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Hostinger WooCommerce Hosting Explained ✅ Best WooCommerce Hosting?

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce hosting to create your online store? Choosing the best hosting provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your eCommerce business.
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0:00 – Introduction
0:25 – What is WooCommerce?
2:03 – What is WooCommerce hosting?
3:51 – Why choose WooCommerce?
6:22 – Recap & Outro

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce hosting to create your online store? Choosing the best hosting provider is one of the most important decision you’ll make for your eCommerce business.

A typical shared hosting provider may not always be a good choice for WooCommerce. That’s because you will need more resources, SSL certificate, and WooCommerce-centric support platform. In this guide, we will help you choose the best WooCommerce hosting for your online store.

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💥👇 Top 5 Recommended WooCommerce Hosting Companies to Try in 2022👇💥
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hello everyone carson here and in today’s video i’m going to be explaining to you what host singer woocommerce hosting is now just a reminder that i will drop a link in the description so you can compare the best woocommerce hosting plans and host zinger hosting plans and receive special discounts so now let’s get started now the first thing you need to know is what woocommerce hosting essentially is so woocommerce hosting is essentially a
wordpress specific hosting plan which is optimized for woocommerce now if you don’t know what woocommerce is i’ll go ahead and explain that real quick as well woocommerce is essentially an entirely free wordpress extension or plugin whatever you want to call it that lets you sell items online to turn your website into your very own store or shop where you can sell both physical and digital goods it’s a fully customizable open source ecommerce
platform that was built on wordpress now woocommerce is available through the wordpress plugins page where you can search for woocommerce and then add woocommerce to your website as you can see once i navigate to the add plugins page i can just click in this box and enter woocommerce so we’re going to go ahead and do that we’re going to type in woocommerce and then as you can see right at the top here once it loads you can see that woocommerce
popped up all you would do then is just go ahead and click install and then click activate and that would activate the woocommerce platform on your website at which point you can install many other plugins that are essentially like add-ons for woocommerce woocommerce has incredible features and much potential for expansion especially considering that there are thousands of free and paid plugins available to extend the features of woocommerce now
the best part is the simple basic version of woocommerce not counting any advanced plugins of course is completely free so there aren’t any costs on top of the hosting plan which you will be getting with host zinger now if you’re wondering what woocommerce specific hosting is and why host singer offers this it’s essentially a hosting plan that is dedicated for woocommerce and that is optimized for that type of site it’s optimized for an
e-commerce site or an online store it’s catered to provide exceptional speeds for your online transactions and pretty much for every store powered in wordpress now go ahead and looking at some of the plans here we can see that they’ve got three main plans you’ve got the wu starter which is 3.99 per month the woo premium which is 11.59 per month and the woo business which is 23.99 now i’m just going to go ahead and review the features for you real
quick just to kind of give you an idea of how this works so as you can see the 3.99 per month and we’re going to start with this one because this is the basic one you would need this is the plan most people would probably go with unless you’ve got a very big store online this has all the features you’re really going to need to run an online shop but as you can see it has up to a hundred websites a hundred gigabytes ssd storage unlimited bandwidth
512 megabytes ram one cpu core a free email a free ssl a free domain weekly backups google ad credit unlimited databases ssh access free migration managed wordpress wordpress acceleration wordpress multi-site and a 30-day money-back guarantee which is those are very good features those are i mean if you’re running a basic website a basic store or if you’re starting up your store i would definitely recommend going with this plan because it is very
fully featured and for 3.99 a month you get a free website you’re getting this free domain name as well so honestly it’s a great deal now if you’re wondering why you should choose woocommerce for your store i’ll go ahead and take you through that right now essentially woocommerce is probably the most flexible and customizable wordpress e-commerce platform or just ecommerce platform in general it is very fully featured even the base open source
free plug-in has most of the features any store would ever need but when you start getting into the customizations by looking through all the themes and add-ons which they have available it is insane how many features you can get as you can see here just scrolling down this list each and every one of these is an add-on for woocommerce you’ve got mailchimp for woocommerce you’ve got customer reviews you’ve got a paypal checkout gateway you’ve got
a booster for woocommerce you’ve got a custom product tabs for woocommerce there are so many woocommerce plugins and i am not joking 9 000 plus items as you can see right here at the bottom of the page that is a lot and i mean a lot of plugins now another benefit is with wordpress and woocommerce in general it’s very seo focused now if you don’t know what seo is seo is search engine optimization which essentially means how your website ranks on a
google search so let’s say i my website is if i search up is my website showing up at the top or if i just search up example is it showing up at the top maybe when i search my specific brand name like let’s say i’m a dry cleaning business let’s say i search up you know carson’s dry cleaning maybe then it’ll show up at the top but maybe if i search up just dry cleaning in general it’s five results down so then at that point
you would want to search engine optimize your website to try and get it even higher in the search results wordpress is very good for this it’s very simple and straightforward to optimize your website now another really nice feature which comes with this woocommerce hosting plan is a custom dashboard custom dashboards are essentially custom ways to modify your website to modify your woocommerce site think of it as a unique control panel developed
by host singer to make modifying and managing your website much easier so this is another feature you need to take into consideration when you’re looking through these plans and once again they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you’re worried you know about spending too much money on it or if if you’re worried that it’s going to be right for you they do have that money back guarantee so just to recap we’ve pretty much covered exactly
what this host singer plan is what hosting your woocommerce hosting is and what it does for you if you’re running an online shop or an e-commerce store this could potentially be a very good plan for you to buy well thank you guys so much for listening now if you do have any questions about this just drop a comment below and i’ll be sure to respond also just a reminder that i will include a link below so you can compare the best woocommerce
hosting plans and receive special discounts thanks for watching till next time and have a great day