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In this video I show you how I design my graphic design Portfolio sections on my illustration website.

Whether your a graphic designer, animator or illustrator having a digital portfolio is really handy to get your work noticed and is a great way of showcasing your work to potential freelance clients or agencies.

In this video I show you how simple it is to create a portfolio using wix! (Ad)

I have been using wix for over 3 years in my business, and LOVE how easy they make the user interface, I didn’t want to mess around with annoying web development tools, or a overcomplicated layout, and wix has made it SO easy for me to use and run in the last few years of my business! and guess what? ITS FWEEE – you can try it out completely free! so If you fancy trying it out go to:

Thank you so much for watching this video I hope you found these insights helpful and it showed you just how easy it is to create a online portfolio, it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Thank you so so much for watching!









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hello guys and welcome to my channel for those of you who are new here hello I’m Catherine and today I’m going to be discussing how I make my digital portfolio for my illustrations using Wix now this video is brought to you by Wix calm and for those of you that don’t know with probably a lot of you already do because I mention it all the time I have been using weeks since the beginning of my business and those of you who knew I run an
e-commerce store called catnip and I sell on Etsy MSL on Wix and I also have a second business called baby blue which is kind of a graphic design business targeted at new moms so sorry about the banging I am filming this in the studio and there is working people all around me in different offices so sorry about that but in this video I’m gonna kind of be taking you through the steps that I took to build a portfolio online now first of all what is
a portfolio a portfolio is basically a body of work whether you’re a graphic designer and illustrator or an artist whatever it’s kind of showcasing your work to whoever you want to see it and kind of bringing out the best bits of your work and also concept sketches if you’re an animator and things like that you just put it all in one neat tidy place before a portfolio before the internet and the computer and the age of digital portfolios used to
just basically be a portfolio that you would take to job interviews if you were a desert aspiring designer and you would sure and your interviewer obviously your work and you would have it kind of on paper now we’re in the digital era it is becoming increasingly more important that you have a digital portfolios to showcase your work there’s a lot of people screening you out and with this so if you were apply if you’re a graphic designer for
instance in New York paying for a freelance job or you’re you’re applying as part of an agency you’ll probably be expected to have a digital portfolio or somewhere they could see your work on the web and this is why Wix and having your own website where it’s really really simple is because we’re not all website developers although yeah and it comes in really really handy and basically my portfolio is a mess so I don’t know I showed you this I
will show you on the computer and show you kind of what my portfolio is and how are easily made it like mine is gonna be totally different to your portfolio there are so many different styles and techniques to showcase your work and which makes it really really easy with their gallery tool which I’ll show you in a sec so you can have things like slideshows you can have grids which is what I personally use etc etc so it’s perfect for you and your
work and showcase in all your glorious artwork or design or whatever you want to showcase so let’s have a look at my computer screen and I’ll show you kinda what I do okay so you are looking at my computer screen hopefully right now this is working and it’s recorded and this is my website so far it’s all themed for Valentine’s Day as you can see I just have my little sections over here like my links and stuff and over here you can see at the top
I’ve got portfolio and I have a list of all the things I wanted to showcase so I have things like client work and business products and samples family and portrait commissions which I used to do when I first started out with Skutnik and stuff like that let’s see we’ll click on personal work here you can see all of my hedges come up like this and that was intentional for me because I wanted people to be able to get a feel of my style from just
looking at it so you can see it in a big grid box and you can scroll down and see all my personal and Wix mix it’s really easy to do these are literally and from Instagram which Wix has an integrated system where you can just import from Instagram which literally seriously so much I’m a little bit so this is basically what my portfolios look like so let’s go on current work in business all of these are set for clients that I’ve worked for and
kind of like a little snippet of what I’ve done so I don’t really have much detail but as you can see when you click on it it tells you what I did and I have it laid out like this so these are the log wasn’t a professional work that I’ve done that I’ve showed on my site that I want all the people to see if they wanted to get in touch with me for commercial work I no longer work with clients like this anymore because I want to focus on my own
business but while I was getting my business cell but I still did work like this and now I have it laid out like this that’s what my client side looks like but let’s change it so we’re going to click select edit site he would go on the site editor tool now as you can see moving about if you want what we want to focus on the portfolio section and I just want to show you the different styles of portfolio you can have one thing I would suggest with
portfolios is to always have a description of your client work or whatever you’ve done or your personal work what it is you’re working on and at the date and time when you’re working I’m gonna say if your stylist changed slightly it’s nice to have the dates on so that potential clients or whoever you wanted to see this you can see that it’s all the work on yours I always recommend a little description a title and the day in which you’ve done it
or a brief depending on what the brief of that project was so we’re going to to climb work and business this is a perfect example if you’re going to apply for University or something like that for a job and you want to change it and you want to show a body of work that you’ve done maybe University you had projects that you had to do upload that onto your website that is valid is a portfolio entry personal work is also a valid position as how
passionate you are if you do impersonal work outside of academic studies and stuff and and if you wanting to get into design college maybe put stuff that you did before then and if you haven’t done anything I suggest you get some personal work done or make you own briefs off please excuse these these are very very old so these were children’s book illustrations now this isn’t well laid out for me so I did want to change this into an on grid box
system to add a gallery in the first place all you do is click add gallery and it comes up with all these amazing options and beautiful grids as you can see you can have a slider a showcase Pro Gallery which looks absolutely gorgeous in here a graphic designer and want to showcase it like this then it has all these amazing styles I don’t you look at these so you can just click and add them and easily add them like this can you see I just click
click and add and then I would go change images and I would add whatever I would delete these images over here and add whatever images I want interact okay so we have the gallery here and what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to delete this gallery and start again I’m gonna delete this by clicking backspace and I’m gonna click add gallery and we’re gonna pick a gallery over here so what do I say so I’ve added the slide deck one and I’m gonna
adjust it so now I’m just gonna add media that I want to show in my portfolio stuff so we want to delete normally you would create a folder and keep all of your images that you wanted for certain sites in separate folders a little easier fine but for some reason past me hasn’t done this for some reason now I’m also gonna drag and drop some recent work that I’ve done I’m gonna add some more media just to showcase kinda what I do these at the page
and you can just have to play around and see what works with you and your site I’m just gonna have a look here and seeing what the look of is collage 1 I feel like I kind of put it all together like this but I want more of a slideshow on like this so I think I’m gonna stick with it add we can customize layout so I’m gonna click fit here because it was on crop so it meant it’s completely cropping up to a koala bears head there we’re gonna click
fit so that the image fits on the main page which I look a lot nicer hopefully there we go and it automatically slides so you can click slide automatically I’m not slide automatically and time between images you can change the seconds and stuff which is great and I really like how this slideshow looks actually because when someone clicks on a pop all your they’re gonna be given the option just to slide through and a lot of people’s eyes kind of
wonder and let it kind of flick through which is great and so title description are once or there click and or you can also select why you thumb placement cause so we can select it so the some placements go there go on top go to the other side but I like the traditional thumbnails at the bottom and how it looks we can even adjust how big it is or nil sizes so you can even if you’ve got a second thing you can even select the setting where people
can download your work can also select the button which clicks social sharing so people can share to Pinterest and Facebook and whatever which is super super super handy especially for personal workers you might want to get your work out and allow people to pin it yeah so we’re gonna go back to manage media to add our titles and something corrected I’m also gonna write a quick brief what the brief was given to me and we’re just gonna click done
and he could add a link to Baron Drew’s website of a client’s website I’m gonna click done over here we’re gonna change the text now so I want the text to be quite small and what fun I want is a venir light and I’m all happy with how this looks but I really need to add a title and a little description down here what this page is about add a heading to my site which I have saved here with my own font and we ever changes to client oh my god so I’m
just gonna go over to add text and add some paragraphs here drag and drop this here and give it a little description right now let’s preview our new client and professional page work this is such short work and kind of cringing today but it’s still focus your people let’s click preview and see what it looks like on my site I really like it so if you had a portfolio you would obviously do this to your style and this would show people your
professional and client work that you’ve done with their recent years now I have a lot more like work that I’ve done but I’m not gonna display it on here it’s not I’m really really happy with how that turned out so I’m gonna click publish because I like how it looks let’s visit the site and see what it looks like now so far it was a great box one so we’re gonna click over here a portfolio I’m gonna click business and here is our new mini
portfolio gallery thing for client working business but I’m really happy with how it turned out it looks I don’t know so now we’re gonna go into personal work and we’re gonna edit some of these because I wanna edit stuff that’s on Instagram I’m happy with it being a great box coloring because I like the way it looks I like the way people can see what I’m about straightaway so I’m sticking with this for my personal work and all of that so I’m
gonna edit this into its editor and show you how easy is to add from Instagram or social media platforms I’m just gonna click on gallery and you’re gonna put manage media add media image upload media here and here it gives you the option of your websites your computer you Google Drive Facebook Instagram Google Falls Flickr deviantART dribble and a link so they have all these amazing sites that you can connect with so if you have a dribble or a
demon that it automatically imports your deviant art gallery it is so good and lemonade the annoying steps of having to figure it all out yourself and upload it from your computer locate the files on your computer ah it just eliminate that and I look for this very reason because it makes it so easy and simple to edit and adjust our site thank you for that wits and bringing that back on but what I go on and why I share a lot of my stuff on is
Instagram and I’m actually goes up to Facebook but we’re gonna click Instagram here and it’s gonna automatically connect with my Instagram so Instagram and tada it brings up my latest Instagram post which is amazing and this was personalized so I’m gonna tick this and what else we gonna take we’re gonna take a gingy take this one and it’s just so easy cuz I just ticket and it puts it straight and this one this one and this one this one and this
one oh that’s up today now so upload selection and it’s gonna automatically upload it down here as you can see uploading 10 items so flippin easy so if you already have an Instagram and it’s all your personal work anywhere I mean I think you never open a website portfolio but you feel like it’s gonna be such a chew on it’s not I’ve just shown you how literally easy it is to connect to Instagram and you just pick what you fancy going on that
portfolio and you just create the gallery as I’ve shown you by clicking add gallery choose what’s our gallery you want it just it how you wants to make it so easy for you and just add it to your site you can also have these little text boxes and which I do just to some people can see what my gallery’s about well there we have the Jeannie oh so cute and I’m gonna publish now it automatically imports if you’ve imported it from Instagram
automatically imports your titles that you’ve used for Instagram when you hover over and I’ve absolute behind what’s out there and then we’re gonna go and look at client work what we’ve just done and then this is how my client and professional work a lot more professional and clean minimal loving but it’s not how I wanted my personal work to be Shawn so that’s it another little tip at the end if you’re building a website with Wix or something
have you’ve got Instagram or any sort of social media feed I highly recommend that you add this which is a social media box for Instagram and it’s really really simple all you do is you go into editor let’s go on the home page and you click add and it’ll be down at social over here you can add social bars you can add snippets from Facebook which will show you recent Facebook posts I’ve got all sorts and then Instagram feed today that’s what I
like or Facebook like pop-up there is literally so many and I have got the Instagram feed set up here so that my website looks always quite updated because it shows the recent uploads that I’ve done to Instagram which are recent works of my own and Instagram itself is kind of like a digital portfolio in itself because it showcases he work to someone so it’s a very good tool to use as well if you are an illustrator or designer highly recommend it
because it’s a visual platform it’s basically your way to get your work out there and get it seen by many people so yeah that’s basically it that’s how I do my portfolio section on my website and how I display my portfolio work and pretty simple really isn’t it who knew it will be so easy I think people look at overwhelmed when the local people’s websites because I think this looks so professional and smart but what they don’t know is weeks
they’ve already made it really really easy for you to do it looking professional smart so you don’t really need a great deal of knowledge of a web court you know anything like that you can basically just drop and drag and drop you force and add them to a gallery and voila you’ve got a portfolio online simple as that we also do some amazing templates for designs and stuff already out there already pre-designed so great and it’s free so if you want
to try out Wix calm please visit this link kidding and stability on free website and it’s completely free so you haven’t really got anything to lose a part from your time but weeks makes it really easy and quick to do stuff anyway so even then I hope you found this video somewhat insightful if you are thinking of building a portfolio run wondered how I built like this is how I did it it’s really easy I basically take things off Instagram values
and what Instagram tool I now drag and drop my images and use the gallery function really really easy also I would recommend having a look at other people’s powerful of yours if you’re completely new to design because mine is going to be completely different to other people’s and y’all should be completely different to other peoples but there is kind of like a basic format people use to present the work so have a look get some gather some
inspiration of other illustrators designers artists whatever your field is gonna be animators and see how they lay out their work and see how you want to lay out there were an experiment with it and have fun because creating art is macdui fun at least I want it to be fun anyways thank you so much for watching this video and thank you so much to Wix about bringing you this video and yeah I’ll leave a link in the description below so you can build
your own website and I will see you in the next one see you an event Lippe bye