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hello everyone Nicole Herrick you with you today I'm gonna show you how to do a 301 redirect on one of the pages of your week's website so here is one of the brands that I work with and here we have a page listed in the sub section of Google that is linked to a page that doesn't exist anymore so it exists but it there's nothing on there so what I want to do is to rather than telling it to stop indexing this page I'm actually just going to do a redirect so what I want to do is copy the URL of this page so you can either go in through the dashboard and go to settings and then SEO and down the bottom of the page here – 301 redirects or if you're in the Wix website editor you can go into settings and then my dashboard and then click settings and SEO either way it doesn't actually matter all right so let's get started so what we wanted to is paste in the URL so we don't actually need the first part of the website we just need these sort of forward slash and then whatever it was in here so from here across okay so what I'm gonna do is redirect it to the all products page you can you can do it to any of them good now if you'd like to redirect to a page there's a a little bit more specific like for example a product page you won't actually find that in that list because these are just the actual like proper main pages that are listed in like your menu so what we need to do is add it manually so we paste in our older product page URL so just from the /ignore this acclimation mark is just cuz i've actually already done this redirect so it doesn't want me to do another one and then grab your new one so I'm gonna either find that from sighs or I've just done this SEO adjustment so I'm gonna grab it from here so we just select the new URL that was created go back here and paste it in and then click Save I'm not gonna click Save because they've already done this one but so that's how you do a redirection to a really specific page sort of down within rather than one of your main pages on your website that's all you need to do but you do actually need to go and tell Google to re-indexed your such if you don't do that that's fine they'll do it in a few months and then all change the information underneath that page for you okay guys I hope that was helpful hit me up with a subscribe if you haven't already for lots of tips and tricks on Wix and everything else in my life thanks guys .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]This quick tutorial takes you through how to create a 301 redirect for a page of a wix website. This is important if you change the URL of any page in your website.

It's also a good idea to tell google to reindex by going to Google Search Console.[/toggle]


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