donation mode because it allows the user to go through the full the customer to go through the full process of checking out on your Wix store but either way you choose it’s pretty easy all it requires is setting up your account with block anomic s– making sure your wallet is linked and then just taking that URL with the customization that you want and
putting it into your shop so thanks for joining me into how to see how your Wix ecommerce store can accept Bitcoin pretty easily as you can see it’s dang easy to setup and it’s really easy for customers to use see you next time